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August 18 2022

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San Jose California....my 2 sons were never returned after a visitation two years ago. ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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Just your son's mother....

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - PAS - Tricia Brown

I live in a state where, if your not a spouse but just a child's mother it doesn't matter what your so called partner does to you, it's not abuse.

Men now go into court with just a story and if they shed a tear, that's it, case is over, no proof, no evidence nothing just a story.  He can give dates of so called parent alienation with no evidence or the fact that it was him refusing to pick up his child or ignoring messages. For six years now I've dealt with the games, the lies, the threats of court.

To a man that's used our child in his lies just to punish me.... and he did, over and over, almost on a daily basis.  At first we were to have shared custody until our son started school, on a week off a week, every week it was him asking for an extra day or a few hours more. Or because of work me asking if he could take him. But when I would ask for an hour he would ask for six hours, and this was on a weekly basis.  Valentines Day 2011, I got to see our son on his front lawn for twenty minutes, Thanksgiving Day I didn't even have contact with him but he's the one who was considered the better parent. 

I made the mistake of going back in April of 2013, he said he wanted his family and wanted us to raise our son together as one. Yep I fell for it.

At the present time I'm fighting a Complaint for ejectment.   My sister flew me to Kansas to help her get things ready and sell her houses.  While I was there I found out he took our son to where his ex wife was at, after many of discussions of not wanting our child around her.

Then comes the text telling me that when I return I need to pack my belongings and get out.  On the day I returned, I was left at the airport, stranded there for 12 hours, until a friends father who lived an hour and a half away rescued me.  A week later he is filing an eviction notice on me. 

Three months ago I had a stroke, 7 months ago I broke two bones an tore a ligament in my ankle, somehow this accident caused my ankle to shift, but since I didn't have insurance I was just left to heal on my own, even though the placement of my ankle won't change, I will have/do severe arthritis in my ankle.  I now have osteoarthritis in my knee, so between my ankle and my knee walking is excruciating at times. I am forced to walk because my son's father feels I shouldn't use any of his vehicles. So our son gets to watch as I'm in tears walking because the pain is so bad,  I haven't gone to the doctors now in two months. 

Nor have I had my blood tested because of the blood thinners I'm on.  According to the abuse hotline this isn't abuse, he's just being difficult.  Our son is walking with me in 90 degree temperatures but that's not abuse either.  He stopped paying my cell phone, but two days after he stopped he made sure to put a house phone in because it would make him look bad being as I have our son at home, doesn't do me any good when I'm walking.  The stroke has left me with balance issues, I've fallen a few times, mainly because my legs get weak and give our on me.  

Email after email, even recordings of the phone calls where he refused to let me talk to our son and all he would do was hang up on me, so during the weeks that he had him I was lucky if I even talked to him once if at all.  Bur it was me who the judge believed di the alienating, NO but hell no.

He tells our son I don't want him, our son watches every day his father walk right past me without saying a word or even acknowledging me, everyday I'm ignored. 

Twice since he filed his complaint he tells me in front of our son, you need to get out.  But he's the good parent?  His actions have always been calculated, so how do you defend yourself against someone like this.  I kept all my emails even some text, apparently not the right ones. 

So many are fighting this same fight. What's it going to take to make these judges see the harm that these parents are doing to their children, the harm that these judges are doing to our children.  Something needs to be done.  I was put in a position to where I have nothing but with all of my being I'm willing to fight  to make it right for my child's sake. 

I have no attorney to help me, I have nothing I'm exactly where he wants me to be financially and unable to fight back. I need help.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014
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