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December 03 2022

Re: Re child tells Father to F off - daughter asks Red Deer Alberta Police for assistance to leave
Aaron Josh Being audience: Public
Well one idea would be to go to a different police station and maybe they will have a d...
Jason Schneider police employee accused of trying to derail a father's custody application
Jason Schneider Calgary police audience: Public
Five Calgary police officers and a civilian police employee are being sued for $600,000...
Father Rights Canada / saddens me to see so many men wanting to be fathers
Kelly audience: Public
I hope someone can give me some general advice. My son is going through custody issues....
Re: Father Rights Canada / help to get my kids out of this woman’s full time care
Mikki Fallon audience: Public
Even in your angriest moment, never divulge your plan to your ex. Get the information t...
Father Rights Canada / She had spent $700 in a week at a friends and there was more than 9 people during the pandemic
Not disclosed audience: Public
I have my fiancé saying “I SWEAR IF YOU DON’T STOP SPOILING MY DAUGH...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: I was under arrest for assault, I asked on who, and he then said my 5 year old son
Chris Thompson ThompsonsPhotography
audience: Public

You have a right to request all notes from the Police but this can take 4-6 weeks my su...
Canada's child tax credits and support guidelines favour support receiving households disproportionately
Cheryl Purves
audience: Public

I hope you could champion the cause of second families in Canada. Canada's...
Re exs legal aid lawyer motions Court for my son to pay her legal bills
papa incb
audience: Public

Appeals piss off seized judges like you would not believe. They get revenge in later co...
Manipulating the Justice system to gain advantage in Family Court alienating the child from a loving parent
Cliff Roy
audience: Public

Very common. I even overheard a duty counselor (free lawyer at the courthouse) openly e...
Re ROTTEN FAMILY LAWYER! William Doodnauth in Newmarket
Catherine Jensen
audience: Public

I have this lawyer right now and with legal aid and he has been great in my case privat...
Lawsuit Peel CAS worker knew at least what they were doing was wrong
Richard Lee
audience: Public

Started a self-represented lawsuit on Ontario Superior Court of Justice against Peel Ch...
Now my daughter is terrified of Police CAS and Hospitals
Gina Atchison
audience: Public

This person should be filing a massive complaint to the cfsrb! And charges of harrassme...
Father Rights Canada become a professional Fathers rights advocate
Fathers rights advocate
audience: Public

I'd like information on how to become a professional Fathers rights advocate
Affidavit of Vincent Schiele 94/09 -1 Filed December 29 2014
audience: Authenticated Login and access Affidavit of Vincent Schiele 94/09 -1  Filed December 29 2014

Original filed document scan to follow for December 01, 05 and December 29 2014 <b...
Perspective on the nature of game theory and conflict poignant to family conflict matters
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I have had significant difficulties with child custody... I recommend your members cons...

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Enough sitting around getting back into the swing of helping families with CA$ bullshit

Wednesday, August 27, 2014 - Accused - Lee Bolton - Gene C. Colman

For all you parents going through CAS BULLSHIT! Here's a case that might help you if you end up in a trial with those corrupt, disgusting child traffickers.:


By Gene C. Colman of Gene C. Colman Family Law Centre posted in Child Custody on Friday, June 28, 2013.

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Enough sitting around getting back into the swing of helping families with CA$ bullshit

Audience: Public
by Vincent Schiele The Hon. Mr. Justice J. deP. Wright
X Here's a good case for parents facing losing their children to a Crown Ward order. Please read it until you understand what it means...it is a very significant case that could change your children's fate. CR v Children's Aid Society, 2013 ... More >>
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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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