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December 08 2021

Re: Father Rights Canada / I am wondering.. considering at the end of EVERY ORDER it states...
Kyle Zurowski audience: Public
Sadly my ex used the system to keep me away from my daughter lies after lies. Three yea...
The lawyer will do everything in their power to convince you to suppress that evidence
David Chen audience: Public
The justices are corrupt too, all getting checks on the side to advance the the Childre...
Ontario The so-called deprogramming therapies aimed at combating PAS
audience: Public
An 18 year-old Mississauga man has asked an Ontario Court Judge in Brampton to allow hi...
Charlie Mercieca audience: Public
I received this call yesterday by someone claiming to be a police officer talking about...
Pig trick Michael Vezina assaulting breaking woman's shoulder and charge her with assault
Michael Vezina audience: Public
The usual criminality by these organized criminals harassing residents, Michael Vezina ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
He works for c.a.s.. he gathers info on people and gives it to c.a.s
Glen Marr John Ranger
audience: Authenticated Login and access He works for c.a.s.. he gathers info on people and gives it to c.a.s

@>> Neil Haskett You really think you are some sort of superstar eh? You are...
Re: Message to Mom from a kidnapped mind
audience: Public

Stop exploiting your child for sympathy! The court records clearly state you are to hav...
Re: Wife has taken our children and demands a court order before I see them again
Diane Berkeley
audience: Public

So sorry. Sending you positive energy and hope this is resolved in favor of your children ...
Father Rights Canada / I feel broken and heading into depression again
audience: Public

Good morning   We posted your message anonymous on our Quebec and ...
Sault corrupt city Police Services with CAS are kidnapping my kids for a group home
Jeremy Bjornaa
audience: Public

I was in the court room and on recess the Children Aid Society lawyer with CAS rep left...
Father Rights Canada / I would like to be pointed in the direction of BC specific resources regarding father's rights
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Preventative Measures Hi All, I'm living in BC and looking to en...
Father Rights Canada I will never stop fighting for my childrens rights
Clayton Powers
audience: Public

Hello my name is Clayton Powers i live in Merritt, British Columbia i kinda stumbled ac...
Re: Fathers Rights Canada - Martial arts instructor seduced him and a child resulted
Josee Dion
audience: Public

Abuse is abuse is abuse. Go to court with representing yourself, if a judge deems it ne...
Children's Aid Society and the representatives of the children's aid societies are sneaky
CAS Ontario
audience: Public

Children's Aid Society are sneaky in the court waiting areas- they come and talk to you...
I have had nearly 50% custody for well over a year and without some convincing evidence
Vince Michels
audience: Public

Had court last week when the ex filed for an emergency hearing, I read her complaint an...

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Viorica Lungu's EX is using false names to attack his ex wife on the Internet.

Friday, June 6, 2014 - AbusesToMothers - Viorica Lungu

My name is Viorica Lungu and I want to let everybody know that my ex has threatened to kill me in the past and he told me that he can use some of his dangerous friends to seriously harm me. His anger and revenge, using different names such as Ligia Bumbescu to slander me, he frightens me and I fear for my life. My EX has created this site using my name: "Viorica Lungu - We want to hear the other side story". This  definitely was not made by me. He did it on purpose to use my name in order to slander me. Why isn't he using his real name ? Why is he hiding under false names?? Everything is so phoney made of lies, revenge, threats and slander against his ex Viorica Lungu
I never drink alcohol but there he is slandering me that I hold a glass of beer which had a straw, so in his opinion ... In somebody's real world, who is drinking beer with a straw?  From this you can see the abuse of animosity against his former wife which is directly hurting our daughters. I have no other enemies in my life either than h

If there was a real Romanian woman she will write me in Romanian, or at least will write correctly in Romanian language. How come I never met any of these phoney names: Ligia Bumbescu, Sofia James, Irene, etc.


In reply of


Audience: Public
X AGAIN MY NAME IS LIGIA BUMBESCU, As I explained in the previous post, I am writing an essay re: Ms. Lungu, as a result I am searching every information re: her. I typed her name in Google she posted turns turns of... More >>
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Friday, June 6, 2014
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Re: Viorica Lungus EX is using false names to attack his ex wife on the Internet.

Accused | A concerned neighbour Voice Audience: Public

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