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August 18 2022

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The Tide Has Turned for The Falsely Accused of Sexual Abuse: A Christian Perspective Robert G. Huebner

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 - Accused - Miriam - Injustice Anywhere - Wrongful Convictions

It begins with the issues of false memory. I had heard of this phenomenon in the late 80's at a retreat led by an experienced  addiction counsellor who counselled people and extended family and friends involved around addictions effecting their lives. I interviewed parents over the phone who had teens accuse them of sexual abuse due to seeing a therapist who insisted they were abused as a child but just could not remember.

The parents described the horror they went through when their own child launched an attack against them, believing they were "abused"  as a result of  what therapists were doing. It was a huge problem.
The article : The emphasis  of the entire article is that  the Church (Christians)  must play a role and  be educated in these issues but mostly how scripture addresses how to deal with false allegations already

1.  It discusses the plague  of mostly middle class white parents having to recover after their daughters falsely accuse them of sexual abuse as a result of therapists and often as a result  of the book called "The Courage to Heal"

2. He describes that in every case, the accuser is not allowed to be with the accused to begin some sort of reconciliation because it is assumed the accused is guilty and dangerous so the system at large  gives no open door for reconciliation, just litigation and prosecution

3. The article goes on to  explain what the False Memory Syndrome is  and the  foundation that contacted 18,000 families suffering from it  to offer help

4. The article discusses the real  nature of the problem and solutions and why abandoning certain principles causes these things to go badly.  

Here are the principles, the problems and solution.

i) Christian therapists and Psychologists (and I will add Christian lawyers too) lack a clear understanding of Gods law. The law expresses Gods requirements and demands  in scripture with the law: "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour" Christian Lawyers  should not be in the business of prosecuting or even or defending in cases unless they know biblical law and use scriptural principals

ii) To falsely accuse a parent breaks another Law: "Honor your father and mother as the Lord has commanded,  that you may live long and that it may go well with you"    (scripture mentions, "so that you may enter into the land God is giving you", as well)

iii) With the law around Honouring parents, the article discusses that agencies  (and I will add  agencies such as CAS, police, social services) should not be replacing parents God-given authority with secular policing, presuming guilt and automatically thinking this is a safety measure for alleged victims. This approach is not a safety measure. It is a disaster. 

iv)  It discusses  that the accuser  does not have to provide any proof of abuse what-so-ever, contrary to scriptural instructions on anger and giving evil a foothold  (Eph 4:26 and Col 3:8)  It is also contrary to the criminal code and to common sense.

v) The Law of 2 witnesses  is a very important point which is made. This was a law in Deuteronomy  which was a law to protect the innocent. The courts rarely use this. Especially family court which has what they call a "higher standard". This so called "higher standard" ignores biblical principals and ruins families  

vi) Article discusses how the problem does not involve just the accused and accuser and how the community has to engage since allegations effect and damage many extended members of the community

vii)  The notion that children don't lie is also addressed and the belief of Social Service Agencies   must always act  in a "better safe than sorry" approach despite the fact that this flies in the face of  a scientific approach, a scriptural approach to truth and justice

vii) Finally, it discusses what needs to be done and that is to address the problems for what they really are, play a  strong role in preventing those false allegations from getting out of hand by applying the principals  that have been laid out  already, many years ago.  That is to honour parents, don't bear false witness, provide proof , have reliable witnesses who are upstanding witnesses instead of false witnesses,  know biblical law and fight against  false belief systems which perpetuate liars and support more false allegations to occur.


- Injustice Anywhere - Wrongful Convictions
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Tuesday, August 5, 2014
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The Tide Has Turned for The Falsely Accused of Sexual Abuse: A Christian Perspective Robert G. Huebner*

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