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Affidavit of a vindictive ex[Olsen Christina] June 16 2009 Sault Ste Marie Ontario

Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - Court - Christina Jane Olsen - Sault Ste Marie Ontario

3.1 Offences for False Allegations of Abuse

In theory, a person who knowingly makes a false allegation of sexual abuse may be committing a number of offences under theCriminal Code.  A person who knowingly makes a false statement to a police officer accusing another person of committing a crime (which would include any situation of child abuse) commits the offence of mischief, contrary to section 140 of the Code.  If the false allegation resulted in a civil or criminal proceeding in which the person who made the allegation testified, other offences might be committed, including perjury (giving false evidence under oath, section 131) or making a false affidavit (section 138).  If the accuser persuaded or misled the child or another person to make a false statement, this would be the offence of obstruction of justice (section 139).  However, given the criminal standard of proof and the difficulty of proving that the person who made the statement knew it was false, there are very few charges laid under any of these sections in any context.


This is an extreme case of Parental Alienation. In Ontario Canada, a Family with money and influence among local Police and Legal Officials conspire together to help a vindictive mother keep an innocent child away from a loving father.  

The Broken Family Law system in rural Ontario Canada allows manipulating vindictive woman to squander the resources of The Ontario Courts of Justice in achieving a glorified status of “single mother”.

Sadly, thousands of women commit these crimes on a daily basis. This woman/mother is one of many in Ontario Canada, United States and throughout the world...

The Applicant with her Mother (Grandmother to the young child) family, with assistance from an experienced Parent Alienating Lawyer Firm was paid $$$$$$ for the abuse of a child.

 "Well spoken English lies that came from a narcissistic vindictive woman printed on a falsified affidavit." 

"The truth is you have group sex with your homosexual brother while excepting his morphine injections drugs and pills that he stole off dead people. He injects you with morphine from his doctors kit, and never were your morals questioned." 

“The practice & rules of this Failing Family Law, nor was I accustomed to the occurring alienation from  _______ . Our daughter 14 months at the time. The family and friends of this family organizing the child's Alienations- teaching her to only LOVE Her Mom and Maternal Family- Parental Alienation steered by more than hate.”

“The murdering grand mother of my child is experienced in Parental Alienation. Her daughters hate of a failing relationship fueled this child alienation. Mom and Grandmother planned this outcome before the relationship ended...” V.S

The Grandmother committed Parental Alienation with the end of her marriage. During the divorce of mother and father,  the children were not permitted to have a sleepover at their Dads house.(Due to the Mom's bitterness of their divorce). The last two decades she was the alienated child from her father, who was always looking for acceptance in all the wrong places. The Applicant spoke of never being allowed by her mother to sleep over at her dads home. Even after his death, his children did not recognize him.

Before this child was conceived, the mother was a local whore, who abused Drugs and Alcohol. Openly worked in the sex trade industry, bartended accepting Cocaine and IV drugs for sexual favors…Men or Woman whoever accepted her ----Never has her morals, background, criminal record been questioned.

Prevented of being with your child, provoked and deprived of a father, surrounded by false allegations this is common practice within Canadian Family Law cases.... Lengthy custody disputes that are heartbreaking, destructive and ultimatly deprive a child of  love from one Parent... from the Love of a Brother or Sister and Extended Family.

This piece was just the beginning in 2009 of this Family Law story in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, see the date on the below document  ... authenticate to access the full file attachments and all replies in this case  ..

Links to attachments: 
Affidavit Page 1:




*For all improper purposes, she announced of her abusive time with me-Vincent, speaking of grand stories claiming to be the victim who has defeated this abusive monster and now needs to protect her innocent daughter from him. This document written with her lawyer, who was expecting a new baby at that time having sympathy in her heart believing these vindictive lies. She is the Alienating Parent showing off my beautiful blonde baby girl, claiming to be a victim of abuse. She is thriving from being a victim she has dedicated her life to saving the baby keeping her away from her loving Papa. All the criminal charges she claims in her stories of abuse were dismissed by request of the Sault Ste Marie Ontario Police. The error here, the problem with the whole Family Law system is that she The Applicant in case 94/09 should have been charged for lying to the police. She made false reports to Police, she attacked me in a drunken rage, she staged a crime scene, assault me with a broken wine glass, I had cuts and abrasions. No one looked, All too busy feeling sorry for a woman who was using the “system” to abuse her ex.

**When you read this understand this is for you-- I will not censor myself to fit your ignorance. You are a CHILD ABUSER with the help of a law firm that surrounds themselves with malfeasance and misconduct. 

$ You narcissistic spiteful bitch with your murdering mother  This is YOUR story. I will make sure ... $$

In 2009 the representation for The Applicant, Kristi Whitfield worked for the office of Dunn, Tremblay-Hall Barristers & Solicitors. 

Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada Lawyer Court affairs


Justice Melanie Dunn who wrote the recent order became a Judge in the Ontario Court of Justice in August 2012. 
* Dunn & Tremblay-Hall Firm who started th application 94/09 Olsen Schiele  how kind of Madam Justice Dunn to close it for her friends 

Interrogation of Christina Jane Olsen Sault Ste. Marie City Police

Read and investigate more in regards to this case:

The Ontario Sponsered break up part I


It is absolutely sickening to see this happening and to live it. I believe a parent who pulls this stuff should be examined by a mental health professional because i think some issues like Bi-Polar or even just plain psychopathic tendencies can cause one parent to completely abuse the system with lies and fabricated stories with impunity and to the detriment of the children involved. There needs to be repercussions such as jail time for parents who falsely accuse/make false police reports to cause grief and heartache to the other parent and the children. Maybe a year in jail for these parents and their greedy mouthpieces AKA Lawyers would stop some of bullshit and heartache being thrust upon many every day. -Tony D.



Tuesday, December 15, 2015  Public Kristi Withfield M    Christina Jane Olsen

Kristi Withfield,  Dunn & Tremblay-Hall Firm office filed this fraudulent document to alienate a loving capable and willing father who was very much involved with his child prior the separation. By advice and words from Kristi Whithfield the first falsified and fraudulent document was fi...
Conversation with Charlie Mercieca - Parents and Children longing for Justice
- Sault Ste Marie Ontario
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Re: Affidavit of Christina Jane Olsen June 16 2009 Sault Ste Marie Ontario

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