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April 25th is designated as Parental Alienation Awareness Day

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 - PAS - Paulette MacDonald - Parental Alienation Community

Perhaps you are asking yourself what this thing called Parental Alienation is. Clearly that is why we want to raise awareness as it is not very well understood.

Parental Alienation (PA) is a form of child abuse that involves the systematic persuasion and manipulation of children both overtly, and with subtle behaviours that results in the destruction of a loving relationship they once shared with a parent.

The child can suffer “collateral” damage through simple exposure to the conflict or is used as a weapon against the other parent.

PA is a case of rage over reason, and inevitably scars all involved-children, “target” spouse, and perpetrator. For the child, such damage can last well into adulthood, a lifetime in some cases, and be the cause of tragic consequences.

Most people do not know about PA until they experience it.

Parental Alienation Awareness Day has been organized for the benefit of both:

--the children who may suffer Parental Alienation;

--the adults on whom these children depend for emotional stability – their parents.

I’m pleased to announce that, the Council of the Corporation of the City of Oshawa hereby proclaims


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"April 25, 2014 - 2018 as 'Parental Alienation Awareness Day' in the City of Oshawa "

WHEREAS parental alienation is often found in high conflict separations, divorces and custody disputes, and takes advantage of the dependency and responsibility of a child and,

WHEREAS parental alienation deprives a child of their right to a loving relationship and,

WHEREAS parental alienation can be mild or to the extreme, conscious or unconscious and can manipulate and undermine a parent’s role in a child’s life and,

WHEREAS parental alienation behaviours such as denigrating the target parent, interfering with communication and visitation, confiding inappropriate adult information with a child, such as the details of the marriage breakdown, court proceedings and financial matters are considered harmful to the child’s mental well-being; and,

WHEREAS medical professionals agree the problem of parental alienation exists and can cause mental and emotional harm to a child; and can affect them as adults with tragic consequences; and,

WHEREAS with awareness, we can educate parents to act in their child’s best interest, and gain education, understanding, and knowledge to prevent the abuse of the innocent victims involved in high conflict separations;

AND FURTHER take notice and let it be known that the Council of the Corporation of the City of Oshawa hereby urges all citizens to recognize this event and fittingly join in its observance.

This year, dozens of Countries from around the globe will be participating, with Cities and Towns hosting Parental Alienation Awareness Day Events. Oshawa will be bringing it’s Proclamation to Nathan Phillips Square to join in the Flag Raising Ceremony and “Bubbles of Love” Event

For more information or to volunteer, please visit;www.paawarenessday.com

For more information on parental alienation, please visit;www.paawareness.org

With awareness comes education and understanding, and the power to stop abuse of innocent children caught in the crossfire of the people they love.

- Parental Alienation Community
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Tuesday, April 24, 2018
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April 25th is designated as Parental Alienation Awareness Day

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