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January 18 2022

Parental Alienation and The Child of War. January 30 2013 phone call between Alienated Father and child.
Vincent Schiele audience: Authenticated Login and access Parental Alienation and The Child of War. January 30 2013 phone call between Alienated Father and child.
This is a phone recording between a loving Dad and his young alienated daughter. When l...
Police Services assisting the Children s Aid Society apprehensions incident documentation
Richard Petersen audience: Public
Even if they had a reason to take the children, they do not have a safe place to put th...
Re Change of income FRO deduction update
Amanda Dawn audience: Public
Call your worker and tell them of your income change. They’ll tell you which form...
Loving Father told by Judge R. Kwolek he is of no benefit to his 10 year old son
Steve Schauland audience: Authenticated Login and access Loving Father told by Judge R. Kwolek he is of no benefit to his 10 year old son
This judge needs to be IMMEDIATELY removed from the bench and the Sun Newspaper chain s...
Re: Re child tells Father to F off - daughter asks Red Deer Alberta Police for assistance to leave
Kevin Roberts audience: Public
Been through the same thing with both my teenage boys. I was told by several therapists...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Make the judge scratch his head too
Don Carter
audience: Public

Do you have it in writing they will return your 7 week old baby if you agree to the cro...
video footage from September 24 2013 opening of the courts Toronto
audience: Public

Court house in Toronto Bob: Stand up for you rights, if you do not, who will stand up a...
Re: Last Testament of a loving father abused by the family court system and alienated from his children
Peter Fronimakis
audience: Public

All these family courts are biased and corrupt. they don't give a fuck about the childr...
Re: Trudeau talks about Equality but his actions are more entitled
Jason Culpan
audience: Public

Didn't change much under Harper. He increased spousal support payment guidelines Idea wa...
Denis Rancourt PhD
audience: Public

Take any state institution (education, police, child-welfare...) that was originally an...
Happy Father's Day to all Dads! Fathers day 2016
A father
audience: Public

The Canadian Family Dynamics - First comes the Children, Followed by the mothers, Follo...
Re: I will make sure I point a gun to my self and she wont receive a penny
Riley Stilling
audience: Public

The reality Sa Sing is that MANY men do find the "only" solution to the bizarre and crimin...
I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever - Letters and text messages
Disappointed in Carolyn Garrett
audience: Public

Exactly Carolyn. She was trying to communicate with you which you didn’t . As a mother do ...
Re Lying swearing under oath Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charge
audience: Public

VAWA (Violence Against Woman Act) makes money for the government, in both America and C...
Battling for access to her children mother faces prison if she continues exposing social workers on Facebook
Injustice UK
audience: Public

Mother-of-three faces prison over fight for her son’s return: Woman told she will...

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another broken heart - another death - please help

Monday, November 30, 2015 - Death - Clifford

Dear family of Christopher Mackney, my chest heaved as I read of another father pushed to his demise. Your son, your brother, your dad and your fellow human being was not weak. The strenght to write a letter after being pushed to the brink over a period of years is a monumental task. To be balancing on the edge of life while taking the time to articulate to the world of your pain is a feat of strength. I know first hand. I remember trying to write my goodby letter to the world just prior to my day. I broke down. My mind was spinning. I felt sick. I could not focus. I was too weak to get the job done and missed my opportunity. My weakness saved my life. My heart goes out to Christopher's family.

In reply of

Last Testament of a loving father abused by the family court system and alienated from his children

Audience: Public
by Chris Mackney pdf file by Vernon Beck
X Another Abused Father ends his life by Suicide. This loving father was alienated from his children, legally abused, emotionally abused, isolated and financially ruined, this is a dangerous recipe for suicide. "Nothing I or my attorneys... More >>
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Monday, November 30, 2015
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