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My daughter has been brainwashed by a gang of family members

Monday, May 5, 2014 - BrainWashing - Kendra Welch - Exposed lies and abusers

Beware of other family members of the alienator. Grandparents can be perfectly capable of joining in on the abuse/brainwashing. My daughter has been brainwashed by a gang of family members. She has been told that I'm crazy and dangerous. Made her scared of me. This was done by people that she loves and trusts her grandparents. How do you fight that much influence? One of the top atty's in our county said that he never seen anything as worse as this before. A family of narcissistic freaks. My daughter has bulling behavior problems which I know is a result of the alienation. Keep an eye on other family members and new spouses they're all minions in the alienator's game.

- - - 

The irony of my situation is the alienating parent in my son's life is the biggest mama's boy I've ever seen. She already doesn't have a relationship with 4 of her grandkids but daughter in law #1 had the sense to get the hell away from them. I, on the other hand, thought that the daughter in law must be crazy, as I was told. Guess who's crazy now?

Kendra Welch Oh I know exactly what you're talking about my ex-sister-in-law lives in North Carolina and is the smart one! She stays away!

I couldn't agree more, Kendra. This is part of what happened with my kids, and my ex knew it -- he took my boys to Upstate NY, where his entire extended family lives, and his mother was one of the biggest influences in the brainwashing. Combined with my ex's, the kids didn't know WHO to believe -- the mom who always fought for them and protected them, or all these people, including grandma, bashing me. One time before we split, I contacted a couple of cousins up there to help me get through to my ex about how he was treating the kids. One of them said she believed me. The other warned me YEARS before we separated, that if I went around talking like that about him, the family would circle the wagons and shut ME out. I was stunned, but it was prophetic.

I think these narcissists have learned this behavior from somewhere. It was rampant in my ex's family.

My ex's wife, knows only what he has told her, he was an abuser pulling guns on me, knives, on and on, I at one time feared for her life, I have never ever done anything to cause them trouble, I was so happy to be away from him and glad he found someone to distract him. Now I find out she is one of the worst, telling my children all kinds of stories about me.

Kendra Welch Yep!

I would love to take her out for a coffee and say "look honey this is how it is ...... Also sorry for your luck lol "

My parents broke up when I was 12 years old, they fought until my dad passed last December, it was hell, I did not want my children to go through it, yet because I had expressed this hurt to him while we were married, he knew exactly how to hurt me.

I also said how a man treats his mother is how he will treat his wife. Mine was rude, disrespectful, and took advantage of her. He did the same to me and it is only a matter of time for her too. What goes around comes around. I hope.

Since it works exactly the same as a cult, the cult leader (alienating parent) will recruit other people into the cult to help them achieve their goals. Other cult members can and often include new spouses, grandparents, other relatives, teachers, coaches, pastors, etc...anyone and everyone who will be obedient to the cult leader and their mission to destroy the other parent.

It ruins a child, they so full of conflict, my father tried to alienate the 5 of us, it really did not work on us we stayed pretty close with both, my question is why some but not all children are alienated

How can you convey the reality of the situation, or are you wasting your time? Not to those who are blood, but to the school, pediatrician, lawyers, for example. The behavior is so arrogant, unconscionable and outrageous that most people can't believe they are capable of the things they are doing!!! And those who know are too.scared to say anything.

Going to the analytical side saves my brain, it might be a waste of time but I am not always on the dark-side. I am allowing the ex to abuse me, if I stay on the dark-side.

it's very important that we do educate schools, pediatricians, etc by having meetings with them and explaining the situation to them and then by giving them educational materials such as Dr. Amy J L Baker's book "Breaking The Ties That Bind" and Dr. Richard Warshak's book "Divorce Poison." Also give them flyers and information about your local PAAO USA chapter and meetings if there is one in your area.

The main alienators in my husband's situation is the grandmother his daughters mother never corrects her mother so they have poisoned his daughters mind to the point that his daughter doesn't even want to try to have a relationship it's really sad

My ex wife (alienator) engaged her sister and mother to join in the alienation of my three girls. All three of them are narcissists. They will try and get anyone and everyone to join in their alienation. It has destroyed the lives of two of my daughters. One daughter just had a baby four days ago and I didn't even know she was pregnant. They will do whatever their mother says.

The lack of compassion for my family, another sister and others in general is devastating to me.

Kendra Welch This hurts my heart

This is true my son was bambared from the whole family...

Your Not Alone!

we fear that the grandparents may be involved in the talk, but we have we no idea. We are still alienated right now with pending court dates and have very minimal if at all any contact with the kids what so ever.

You are exactly right

I'm sad to say...I'm an only child & adopted. And my ADOPTIVE mother sided with the alienator (dad) - to turn my kids against me. So my kids see Mom (me) as the loser, crazy one, scary one BC grandma has allied with Dad.

When I left my ex, and went for help,I was told that I was the third woman married to a school principal who was abusing his wife.I came from a town that is not that big. He had my daughters teacher blocking me from going on school camp! after a threatend law suit, I attended camp.

That is what going on with my son kids. The kids are being told that my son and I do not love them and don't want any thing to do with them. So sad that people using the kids that way.

- there is not one in my area and I highly doubt I'm the only one who has experienced what we go through on a daily basis. What cam I do? How can I help? Leave the kids out of it. I must do.SOMETHING, cause it feels like nobody else is! I feel so helpless!

Kendra Welch You can order all the books you can find on PA and PAS. Ask you church or library if you can hold a meeting. Print out the flyers and pass them out.

My exs mom has 6 other grandchildren and she has no contact with them at all. She also has 4 i guess you could say step grandchildren through her hubby. These she helps out. She has 3 sons and always wanted a girl so I am thinking this is her way of having a daughter.. stealing mine. Now i look back things were good with our family till his mom and her hubby moved in with us for a year and then lived across the street. Thats when things took a turn.The more contact the more things went south. For 23 years this woman told me I was her best friend only friend ... her other 2 daughter in laws never wanted much to do with her called her on her shit .. they moved from the city and the grand kids had little contact .. they are all divorced to and still have no contact. I was never told the whole stories behind things by his mom .. after I find out truths and wow I was so brainwashed myself .... my ex isnt smart enough to come up with half of what hes done ... hence the reason i call her QUEEN NARC

So true. On top of the alienator themselves doing their dirty work we have my step daughter's mom's felon/addict boyfriend/husband (whatever he is this week) who has 3 kids he never sees because he was in jail or on drugs their whole life, getting in on it too. And he is replacement dad #2. #1 didn't play the game well enough, and the mother couldn't use him as a tool to hurt my husband, so she got rid of that one. It's been 11 years in the making. We often would care for step daughter's (SD) mother's other child too, and she would come for "visits" every other weekend with SD (11) for years. After the "mother" was through using us, she started to really alienate my husband's daughter's half sister. (13) She is very hateful She even says very hurtful and horrible things about my husband in front of my (SD) She's cruel and mean just like her mom taught her to be. Now SD is showing the same hatred and cruelness towards her dad. And it's all being blamed on him. He turned his own daughter against himself, ya know! I makes me sick what they've turned her into, both of her kids. She's not even the same person anymore, she's mean and vindictive, and cold hearted, just like her mom always wanted her to be, and taught HER to be too. My heart breaks for my SD. So much hate in her little heart. These people use other people as tools in their vicious games. Everyone plays a role in the game of removing their child's rights and the other parents. Even other siblings who are children, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends... We were made to play a game we had no chance in winning.

- Exposed lies and abusers
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Monday, May 5, 2014
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