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January 20 2022

My kids can't get justice now because all she does is mention the protective order to police
Brien Arnold audience: Public
I lost custody and barely see my kids with many denied visitations the court won't pros...
The easily manipulated and naive. Those that will back down and fall for the lies they tell
4 Ever Their Mom audience: Public
Alienators are cowards. They will never confront us because they are afraid too. They w...
Markus Lindinger from Passau der drei , Markus bist herum?
Markus Lindinger audience: Public
Markus, would like ,i dream to see or hear, are you alive? contact me - Vincent , reach...
Father Rights Canada / My partner is going through a divorce right now
Not disclosed audience: Public
  My partner is going through a divorce right now and his wife is coming a...
I learned that my own children were being used as pawns in a political game
The Love And Iron Project audience: Public
I was thinking about some other stuff this morning, and it got me contemplating what ha...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: VIORICA LUNGU - You have been slandered publicly by your monster ex husband
audience: Public

This is a reply for everybody to understand how Viorica's ex is using the Internet to s...
I am very worried I will be seeing my child in a casket if nothing is done
Lisa C Shears Kendall
audience: Public

I've read it and saw the pictures. I am not impressed at the state of the home, it is v...
Motherisk is the scapegoat for the sins committed by those governed under the Ministry of Child and Youth Service
Elizabeth Mary Windsor
audience: Public

Has anyone stopped and asked themselves ; if just MAYBE there was NO wrong done by Moth...
Notice of Motion September 05

audience: Authenticated Login and access Notice of Motion September 05

The above motion is scheduled from 1pm - 3pm, Concil of applicant are wishing to adjour...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / Support order mother quit working and on welfare
Bill Cawlishaw
audience: Public

in Ontario only 17% of men get custody. Nobody can tell me that only 17 percent of guys ar...
Supposed to be about the children that mandate has become buried in bureaucracy
Father Rights Alberta
audience: Public

Hi there, I just came across your page. I became associated with Alberta Maintenance En...
The police seem to be protecting Justice Lafreniere by not allowing me access to the court building
Tyler McFadden
audience: Authenticated Login and access The police seem to be protecting Justice Lafreniere by not allowing me access to the court building

UPDATE: Not only am I refused access to the court building. The family court has refuse...
Re: Diana Davison in Calgary May 8 appealing false accusation against a father
Steve Schauland
audience: Public

I am soon proposing a false allegations law ... Who would want to see that kind of law ...
it's good for the kids to see both family. Sounds like
audience: Public

Also might I add. Visiting a grandparent for a few months surely doesn't make someone end ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / baby mom wont let me see her for no good reason
Samuelo Jalal
audience: Public

Tell her to fuk off and shove then bairn up her crack just like the rest if us that have s...

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The night dad went to Jail

Tuesday, May 6, 2014 - Jail - Attila L. Vinczer - Men's Rights Movement

This book is pathetic. We should be questioning why dads are being sent to jail? And do they even belong there. 

My ex wife would say, "I am going to have you go to jail and I am going to enjoy doing so!" My response, "I am going to hang up this phone, you go call the police and tell them what ever you think you need to say. Then you will explain to the children why their dad is in prison." I would then hang up. 

She failed in her attempt in family court as she and her sister conspired to have me go to jail with a false child sexual allegation. I caught it all on digital audio recording.

When I called the minister's office where the minister of women's issues works, I asked where I could find the minster of men's issues. She told me, men have no issues and therefore there is no need for such a minister. I was flabbergasted! Obviously she is either unaware or ignoring some very serious facts that are affecting men and boys. Eight suicides per day come to mind and the myriad of dads in jail of bogus DV, rape, sexual assault and child sexual assault allegations.

Now I am not supposed to raise this issue, because I am supposed to be balanced and including women in the mix equally. Well, unfortunately there is a massive imbalance. while I am sympathetic to women who are genuinely wronged they have billions of dollars thrown their way to help them, men have pretty close to nothing. Just look at Earl Silverman who took his life after his and first men's shelter had to close due to lack of, that is non existent gov. funding. It was his personal home he modified and turned into a men's shelter.

- Men's Rights Movement
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The night dad went to Jail - book review

Audience: Public
by Marc Fathers Justice Photo Section
X Something that should be standard issue from the family court system in every family court action. The night dad went to Jail, A tail to tell your children how bad dad is to the point of no return <img src="../../Portal/Material/1/fa... More >>
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014
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We should be questioning why dads are being sent to jail? And do they even belong there

Truth | Audience: Public

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