January 29 2023


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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada

Beating the Drum for Justice for our Children

Beating the Drum for Justice for our Children


More: Beating the Drum for Justice for our Children - Suggest changes to this group description - Google: Beating the Drum for Justice for our Children

Phill will not go un heard!

audience: Public

things dont work like this, you all have a big mouth and nothing behind it, typical snowflake,  go get a lawyer,...

December 15th is our annual Christmas Letters of Love show

audience: Public

Thursday December 15th is our annual Christmas Letters of Love show. We invite parents to come on and read a letter o...

According to custody evaluator Ken Perlmutter my kids are not bonded with me

audience: Authenticated

I miss you so much little honey. I'm so sorry that I could not fight harder for you, I lost my voice in court and was...

According to custody evaluator Ken Perlmutter my kids are not bonded with me

audience: Authenticated

Old picture of us. According to custody evaluator Ken Perlmutter PhD, ____ _____, my kids are not bonded with me but ...

They discovered that they had renamed their child three different names

audience: Public

I want to share something with you all. I had a family I was working with who had their children seized by CPS. CPS's...

Children suffer for our inadaquacies to protect and defend them

audience: Public

Folks; we have been going about this all wrong. We have been spinning our wheels trying to battle a system that was i...

The horrible father syndrome to justify their hate towards the targeted parent

audience: Public

The Legal Abuse Epidemic. Hostile Parents not only victimize their spouses with verbal and physical attacks they can ...

Children's Aid Societies causing thousands of parents to live in fear RIP Kody Rien

audience: Public

I am a mother, grandmother, and a Canadian Citizen I'm guilty of what many Canadians citizens are guilty of- the beli...

Brent Blair Sault CA$ asking questions cops are not permitted to ask @ ALGOMA SAULT Children's Aid Societies of Canada

audience: Authenticated

after 3 years of ignored calls for help by the father about the child and fathers abuse endured, compromised by the a...

Class action suit in Missouri Childrens Division fraud

audience: Public

If you are a victim of Mo. Childrens Division fraud, and your child(ren) are wrongfully in foster care, have been har...

New Study Speaking of what Is Best For Children Of Fractured Homes and Divorce

audience: Public

What is the best custody arrangement for children after divorce? Most of us outside of family lawyers and courts don'...

Services in foster care under the Children's Aid supervision marked for life with cigarette burns Canadian style

audience: Authenticated

Under Canadian Children's Aid Society care. Yes you Canadians put every single cigarette burn on this child like you ...

Police Investigation Request 30 April 2014 Audio recording VI

audience: Authenticated

Appointment set for 630pm with SSM City Police to review the 2009 case and Adam's new revelation on the internet in r...

Domestic Violence Awareness Month - Hit a Man ... Go to Jail

audience: Public

Domestic Violence Awareness Month ~ 2018 Women a more likely to abuse children, or ...

So called professional organizations are allowed to do the most unspeakable within our society

audience: Public

Comment people..this is what I said... When will these government agencies or government paid agencies finally be acc...

Child is still shaken and indoctrinated by the mother not to talk about school to the father

audience: Public

For the first 12 month, our five year old child was total rejecting any question about school from her father, Like I...

I have cause to refuse her but if you go strictly by technicality, it is her day

audience: Authenticated

I've heard a ton of stories regarding police refusing to enforce court ordered visitation when one parent is violatin...

June 15 2013 the night before fathers day

audience: Public

Sleepover with her homosexual and drinking/drug party partner Krista and her nephew ??, I asked the mother last week ...

Party @ the alienating house video footage found of alienated child

audience: Authenticated

Found on public youtube video channels with "her child" our child, @ the and Olsen Family and friends party ...

Children s Rights

audience: Public

Children's Rights Can children make their own decisions about things that affect them? Not always, but children have ...

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