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November 28 2022

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Searching for my children

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Filing a false Complaint to Police while Harassing me

Sunday, November 23, 2014 - Accused - Pragmatic

Kory Ann Brown Sharp and her boyfriend Evan harassing me, filing a false complaint of harassment to police to assist my ex and his girlfriend in family provincial court. COLLABORATORS! LIARS! You are going to pay for what you have done! I will find a way to make this right. You can't just file a false complaint and expect me to do nothing, you messed with the wrong Mother, I love my child more than you will ever know and I am going to expose you all no matter how long it takes me I'm on it!

Kory Ann was a friend of mine. I cared for her daughter's almost every second weekend and some week days. Kory Ann and I never so much as had an argument in 5 years of my taking her children. When Paige was put into Pete's care Chris, Kory Ann's husband told me Kory Ann never like me was jealous of me the whole time which is why I don't hear from her. On the 2nd anniversary of Paige being in her father's care Kory Ann comes out for a vacation with her children and decides to go to Pete and Brenda's for a party they are having to celebrate Paige becoming a permanent member of their family, they invite their friends and BYOB. While at Pete and Brenda's Kory Ann sends me a message telling me that I am no longer allowed contact with her child, that I'm making up lies about her being on antidepressants (true- I did not lie, Chris Dunham told me) and she knows I'm going through hell but too bad I'm not to speak to her child again. I told her she was a big fat nasty cow which is why I never allowed my child to come to her home, she was a mess, her house was a mess and she's lucky someone didn't call child protection on her.

Her and I exchanged a series of 5 emails, none threatening in anyway. Remember she contacted me while partying with my ex on the 2nd anniversary of my child being gone and I tell her off. After she sends me 2 more emails and after I respond she calls police to tell them I'm harassing her. RCMP call me and ask me what is going on and I tell them. 2 months after Kory Ann contacts police to tell them I'm harassing her Kory Ann she came onto youtube where I had a video of my child signing and dancing and she writes a message. I knew it was her because she's stupid and her writing was horrible.

I contacted Chris her ex husband telling him what Kory Ann was doing and he told me "thecellman6969696" she used is Evan's cell phone, her new boyfriend. was now participating in harassing me too, someone I had never spoken to or had any contact with in any form. Chris told me they had received emails from this exact user name and it was Evan's. What I want to know is what I have to do to get police to charge this woman for filing a false police complaint? Does anyone know what I should do at this point. I have now sent her emails and messages to the RCMP and provided her ex husbands contact information to get in touch with him and verify this. I want this police false police complaint record removed This is going to stop

I have transcripts of her ex husband and father of their children under oath during my trial saying how good I was to their children, never a problem ever, the kids were always happy and always wanted to stay at our home. So how did I all of a sudden become unfit to care for my child and now I'm not allowed to speak to her's either.

2nd Page of Lisa Proctors affidavit stating that Pete and Brenda their friends are sabatoging my access and enjoying destroying my life.




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Sunday, November 23, 2014
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