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June 28 2022

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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Our fine government at work it is not just Washington that has issues it is all over this North American Continent

Friday, May 30, 2014 - Evidence - Bob James

The foster mom told our oldest daughter yesterday that if she doesn't conform that they would have her sent someplace way worse than where her brother was. Today the kids told the family therapist about all the threats/abuse happening at the foster home and now D.S.S has removed our contact with the four kids. What can we do?

Well. Our oldest daughter was just told by the foster parents that any abuse that happens in their house, stays in their house and all it would take is a phone call from the foster parent and our daughter and her three siblings would be split up. Am I in the twilight zone or what!

Our fine government at work. It is not just Washington that has issues, it is all over this country. ( North american continent) I am amazed at their lack of ethics and illegal behavior.

Just found out the foster parents are drinking and driving with our kids in the car and had a visit today and our 8 year old twins come in crying because the foster Mom was is cussing at them. This is what happens when the state has your kids. And as usual, nothing will be done other than our kids being punished for telling.

Fight Corruption My son was left with someone convicted of MANSLAUGHTER by DUI.in 2005.. DCFS was shown video footage of them drinking still... but it won't matter until my son is hurt though right?

Fight Corruption Please Google Mary Werner charges hinted in fatal accident in Orange county CA... you can see the article

Bob James If my kids get hurt, gloves come off!!! plus it's hard to get your finger on the trigger with gloves on.

This is a message from one of our children who hasn't been allowed home yet. She is hurting so we suggested thing that might make her time apart from us easier and hopefully fun. This is her heart wrenching response. "It's not fun without our parents with us. That's the problem. I love my sisters, but I need my parents to help me. When the girls weren't home, I still got to see them, but not my mom and dad. That is what's killing me". And the abuse. It's been eight months and no abuse has been found with our girls and with our son, he was occasionally spank with a belt for extremely bad behavior. One month after our children were taken, my sons foster parents asked that he be removed due to his bad behavior. He was then placed in a children's home. Why are my girls being hurt because their brother was difficult? Answer: Because D.S.S can do anything they want to do without fear of scrutiny!'

It is so sad to hear what was going on in the foster home. The foster parents ripping in to our kids about us, telling them my wife is evil, that we were bad parents. Literally screaming at our kids to the point of crying while the foster parent tell them how bad we are, all the while D.S.S. telling us not to say anything negative about D.S.S. because they want a good working relationship with our kids. REALLY! Punishment for telling on the foster parents and in one instance the foster Dad telling my teenage daughter to bend over in front of him. She refuses and tells us and D.S.S. about the incident and is yelled at by the foster mother for telling. Paying our Seven year old duaghter to pick dead skin off the foster moms feet. One of our daughters in a basement bedroom for seven months with no window "How can the state do that?"The abuse my children suffered in foster care is appalling. Three of our seven kids are now home and they still have no idea why they were taken from their home. The trauma they suffered by being forcibly removed from a loving home is unmeasurable. The saddest part is nobody cares. Corruption from top to bottom but no one wants to rock the boat. Nothing will change with gutless politicians and media unwilling to confront the abuses suffered by children every day at the hands of the state.

We had had behavior issues with our son so we filed a C.H.I.N.S petition at the suggestion of a deputy. No help or assistance was offered at that time and one week shy of two months later we were arrested and charged with 30 felony counts of child abuse. The prosecuting attorney took it upon her self to decide it was a parenting issue rather the a child behavior issue, altered the C.H.I.N.S petition, and with some outrageous and false claim from my ex, arrested us. The prosecuting attorney then lied at my bond reduction hearing. A month later the foster parents my son had been placed in reported the exact same issues we had been dealing with and asked that he be removed. Two months go by in which she did not disclose this exculpatory evidence along with many other acts of dishonesty. Then, out of the blue all charges were dropped. You would not believe the lies and corruption that I witnessed first hand at every level of our justice system. It is both appalling and disheartening. All we did is ask for help with our son and instead, we were detroyed. I pray for all innocent families who are forced to go through this. If not for our faith, strong family values along with some amazing friends and an extremely dedicated wife, I would not have made it. We are still in the system but we can now see a light at the end of the tunnel. I just pray our children come out of all this with minimal lasting emotional scaring.

I and my wife have been the victim of injustice. Seven months ago my wife and I were arrested and charged with 30 felony counts "a possible 300 years in jail if convicted" and the state of South Dakota took our seven amazing kids. It took two weeks for my wife to bail out of jail and it took me another two weeks to bail out with help from family and friends at a cost of $15,000. We were then required to wear GPS ankle bracelet at a cost of $360 a month. Two months later all charges were dropped. The states attorney had tapered with evidence and I believe the charges were drop both because we were innocent and she did not want the fact that she had tampered with evidence along with many other violations to be brought out in trial. We then had a lien placed on our home of approximately $24,000 for cost incurred from our court appointed attorneys. We also received a bill for approximately $5,000 for the time spent in jail. We then asked for our children back in which our attorney's advised us would not happen until we had a civil trial. Three more months go by. The day before the trial, the prosecutor offers us a deal. We must admit that we were unable to provide for our children while we were in jail. We agreed, since that was the truth. It has been nearly seven months and we still do not have our children back and have been given no date as to when this might happen. No abuse has been found other than the state "D.S.S" stating in one of the court proceedings early on that "we had put too much emphasis on education and D.S.S felt that was emotionally abusive" My children have been abused by their foster parents and have been threatened that if they continue to tell on them "the foster parents" they will be punished. Now three of my children are visibly afraid to speak out. Please help us!

I have had my kids stolen by a corrupt system. My kids are being used and abused by D.S.S and the State. D.S.S. has had our amazing kids for over seven months and we still do not know what abuse we have been accused of. At the Abuse and Neglect trial we were asked to admit that while we were in jail "on false charges that were dropped" that we could not care for our children.
No other abuse or neglect was found. That being said, they still refuse to give us our kids back!
The States attorney lied and removed evidence. I am pleading for someone to help our family! Please!!! Our kids continue to be abused by their foster parent and now they are afraid to speak out because every time they tell, the foster parents punish them. PLEASE HELP OUR FAMILY!!!

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Friday, May 30, 2014
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