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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada

Opposition to Children's Aid Societies aka CAS CPS, CFS, FACS, LCAS ...

Opposition to Children's Aid Societies aka CAS CPS, CFS, FACS, LCAS ...

Childrens Aid Socities Opposition to Children's Aid Societies independent organizations empowered by the Ontario government to perform child protection services. The declared goal is to "promote the best interests, protection and well being of children". Children's Aid Societies (CAS) of Ontario, Canada

Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Children_Aid_Society

Children are medicated and abused at alarmingly high rates in so-called care.

A mother is harassed by the police, then the cops ask Children's Aid for help.
Mothers in Exile. This is an articulate group of mothers who lost their children through force, coercion and lies. The case of Cathy Henderson, occurred in Ontario.

Natural Canadian Council of Natural Mothers.


Origins Origins Canada, promoting adoption reunions.


Sweet An Ontario mother struggles with Children's Aid for five years, then loses four children. She sidesteps the law against naming parents by giving only her maiden name, Lisa Spring Sweet.

Mungar In the past we linked to two sites, babytameron.blogspot.com and caskidnappers.blogspot.com, with the following blurb:

A Chatham Ontario mother stays within the law by telling her story on the internet, without disclosing her family name, but includes names of social workers. CAS humiliated her family by disclosing a disease to their friends. While the baby gets substandard care, seven caseworkers have time to write reports on the case.

The blogs disappeared and we deleted the links. The linked pdf file discloses their fate and includes some of the purged content.


A Georgia mother loses her child. This story is typical of parents who lose their child in a hospital. At a certain point, a stranger appears asking new kinds of questions, and all doctors previously supportive suddenly become cold and unresponsive.

Women's Justice

Women's Justice Center based in California. This is a feminist site with a man-hating bias. It shows that advocates of all points of view are justifiably suspicious of child protectors.

Most all CPS/juvenile court Systems deal ONLY with Intra familial Child Abuse. This schism between the way society deals with child abuse perpetrated by a family member versus child abuse perpetrated by an 'outsider' points out a staggering hypocrisy in the rhetoric about treating child abuse seriously. Behind the rhetoric is a child welfare and police system that in reality works hand in hand to let most child abusers walk free.


FACT Toronto-based organization of non-custodial parents. Divorce deprives ten times as many children of their parents as raids on intact families.

Thoughtful essay by Mark Charalambous on fatherhood shows what is wrong with the culture, and why seeking reforms such as shared parenting is futile.

PAFE Planetary Alliance for Fathers in Exile. A defunct website, for an organization still operating. The link is to the internet archives.

BC Equal Parenting, British Columbia. Very active site with lots of news.

Schneider A Hamilton Ontario father's 13-year-old daughter, while under care of CAS, gives birth to a baby girl. That girl becomes the pretext for total family destruction.


The full story of the Ellis family.

ACFC American Coalition for Fathers and Children. This advocacy site, dealing with divorce and separation, as well as child protection, respects high standards of scholarship.


Dr Stephen Baskerville is the most scholarly author writing on the subject of family law. The list of abuses on his home page includes many of the child protection problems found by Dufferin VOCA.


Betty Cornelius

Advocacy for grandparents.


Grand Parenting Again, Brantford


Graduates of Toronto's Youthdale group home share experiences on this site operated by Movement Against Child Drugging, co-founder Horace Masamura. Most residents are placed by CAS, a few come from as far away as Newfoundland.

Tasha Gallant, website established at age seventeen.


Nicole Johnson was abused by her mother as a child. As an adult her children were removed from her care and placed with her abusive mother.


Truth in Adoption, by D Marie Marchand. A lawyer, herself adopted, seeks to allow all adopted children the right to see their own true birth records.


Autobiographical article by Duplessis orphan Daniel J Towsey.


Life as a Foster Child. A woman tells her experiences as a foster child in Alabama.


Teenager Christy Dawn McCurry offers to chat with others who have been separated from their own parents.

David Witzel

David Witzel does not have a website but his story was summarized in the legislature by Andrea Horwath. He is suing Hamilton Children's Aid for abuse during his childhood.

Youth in Care

National Youth in Care Network, Nicole Gaudenzi President. This is the voice of educated and articulate graduates of Canada's foster care systems.


Fostered Adult Children Together, by Carol Ann Lucas and John Dunn.


Roger Dean Kiser is a graduate of a Florida orphanage, and has written extensively on child abuse from the point of view of the child.

waiver (mp3)

A web-only radio program dealing with the experiences of adoptees. The second link is to a gem extracted by John Dunn - a social worker herself adopted is forbidden to look at her own case file.


A thirteen-year-old girl flees Children's Aid.

Bastard Nation

Canadian arm of an international organization of adults adopted as children. These are the ultimate victims of Children's Aid. By Natalie Servant.


A social worker tests a boy for circumcision, by hand. The first link is his voice (mp3), the second points to a collection of documents regarding his case.


Lawrence P Adams writes on his experiences growing up in the foster care system.


Autobiographical fragments by former foster child Richard MacKenzie (1978-2004).


When a normal child is ripped from his family and placed with strangers, whether fosters or adopters, he is resentful of the new family. The therapeutic industry insists on treating this as a disorder of the child, and has a number of abusive treatments (leading in one case to the death of the child). The link is to a website gathering video clips of the therapy.

Rate MDs

Check this registry to find out about your doctor before he harms your family.


A list of breaches of the peace committed by people under the influence of psychotropic drugs (including the very hazardous drug withdrawal). It includes a source for each incident. Assembled by Sara Bostock, whose daughter committed suicide in 2002 after two weeks on Paxil.


This is a collection of articles assembled as a hobby, and unlinked from the commercial site acting as host. Most are unrelated to family law, but under CHILDREN'S AID, note the Aylmer and Mielke cases.





Rev Dorian Baxter was the first person to successfully sue Children's Aid. His organization is the National Association for Public and Private Accountability. Rev Baxter speaks Swahili, and appears on stage as Elvis Priestley.

Court Watch

Canada Court Watch. This organization deals with the entire family destruction industry in Canada, including Children's Aid. The site is the work of Dorian Baxter, and anonymous staff.
American Family Rights Association. Big-tent opposition to child-protectors, operated by Leonard Henderson. This is now the most active opposition site.


Ripoffreport.com is a service for consumers to report bad experiences with vendors. The link is to their index on "Child protective Services".


National Child Abuse Defense and Resource Center. This organization is dedicated to assisting in the defense of families from the social services system. The prime movers are Kim Hart and Barbara Bryan (Advocate for the innocent). From another website here is a recording of Barbara Bryan speaking on Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, MSBP (ram, requires Real Player).


Nordic Commission on Human Rights.


Litigation is futile as a means of taming the beast, but it sometimes gives some insight into the operation of the child protection system.

Lawyer's memo about child killed by child protectors. While this memo presents only one side, the claim was ultimately settled for most of the amount of the county's insurance coverage.


New Hampshire engineer/lawyer couple dealing with child-protection, Ric & Paula Werme.

Gregory A Hession

Massachusetts lawyer, attorney for Nev and Tom Moore. Click the tabs under DSS outrage. The laws he cites apply only to Massachusetts, but the tricks are the same everywhere.


A Michigan family sues child protectors. The first six pages of the document are not a family's accusations, but a judge's findings, about the method of invading a home.
Site dealing with abuse by the legal system generally, including occasional reference to family law.


Site titled Get your kids back from CAS! by the Windsor Ontario law firm of Pearce, Ducharme and Associates. We express no opinion positive or negative of this firm. Below is the only client comment we have found, from an open Facebook forum.

Yvonne Craig If you've read my postings you've heard from a client...& you've witnessed the OUTCOME. I was kicked out of his practice...issued a verbal "desist" from contact ultimatum...I had to "re-prepare" the documents in the proper forms (according to procedural rules WHICH the lawyer as Child Protection EXPERT should have KNOWN to prepare the PROPER form)...I have all the e-mails & draft copies/finalized forms archived in my e-mails & under my documents. He went on a POWER trip when he didn't get his way.

Source: Facebook, Canada Court Watch




Child Assist Services, group based in Hamilton Ontario, dedicated to helping the mostly poor families threatened by the other, mega-funded, CAS.


CAS ONTARIO, by Pat Niagara.


CAS Corruption


Les Crimes Économiques de Services Sociaux (CESS)
Social service economic crimes

Bilingual site based in Quebec.

Scott Clarke

Protecting Our Families. Most Canadian CAS sites disappear in less than a year. This, hosted by Yahoo, has a chance to last longer. In case the website disappears, here is the family story.

PAPA People Assisting Parents Association. British Columbia.


More: Opposition to Children's Aid Societies aka CAS CPS, CFS, FACS, LCAS ... - Suggest changes to this group description - Google: Opposition to Children's Aid Societies aka CAS CPS, CFS, FACS, LCAS ...

I am not that mother anymore Never allow social services in your home - know your rights

audience: Public

I was ''that'' mom! I was that mom, who eagerly allowed CPS in with open arms, offered them a soda or something to dr...

Kitchener really the most aggressive cas in Ontario?

audience: Authenticated

Question - is Kitchener really the most aggressive cas in Ontario? I've been looking for stats and can't find anythin...

For not leaving her husband sooner Putting her Daughter in foster care is her punishment

audience: Public

We never really knew the exact reason for my 5 year old Grand-daughter's removal from her home... Today when my Daugh...

First man in Ontario to successfully sue the Childrens Aid Society of Ontario Canada

audience: Public

YES! We are also seeing 'aged out' foster children filing suit against CPS. The courts have to be flooded with these ...

Children's Aid bad faith and formal letter of extortion

audience: Authenticated

Just had police and CAS do an illegal entry by force and interview a child by force, and leave without apprehending a...

CPS destroys countless families over a money making scam that involves organized crimes

audience: Authenticated

What almost killed me and now I have over 150,000 in medical bills within this past month. CPS (Child Protective Serv...

Child And Family Review Board versus Childrens Aid Society of Algoma

audience: Public

 [1]        On February 12, 2016, the Board heard by teleconference a ...

Looking for Advocate Texas near Lubok Family currently harassed by CPS

audience: Authenticated

This family - a mom and dad and their 11 kids, were involved with cps a year ago. Their case was thrown out/dismissed...

CAS Fraud in Family courts across the province judges stubbornly insist on presumption to the point of wilful blindness

audience: Public

May 26 2016: Aura Banner / Newmarket Era Newspapers report the death of a small child Ty Wint at the hands of a fathe...

Children's Aid Society dumped me like trash into Dale Scott foster home

audience: Public

The first time I arrived at Dale Scott's I was 11 , I remember thinking what a shack of a farm house.The driveway was...

My 30 year old CAS file - 100 years of child abuse the Society has knowingly hidden

audience: Public

30 years ago I was removed from my abusive mother Lorrainne Maich and placed in foster care.During that time I experi...

Sixties Scoop secrecy Child Protection agencies abused citizens 2016

audience: Public

TODAY: May 24 2016: Toronto Star: “Sixties Scoop” was more then 16,000 Indian children taken by CAS and g...

Ottawa May 6th 2016 Parliament Hill reminder for Accountability and Oversight of the Children's Aid Societies

audience: Public

Yesterday May 6th 2016 members of the Ontario Citizens for Accountability and other groups held a rally for Accountab...

ALL BECAUSE CAS/ FACS (or whatever name they choose to hide behind)

audience: Authenticated

Monday my little sister Robin killed herself. I will feel her loss forever. She was a wonderful person who had a...

C A S that took her and put her with foster people in Napanee Ontario of Canada

audience: Authenticated

I am a single mother and my own loving daughter Mia was taking from me at birth on March 10th at 1pm when I had to sa...

Steal children from loving homes and destroy families for their own financial gains

audience: Public

This article disgusts me! The last thing this private corporation needs is more money! If they operated fairly a...

City of Sarnia have used me as a cornucopia of adversity for their own financial gains

audience: Public

I emailed a complaint to victim services of the Federal Ombudsman's office with regards to the refusal of OPP to inve...

The children's aid are criminal and all the evidence is ignored by everyone

audience: Public

In different parts of our region I believe is trying to teach me a lesson and I'm not sure if it is even legal. Do yo...

Yesterday a FACS worker lied in court right in front of me after just speaking with me

audience: Public

Can anyone tell me how to report a CAS (facs where I live) for lying & deliberately misleading the court? Yesterd...

The Lawsuit against Motherisk Lab Spent 20 Years Ruining Lives

audience: Public

ONTARIO - GOVERNMENT backed drug testing company "Motherisk - Sick Kids" has for decades - knowingly "subjected innoc...

She put me in jail again proof of set up Durham CAS

audience: Authenticated

Phone Conversation with Kristoffer Booth December 25 2015 "Also I know they proceeded CFSA without service to me ...

Guelph Family Courts Justice found the CAS worker did unlawfully and illegally seize the youngest of the 4 children

audience: Authenticated

This is a case of 4 teenage children and one child under the age of 6. This issue was brought before the Guelph Famil...

Re: New Class Action Law Suit alleges Child Protective Services unwarranted Seizure of Thousands of Children

audience: Public

Research the laws affecting your case, you can file yourself,but it must comply w/ court rules. Also, CA atty. Shawn ...

The Algoma CAS and Dilico and Family Court Specifically Sault Ste. Marie and Blind River

audience: Authenticated

100% True. When my children are ready and want answers, I'm here for them and will show them all the evidence that th...

Sault Ste. Marie Children's Aid Society ripping families apart

audience: Authenticated

A small group of Justice advocates met today, September 01 2015 in front of the Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Courthouse l...

Algoma Children Aid Society worker forced the child to say he was abused by me

audience: Public

Ok so the child endangerment society worker has been insisting on harrassing me even though I have spent a year refus...

Chris Bryant threatening wife and children attempting to remove loving father from family

audience: Authenticated

Phone call from a father telling a few things about his involvement with the Algoma Children's Aid Society, father st...

Children's Aid Algoma destroyed 1000's of families and children Sault Sainte Marie

audience: Public

this has to gone to far!!! This is very sick!! I have tried to tell you's abo...

Hamilton Ontario Children's Aid Children's accountable for the abuse/neglect my oldest child suffered in their care

audience: Public

I'm in Hamilton Ontario Canada and this is how the Children's Aid Society started with me. I will send further letter...

York Region Children's Aid Society Pam using her placement at work to isolate and hold parents hostage

audience: Public

Dear Mr. Bill Joynt, Supervisor of Adoption, York Children's Aid Society. I need to find out why one of workers has n...


audience: Public

When the Child Protective Service comes to your door, take it seriously. Never think that it can't happen to you beca...

Co-conspiring parties Knowingly prefabricated concerns for a falsified child protection matter

audience: Public

Durham Regional Probation Services worker Laurie Boyd was Caught Speaking to Durham Children’s Aid Society and ...

Until the stress CAS put on her caused her to suffer a debilitating stroke

audience: Public

My children and I received our monthly harassment visit by our CAS worker yesterday at 4:45pm. She informed me that s...

National Legal Coalition against CPS Fraud efforts

audience: Public

I am happy to announce I have been named VP of M.A.F.A. Mothers Against Family Abuse. We are now an Organization whic...

Lawsuit against the Algoma CAS Children's Aid Society - Ontario 2020

audience: Authenticated

Families, Parents who are victims of the Children's Aid Society of Algoma in direct results of negligent, misconduct ...

Brent Blair Sault CA$ interrogating child with questions cops are not permitted to ask

audience: Public

Brent Blair employee of the Algoma Children's Aid Society calls my private unlisted phone number, my phone number of ...

Dorian Baxter announcing mass protest spring 2015 against the malice of the Childrens Aid Societies

audience: Public

My goals in life were to provide a proper home and all of what my family needed for a proper decent life, not to spen...

CAS Brantford went into my child's school pulled her into the principals office and made her drop her pants

audience: Authenticated

This is a document that was served to me from the other party, this document will be shown in my superior court case....

This is not in the best intrest of my daughters

audience: Public

They were inpatient at Phoenix Children's Hospital and we're taken from there by CPS ... 

I can go with you to court to get the paperwork whenever you want

audience: Public

Did you know --- the Toronto Star released 11 articles online about Children's Aid Societies on Friday ! They have be...

We need to just come together and file the documents at the court

audience: Authenticated

I think its time we all, as victims of the CAS system, commence a civil action law suit. We don't need a lawyer. Most...

First man in Ontario to successfully sue the Children's Aid Society of Ontario Canada

audience: Public

If your in front of a judge and your seeing the events unfolding in front of you. Did your lawyer do something to try...

Here is the Children s Aid Society at my door

audience: Authenticated

well done mom and dad. they kept their cool (=very important), stood their ground and recorded. hear at the end how n...

Police Services assisting the Children s Aid Society apprehensions incident documentation

audience: Public

It is a conspiracy to mess with your kids , have your children removed from the system or you may be next .

Re: Incarcerated & impoverished by the Children's Aid Society

audience: Public

please see http://www.suewrongdoers.com  if you are willing to do a l...

Childrens Aid worker and Police unlawfully detained terrified and interrogated Mother and 12 year-old child

audience: Public

The letter of the mother does indeed describe a terrible abuse of authority. I think that the Ontario Ombudsman (OO) ...

Childrens Aid Societies abuse towards the communities

audience: Authenticated

Hello . I'm in Halifax N.S and I have dealings with CAS here back in 2005 .
I'm in the process of launching a l...

Re: Horror stories about abuse of children given to me by Childrens Aid Society kids

audience: Public

Hi, I hope you are aware of the Class-action suit launched on behalf of Crown wards here in Ontario? If not contact t...

Defence Strategies from attacks by children's aid, FACS

audience: Public

Most families attacked by Children's Aid can not spend the over fifty thousand dollars that it takes to ...

CAS private investigators taking photographs through the windows of the mother's residence

audience: Authenticated

Chatham-Kent Children's Aid Society hires a private investigator to track parents in an effort to gain crown wardship...

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