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January 18 2022

Re: Daniel Perrins Hunger Strike at Queens Park Until Gov Promises to Open Shelter for Abused Men
Robert Sullivan audience: Public
thank you vincent for that,,,If he was closore i would be joining him
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Stay calm. Its a long process. Dont let emotion get the best of you. Keep any messages ...
FRC - Go to court clear it up get a letter stating ...
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31000 in debt to maintenance go to court clear it up get a letter stating nothing's cha...
I can see myself in Philip
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F.... that was a hard story to read.&nbsp; My deepest condolences.&nbsp; <br ...
Announce it in the court room so its on record Judge working on CAS issues but they are all sneaky
Canada Court Watch audience: Public
Is it possible to get a new judge due to the fact she is an old Children's Aid Society ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


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Advocacy Canada
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Matthew Rowen
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I see this opportunity as a gift to tell my story I have a vary complicated vary sad story...
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I should mention that you as well learn how you can help yourself or protect your self ...
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Oversight on the Children's Aid Societies

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It's amazing how many articles (posts) on here are a mirror of my past with the family ...
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Re: Re Ontario high court shoots down CAS protection order appeal
Elie Clermont
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Yes I would have to agree he is one of the biggest pieces of s*** in London
Tough love is needed and I am going to be a good parent whether she wants me to or not
Suzanne Lombard Elmore
audience: Public

As I stated in the post prior to the one just below this. I do not advise any parent to...

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Due to fear of further abuse and violence a victim will often stay silent to what is happening

Thursday, October 10, 2013 - DomesticViolence - David Marsh


Domestic violence the physical or psychological abuse towards a partner, domestic spouse or child. It is the act used to gain or maintain power and control over those affected. Though it is more commonly committed from a male towards a female, It is a ever growing problem where the male and/or child is the victim as well. It destroys families and homes and changes peoples lives forever affecting even generations to come.

Domestic abuse accounts for 14% of all violent crime. Those who become plagued by domestic violence may blame themselves because of love, care and loyalty towards the abuser, But NO ONE DESERVES TO BE A VICTIM!!!
Figures for 2012 published earlier in the year showed just how big the problem is. In England and Wales alone, two million people were affected suffering physical and/or mental abuse at the hands of a supposed loved one.

What will be surprising to many is that 2012 saw from the two millions cases, 800, 000 were male victims of domestic violence and showed that it’s not just a plague that affects women. Men are less likely to report but this does not mean they are less in need of help. Please note that we are not making any assumptions, 800.000 male cases were reported but it did not mean that the abuser in all cases were female and categorized instead as a male or female family member or partner.
In our previous post found @ http://www.tomthumb.info/tt/index.php/2012/07/08/domestic-violence-recovery/ we asked the question, Do victims of domestic violence ever recover? This post is still active so if you have some you would like to share get involved.

Although millions of pounds are spent on domestic violence awareness and help for victims, it is still very much a taboo subject which people don’t talk about usually because they don’t know how to approach the subject. In our previous post mentioned above are lots of helpful links if you would like to find out more about domestic violence.

Due to fear of further abuse and violence a victim will often stay silent to what is happening. As we mentioned earlier they will often blame themselves, through love, care and loyalty towards the abuser.

They believe that by changing the way they live their lives will make the abuse stop and use excuses such as “I pushed him/her to far and made him do it,” blaming it on stress, alcohol or drug addictions, mental illness, bad childhood or because they want to control you because they care.

None of these are acceptable. Everyone is responsible for the decisions they make and there is no excuse for abuse. Each and everyone of us is an individual who should not be told what to do and controlled. Addictions and mental illness can exacerbate abuse but still it does not excuse it of cause it . The abuser make the conscious decision for the actions they take. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE A VICTIM!!! DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS A CRIME AND IT IS UNACCEPTABLE !!!
Leaving often sounds like the easiest answer but it is not as simple as it sounds. Leaving a violent and abusive relationship takes courage and inner strength. The fear of the unknown, nowhere to go, money and support creates inner struggles. The victim needs to make this decision on their own and in their own time.
If you think someone is a victim of domestic violence support them but do not push them in decisions, criticize or judge them. Be patient,encourage them to seek help, talk to them and let them know they have someone to confide in, help them see their own strengths, and most of all listen and believe in what they tell you.Help them to realize what they are going through is not their fault. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE A VICTIM!!!
Share your views,opinions and stories and let us know what you think…

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Thursday, October 10, 2013
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not according to the ex he tells anyone willing to listing to the horrendous events of abuse

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