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August 18 2022

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Apprehensions were based on false reports, telling the caller of a concern that was disproved or corrected

Friday, January 31, 2014 - Crownward - a helping hand - Canada Court Watch

They want the "ideal child" for adoption

I'm sorry but this is going to be kind of long but I need advice to give to my sister. She records everything and always has a witness the few times that contact with CAS is not summarized or occurring in emails which she prints out and are always forwarded to her lawyer. She also studies family law but she's scared, we all are, of losing my nephew forever. 

My sister starts her Parenting Capacity Assessment tomorrow, she's meeting a doctor chosen by CAS (her lawyer, Grant Schaffer said she had no other choice) and it's literally pass he's home fail he's adopted...we're all so scared, my nephew has been gone since March 21, 2013 (there were 6 officers in my sister's house who verbally assaulted her and shook her friend's daughter who was 2 months old, that she had been babysitting) and before that he was gone from January 6, 2013 (a worker snuck him out of the hospital room 3 hours after his birth at 4 AM while the new family slept) until February 12, 2013. 

Both apprehensions were based on false reports of someone telling the caller of a concern that was disproved or corrected within a week of the report and now that they have no actual concerns they're saying she's not mentally capable of being a parent. Her worker has looked her in the eye and stated "I don't feel you are mentally okay so you need to get on meds for your problems" when my sister has been off all medication at the doctor's order for 2 years now. 

My sister has done parenting classes, had full proper prenatal care, is finishing up high school, has stable and suitable housing, has always put the interests of my niece and nephew first.

My sister actually has sole custody of my niece and only does not have her in her care full time because she fears my 6 year old niece being apprehended. My niece lived with her solely from age 2 when my sister and her ex separated. After my nephew's birth and failed adoption (the hospital told our dad the UNREGISTERED baby was crown ward and he witnessed a couple in NICU taking pictures and holding my nephew, who my sister had sent pictures of to him just a few hours before, and saying "let's adopt this one" this was only stopped by my father going to the newspaper and calling CAS and the hospital black market baby dealers) my niece's father was permitted by my sister to keep her during the week with my sister having every weekend so she could focus on court and fighting CAS and CAS were aware of this arrangement at the time of both apprehensions.

Since my nephew was apprehended the second time, my niece has returned to my sister's care on a full time basis with my no supervision or even CAS involvement other then visits (my niece is not permitted to see her brother and hasn't since he was taken) and meetings at the agency regarding my nephew which my niece does not attend. They have no contact whatsoever with my niece so why is there such a concern with my nephew?

My sister was 12 when she had my niece, lived with her 15 year old boyfriend until the baby was 3 years old and my sister was 15 when they moved back in with our mother for 2 years until my niece was 5 years old when they moved out into an apartment with my nephew's "daddy" (my sister's ex legally adopted my nephew, who was the result of a rape, shortly after his birth. They began dating at 16 weeks pregnant and moved in together at 30 weeks pregnant as CAS claimed living with our mother was a concern for a young child for my nephew's case)

My sister was 16 when she got pregnant with my nephew, 17 when she had him, and is currently 18. My nephew is 1 and my niece is 6. I'm just confused as to how this can happen? My niece has never even been at risk of being taken and the only society contact my niece has ever had was when my nephew's file was opened because our step-dad called and claimed he was "just looking in her underwear drawer and found a crack pipe but didn't feel like police should be contacted about the issue" and my sister has said from day 1 she would do a test any time they wanted and they continually say "that's not necessary, I believe you" since then it has been one thing after another.

The only reason I can think of is that my niece has a native tan, dark hair and dark eyes like her mother and my nephew is really pale, dirty blond hair with blue eyes like his father and they want the "ideal child" for adoption. 

Someone please help us


- - - - - Comments - - - -

Read section 54 of the CFSA--- she can refuse it ( read to understand more) but did she have any choice on choosing PCA assessor?

Cas are not doctors they can not tell you to go on meds

She should also record the Dr. and ask for copies of her file and any new information generated before leaving the building- always, so she doesn't have to chase it down later. Drs are custodians of information, but it belongs to the person it is about. To clear her name on the use of drugs, she might want to get sworn affidavits from people who know her not to use drugs and file them at the court etc. If there were witness's to the child abuse b police, this MUST be reported by law. Terrible.

Do not do this 100%

Not sure what you are referring to. Do not do what? report child abuse and possible shaken baby by police? It is up to her if she wants to uphold the law and protect the health and safety of the child from criminal abuse or not.

The shaken baby was. Reported and ignored, my sister had no choice in the doctor

At least it is on record, be sure to get copies of having done that.

 Get a police report to ASAP

Info I give you straight from the heart

Under section 40 of the CFSA CAS can apprehend without a warrant if they feel child is at risk immediate danger--- and must bring parent to court within 5 days

child family services act

 please confirm on this -- read this post-- as it is voluntary

She has the right to chose her own assessor, it is in the CFSA Act, why must it be CAS assessor, she has the right to chose the assessor that is off the list. It is never good to do the PCA test as it always goes into CAS Favor and looks bad on the parent. She can do one independently on her own by asking the family doctor and request an assessment and a referral to the Psch. Doctor to do the test. She can go to the one by the name of Dr. Teshima from Toronto. He is a good psch. Doctor. If she has a Lawyer, need to fight and say no to adoption and do not sign everything the CAS ask of her. there are tricks they can bring papers to confuse her and she could have signed the papers that would give him up for Adoptions. Do not sign anything. Take it to Court and ask for TRIAL. Push for Trial. CAS hates Trial and will try to close case quickly as much as possible. Write everything down of what CAS Worker said, say less and do not give them any information that can be used against the Mother. as they write up court affavidit to make the mother look unfit. Did she show up for the apprehension within 5days? it may be illegal apprehension. Find out the papers to see whether it was a legal apprehension or not. it may be illegal. Look at the documents very carefully and take it to Court and let the Judge decide, not CAS.

It's all voluntary no courts at all

did they have court for the apprehension within 5 days? did they get notified as this apprehension could be illegal. Find out and get documents, they are to be in Court for the apprehension and to have plan of care/answer/and so forth. Im surprised they had no court since the nephew was apprehended. They are supposed to be in Court for this. CAS may have never told the Mom or anyone to attend court within 5 days. So thus it maybe illegal apprehension. Get Lawyer on this.

Ok I re-read the posts, she does have a Lawyer, ask her Lawyer to see if the apprehension was legal.

It's voluntary for this length of time so not apprehended court wise but once she revokes consents and asks for her child back they will apprehend and bring it to court ---

Have an affidavit ready immediately -- Do Not DO this assessment. 100% secretly record your calls-- tell them you want your kid - Cas will bring you to court within 5 days--at court argue section 51.3 immediate return of child-- fire this lawyer( get everything from lawyer)

if not 100% you will loose this child

 if the nephew was apprehended, the CAS MUST Take the Mother to Court within 5 days. if they did not do that then it is an illegal apprehension. or maybe CAS went to Court without the Mother there and never told her, and made it look like the Mother was "absent" from Court. Find out from those documents whether or not the apprehension is legal or not. If this was voluntary, they were to give her a Service Plan usually 6 months. If there is nothing, then the CAS were not working with the Mother, and it has been in bad faith. In CFSA Act the Worker MUST act in good faith and WORK With the client/mother. She needs to file complaint to the CFSRB Review Board, because I feel that she got a Worker that acted in Bad Faith and did not offer her services. (parenting classes, and other stuff was just brought up by the lawyer correct) so where is the service plan that was signed by the Mother? the CAS are supposed to be working with her. not against her. and also futher more, they are supposed to place the nephew with a Family member, in CFSA Act they are supposed to find family placement first before Foster Care. Why is the nephew in Foster Care or is he with a family member? again another bad faith there because they did not look for Family members first for KINSHIP Care temporarily. another illegal act against CFSA Act.

 Do not do this assessment - do not do any assessments - unless court ordered and by your own choosing - not through Cas

if possible link the collage for social workers so Julia May can see who is registered or not ( please)

it does not matter about social worker's college, Judge don't care, ONLY if the Social Worker said she's a social worker or practice social work. Otherwise, a normal CAS Worker can apprhened if they think the child is in need of protection (risk danger, etc ) it's useful if the mother used Section 51.3 of CFSA Act but how if they do not have Court???? that's the problem. http://www.ocswssw.org/

From what I understand this poster uses apprehension BUT is not in court within 5 days- Julia May does not know this and it's being used as voluntary ( CAS and Lawyer) is playing this evil game-- section 51.3 of the CFSA can not be done until it goes to court - CAS may go to court after PCA or do this out side of court as a private adoption ( evil game)

 you did 100% right for recordings - secretly 100% is legal to do-let answering machine take calls save them and all mail from Cas and lawyer-keep it-get a police report ASAP - Affidavit and (plan of care form 33b) Do not do the assessment - this is just the beginning if you follow what Jennifer Joy and I say- this is a must

They took the child and my sister was in court for 10 months and then they filed for crown ward no access, the order was to prevent adoption as they were threatening people into purgery so they made the voluntary 5 month society ward with PCA order to gain ammo for trial

She signed it as she was advised it was the only way to get my nephew home

They can not ask for crown ward before a mandate -

your nephew is not coming home -- take this to court do not voluntary this

Cas said the same lies to me - get your recordings on a cd - put in an affidavit - do not listen to Cas - by doing this you are just handing this kid over

threatening people in to purgery? And you believe Cas - it's illegal

 revoke this take it Back to court- forms 14 and 14a motions

My lawyer told me on Section 51.3 immediate return of child --- but could not happen because I failed PCA -- your lawyer taking money that's it - easy money- nothing about children

Do not do this assessment -- file a motion forms 14and 14a section 51.3 immediate return of child -- I'm on both sites all the time---- I learned the information I'm giving you

CAS will take your failed PCA to court as there prof - and you will loose

Look in to kin to add to a party to the courts -- kin must be considered before foster care- crown ward- adoption --- have this kin get a police check- finger prints - and ready to do home study - check the house for safety of the home-- all this goes for you and court not Cas

by law kin first

Papa Inbc: When I read the part about your sister having a baby at age 12.... This raises a number of questions that will have to address the environment that allowed this to happen... and then, how the child was success fully raised.

I have little doubt the CAS-paid PCA will crucify your sister and a reply assessment would be the the last chance to undo the damage.

Is CAS is resting on a case of mental health as opposed to neglect or physical abuse, get a referral to a psychiatrist, and have that properly diagnosed or discounted. Psychiatrists have more training than psychologists, and are accorded greater weight as a court-recognized expert. Also, remedial actions can be professionally recommended that will fly in the face of any CAS social worker advice.

It will help to have the audio of the accusation of mental health. This discounts future accusations of abuse or neglect. Child removal action based on that which is fixable without such drastic action is discriminatory.

A crown wardship is the same as being sterilized, all future kids will be removed. Fight back accordingly.

PCA is the only thing Cas will win on due to its out of court on "if passes PCA" child will be returned home - CAS will use this in court against this person

- Canada Court Watch
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Friday, January 31, 2014
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