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January 29 2023

Claims of raising child alone were a lie Dad was fighting too see child withheld from alienating mother
Child Abuser Alienated Parent audience: Public
Local mother claimed to media that she had been raising her young 3 year old daughter a...
First thing that needs to be done is abolish family court lawyers
Ronald Silver audience: Public
We as a people have surrendered of freedoms to a sudo facism that seeks the break down ...
Weekend switch suggestion
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access Weekend switch suggestion
I denied to sign any paper stating to agree for a swap to the specified weekend dates, ...
Bias feminism agenda invested more than $62 million to end violence against women & asking for more
Fathers in Action audience: Public
Bias feminism agenda to destroy more families. Alienate and jail more fathers. More mon...
I am asking for EVERYTHING I was denied in the past
Casey Sheehe Jae Marino audience: Public
I have been alienated from my 17 year old daughter for 4 years with 1 visitation in the...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
I don't necessarily trust Viaguard as I suspect Ben Salsberg has been hired by Motherisk
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Viaguard/Accumetrics looking for Motherisk victims. Just wanted to let you know that is...
Children's Aid Society workers love to troll this sites and forums
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Sometimes it's better to stay away from posting publicly about your Children's Aid Soci...
Re cooments on end of article are not those of writer

audience: Authenticated Login and access Re cooments on end of article are not those of writer

 An article on the Brantford CAS that appears on this site has been lifted from th...
I was put in an orphanage turned institution and saw a lot of shitty and sick things there
Lisa C Shears Kendall
audience: Public

As a former quebec crown ward, I was shuffled from abusive institution to others 26 tim...
They took her and CAS made it very clear that I was banned from the hospital
Talina Beau
audience: Public

they took mine n when I got too emotional they sent me for psyche assessment. I have pt...
ROTTEN FAMILY LAWYER! William Doodnauth in Newmarket Ontario Canada
Bill Korbak William Doodnauth
audience: Authenticated Login and access ROTTEN FAMILY LAWYER! William Doodnauth in Newmarket Ontario Canada

Check out what a terrible lawyer William Doodnauth in Newmarket did to a parent and chi...
CAS, Trudeau & Marijuana - oppress and make bank
Bill Korbak
audience: Public

At this point the Trudeau government is having a hard time with their new drug law. Par...
Splinter of CCW - sabotaged and misguided souls
Lillian Christine Sorko
audience: Public

I am in this for the long haul and will be continueing as Moderator > this post rega...
Claims of raising child alone were a lie Dad was fighting too see child withheld from alienating mother
Alienated Parents
audience: Public

if you sit in SSM Court house on Family Law day, you can feel the sadness...Fathers ask...
Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
audience: Public

Oh and actually loser I did see your pathetic comments,unlike you Im smart enough to re...

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20 Identifiable Traits of a Female Narcissist

Thursday, December 11, 2014 - Narcissistic - Susan Walsh - David DeLugas - Associate

She insists on being the center of attention, and is often the most charming person in the room. Narcissists are very outgoing and excel at marketing themselves.

She often seeks favorable treatment, and automatic compliance. She believes that she is special, and that she deserves fame, fortune, success and happiness.

She is highly materialistic.

She is prone to envy, though she presents as supremely confident. She seeks opportunities to undermine others, and enjoys sharing confidences about how the two of you are better than others.

She is convinced that others are envious and jealous of her, and often uses this excuse for her lack of real, intimate friendships. When her friends enjoy successes of their own, she finds ways to punish them by downplaying their achievements.

She lacks empathy, and even common courtesy at times. She puts others down, including you. She does not hesitate to exploit others.

She is very competitive.

She believes that she is intellectually superior to her peers.

She blames others for problems. Narcissists don’t believe that they make mistakes, and lack the ability to process shame.

She displays a haughty attitude when she lets her guard down or is confronted. She will act impatient, arrogant and condescending. She will often excuse her own shortcomings by claiming that others are pressuring her or expecting too much of her.

She is dishonest and often lies to get what she wants. She will never admit this.

She is “psycho:” She engages in risky behaviors, has an addictive personality, and is prone to aggressive behavior when rejected. (Note: This is most common with Histrionic Personality Disorder.)

She is unpredictable in her moods and actions. You have trouble figuring out what she wants and where you stand.

She is capable of short-term regret, and will apologize profusely if backed into a corner. However, she will quickly rationalize her behavior and return to narcissistic patterns.

A woman doesn’t need to have all 20 of these traits to make a lousy relationship partner. If you can check off even a few of these characteristics, you should head for the hills at 60 mph. The six traits related to physical appearance should be apparent immediately, or within a short time of meeting.

Narcissistic personality traits can be difficult to detect at first. Narcissists always make a strong showing right out of the gate, and it takes time for them to reveal their negative qualities. They will only do so when feeling threatened or that they are not receiving “their due” in some way.

Based on the women of all ages I have known in my life, I think 10% is an accurate estimate of the number of narcissists in the female population. That’s a lot of women who could make you miserable if you’re not careful.
Please don’t date one. I beg you not to fall in love with one. And never, ever marry one.

If the label / shoe / diagnosis fits, then what might that mean for you? The title and URL aside, the article is worthy of a read by men and women. Written by a woman (2010) citing research and trends of Americans (men and women), recently posted and I read it with interest and share because it is interesting and might be helpful 

Link: Full Article: 20 Identifiable Traits of a Female Narcissist June 28, 2010 By Susan Walsh


- Associate
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Thursday, December 11, 2014
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