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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada



Ontario is one of the ten provinces of Canada, located in east-central Canada. It is Canada's most populous province by a large margin, accounting for nearly 40 percent of all Canadians, and is the second largest province in total area.

 Ontario Canada,  Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court, Civil Claims Court, FRO Family Responsibility office, bias female only shelters, grants, protection, Legal Aid Ontario, ...
~300 Court acts

*FRO Family Responsibility office, bias female only shelters, grants, protection,

Legal Aid Ontario,

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More: Ontario - Suggest changes to this group description - Google: Ontario

Injustice in Ontario - Ontario Civilian Police Commission covered up my complaints

audience: Authenticated
In the past I have called the Ontario Attorney General’s office and asked them to investigate the Office of t...

FRO MISTAKES—Taken from Ombudsman January news letter

audience: Public

A man contacted our office after the FRO issued an order to garnish his Old Age Security payments and his federal pen...

FRO correspondence---Response from Minister of Justice / Attorney Gerneral David Lametti

audience: Public

Dear Ms.______:

Thank you for your correspondence concerning family law. The Office of the Prime Ministe...

Ontario burden of 190 billion tax dollars for 9 new OPP stations, 5 OPP communication centers

audience: Public

Will Ontario put an end to the $190 billion tax dollars in 9 new OPP[Ontario Provincial Police] stations, 5 OPP commu...

Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / Support order mother quit working and on welfare

audience: Public
in Ontario only 17% of men get custody. Nobody can tell me that only 17 percent of guys are the better parent. The judge...

OCL Children Lawyer Evidence Ontario Family Court Judge

audience: Public

Hi my name is Lynn and I live in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario...

Re: June 7th Ontario Provincial Election For 2018 time to elect an Independent Candidate

audience: Public

I agree 100 % with you. I'm running in Ajax as a Indepentant with total community support. Please call me at 1-892-52...

June 7th Ontario Provincial Election For 2018 time to elect an Independent Candidate

audience: Public

I am most impressed by the coverage Kim Zarzour has given in her March 29th. Era article entitled "Disqualified PC Ca...

Re: My ongoing nightmare with the protection system

audience: Public

a copy of the Court Order, the endorsements of Judges are available for free of charge, in Ontario, from the Court Cl...

Child Abuse Alert - Child in need of protection - Please Help

audience: Authenticated

Well I guess unfortunately Nog-Da-Win-Da-Min presently is failing to protect an innocent 2 year old who isn't able to...

Re: Ontario Lawyers, Law Society Collusion is 100 % with no accountability They have destroyed many lives shamelessly

audience: Public

Sorry to hear. The people of Ontario have to continue to make noise. There are hundreds or thousands of victims in On...

How to APPEAL in Family Court to Superior Court

audience: Public

What is court cost ? Is that  part of an appeal?

I received papers  from  court  con...

How to APPEAL in Family Court to Superior Court

audience: Authenticated

This is a pdf to help individuals deal with narcissistic tactics used in court by adversarial people  



audience: Public

Looking for an appeal lawyer in Hamilton to appeal Crown Wardship

A few good lawyers but in general most have their pockets lined with corrupt money

audience: Public

In my opinion, the only way any of this new amendment will change, is to start at the bottom. Like anything else in l...

Hugh Carl Persad Jr brandished a knife and then threatened several officers while holding that knife

audience: Public

A 40-year-old man is facing a combined seven charges after he entered police headquarters on College Street while bra...

Children's Aid Ontario snatches children - Three Week Trial Has Begun for Custody of a Young Girl

audience: Public

The problem with this case being connected to Tim McLean's murder is that it shows further failure in the Canadian co...

Question where are grandparents rights?

audience: Public

This is the new[2017] bill. From what I understand you can begin a motion to the family court to request access a lit...

U slam on the courts and police me and Barb Instead of finding a job and maning up as a father

audience: Public

Francis stop with your idle threats , there a joke as u are. Your lies and Acusations are total bs, your a worthless ...

Police hassling me on Dean Miller misleading words

audience: Authenticated

Something stinks , and people are trying to get me out of the picture , if not by jail , there will probably be a bul...

Constables Salomon Gutierrez and Benjamin Ham each pleaded guilty to discreditable conduct

audience: Public

Two Ottawa police officers have pleaded guilty to discreditable conduct under the Police Services Act for unlawfully ...

Their is enough evidence of corruption to put a lot of politicians in jail

audience: Public

they got rid of him because the reports that he released on their corruption is enough evidence to put a lot of polit...

G7 G20 scrapped and for national leaders to meet instead in the more democratic forum of the G193

audience: Public

The Council of Canadians' Political Director, Brent Patterson, points out what is at the heart of the class-action su...

Robert Mugridge charged with numerous fraud offences receiving holiday money

audience: Public

The criminal police services are robbing the citizens blind! Chatham-Kent police supervisor received a salary an...

Evidence of family Court Manipulation by Alexandra Jaffit

audience: Authenticated

Alexandra again re married / divorced from the Jewish guy and moved back to Canada, Toronto ,  the Children are ...

My son complained kids at school would ask him about the CAS

audience: Public

Unfortunately, many CAS, CPS, FACS etc. agencies have worked their way onto the policy committees of many school boar...

Family and Children's Services of Lanark harassing Families

audience: Authenticated

The audio file attached resulted in three police officers pulling me and my husband out of our house around 7:30 Mond...

Knowing the courts did nothing to protect you or your children's rights

audience: Authenticated

Family Law victim and alienated father follow up Phone conversation after and abusive recorded call with his children...

On the Phone Trevor T Family Law Case Katherine Kritsch / Children s Aid Society of Ontario

audience: Authenticated

Phone call at 1025 pm Thursday January 21 2016, Introduction questions Trevor T. speaking for Katherine Kritsch - Fam...

Do I continue to deal with the Childrens Aid Society or ask them to leave next time they show up?

audience: Public

Ontario - you are allowed to refuse, but if they have been in your home you need to get a good recording device and s...

Right to be a parent maliciously prevented with the help of hired racketeering rings Family Law Barristers & Solicitors

audience: Public

They did suspend mine just recently, I wont see my daughter till after christmas. Ive seen her 3 times in four Months...

Taking children to the Smith's Falls hospital end up with children's aid society malice on your door

audience: Public

This is an actual report/referral made by the Smith's Falls hospital to the children's aid society by way of the fami...

I finally got to read my psych assessment from November 27th 2015 and noted multiple errors

audience: Authenticated

So today my lawyer told me I was delusional, a liar , I am not in touch with reality, I complain about e ery person w...

The Lawsuit against Motherisk for faulty drug testing

audience: Public

Dear Canadian Court Watch,  We have more information available for the lawsuit against Motherisk:


Viaguard Accu-metrics they said its a lab not lawyer firm they are gathering the info for the lawyer firm

audience: Public

This message is in response to a contact request at: 11/17/2015 7:46:08 AM local time. Social worker Perpetua Chiziv called police and apprehended my son audience: Authenticated

I lost this video since 2012. I just recovered it, the cas is saying they won't apprehend him........then they called...

Who do I file a complaint against CAS with?

audience: Authenticated

I need help!! I am a grandmother with kincare of my granddaughters. I need to file a complaint against the CAS agency...

My ex's mom worked at the family courthouse in Guelph Ontario Canada along side the Judges

audience: Public

So for the past 5 years many people have followed my story! My ex husband was abusive and an alcoholic, I went to pol...

Espanola Ontario Protest March August 18 2015 Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Canada

audience: Public

ESPANOLA – A sky looming with ominous clouds and threatening thunderstorms didn’t stop a men’s marc...

Re: Childrens aid is using my children as a pawn and punishment

audience: Public

Don't agree tell them they are violating your freedom of expression by not allowing you to record

Kathleen Wynne sexual preferences are forced on minors guest speaker Dorian A. Baxter

audience: Public

Don't forget your wynnonatic dildo use and training seminar starting in grade 3 for kids. The same politocian that on...

Re: Lawsuit against the Algoma CAS Childrens Aid Society Sault Ste Marie Ontario 2015

audience: Authenticated

They.need.to.go.it.should.be.about.time.that.our. families.should.be.safe.from .those.monsters. everyone.should.stand...

WAY TO GO BRANT FACS You will never believe what happened when i filed the Appeal

audience: Authenticated

heres what "Child Protection" in Brantford has been reduced to ....... I provided a copy of a REAL 8B to the CAS lawy...

My friend I told you so never let a pretty girl fool you trouble trouble trouble

audience: Public

this is my friend he was very good to this woman,he gaved her anything that she wanted,even a brand new truck,now loo...

The modus operandi of a druggie who stole one million dollars from a man who spent over 12 years in jail

audience: Authenticated

Hi. I have a similar story about a.person by the name of carrie anne vanstrien in Ottawa. She injured alot of people ...

Adam Warren is a criminal and is subject of no association especially within the movement regarding children's rights

audience: Authenticated

Lee Bolton You seem to be turning stones in an ongoing battle with Adam Warren. It seems you are currently friends wi...

they arrested a candidate for public office for causing a disturbance for speaking to the public

audience: Public

cruel and inhumane,we ask the minister of justice to intervene..Torture in ontario,The kevin clarke story..

Re: Affidavit of Alexandra Jaffit September 07 2012 Ontario Case 1997/10

audience: Authenticated

Here is my input in regards. Alexandra was a child herself when she had a child. Now she alienates the father of the ...

Aparna Sanwalka asked for her injustice to be published now speaking ill of us

audience: Authenticated

It comes to our attentions that the story got twisted the moment CAS put up a fight because her posting her injustice...

Sault Ste Marie Ontario narcissistic ex manipulating the criminal justice system to gain advantage in Family Court

audience: Authenticated

OMG! I'm watching this whole thing now let me tell you this that bitch is lying!! I've been though this type of abuse...

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