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June 28 2022

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When Human Services Lie to Take your Kids

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 - FamilyServices - Sue - Canada

My daughter Stephanie was a high risk pregnancy with her son, and was the same with her daughter Kira-Susan. Stephanie had gestational diabetes with both children, and had a hard time carrying both of them. Not knowing the extent of Bryce’s abusive family, and very little about his mental background, I tried to prepare him for fatherhood, and was harsh on him, trying to get him to at least go to job-corps to learn a trade, but later found out that he had a hard time understanding things unless they were explained to him in easy terms.


I made sure my daughter made all of her appointments with Dr.Hornback, a high-risk obstetrician, who later, violated the doctor patient confidentiality contract and lied in a statement and on a phone conference to the judge. I was there during my daughter’s whole pregnancy,  took her to the hospital, was there during labor, and while she had to make the decision to have a C-section, as Kira’s heartbeat was slowing way down, and Stephanie couldn’t dilate     past 5 centimeters.  They gave her a spinal block, which even after almost 2 years, still bothers her as well as where she had the C-section. Doctor H had told Stephanie that she was going to be out of town at a medical conference for a week, and to try not to have the baby before then, which I thought, was kind of funny. Two days later, on October 12th, my daughter gave birth at 9:49 pm to a 6lb 2 ½ oz. baby girl that had dark hair and blonde tips at the end. Due to health reasons, both my daughter and granddaughter had to stay in the hospital for a week before they could leave. 

A week later, with two nurses escorting Stephanie, Kira and Bryce out, they showed them how to adjust the seat and strap Kira in, and we went home.


Stephanie was frustrated, as Kira wasn’t latching on properly, and it wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that we found out that she had a flap in her throat that was preventing her from swallowing properly and breathing properly. On October 26th, the kids called his mother and they went to live with his sister and her 3 kids, in a tiny little house in Kanawha, Iowa.  After about a week there, Stephanie called me up asking to come home, that she, J.J. and the baby were sick, and they needed to go to the doctor.  I asked my friend Kenny to come along, and we went to get them.  When we got there, we called an officer and told them my daughter wanted to come home with her kids, and we went to the place and knocked. Bryce came out, and got in an argument with my daughter, saying he wasn’t going to allow her to take their daughter. The cop said that since the father of the baby was there, she couldn’t take Kira with her. When she had phoned me earlier, Stephanie told me that Kira was supposed to be on a breathing monitor, but they hadn’t gotten one for her.  I took Stephanie and J.J. home, and the next day got J.J.’s prescription for pneumonia filled, and later that night, wound up taking Stephanie to the hospital, for a severe asthma attack, in which she had to be on oxygen, and get a shot. 


Court was schedule to decide custody of Kira, for November, in which time she was in temporary custody of Bryce and his mother. The courts at that time had decided on shared custody, one week with them, and one week with us. It seemed to be working out ok, and Stephanie and Bryce started talking again, and working things out with each other.  Around the middle of December, we started hearing rumors that someone was going to try and have J.J. taken away from Stephanie, which put additional stress on her shoulders. A worker (Barb Vitt) had come to our house with a report that J.J. was being abused, which was not the case, and that report was unfounded. Bryce and Stephanie worked things out and got back together and went to stay with Tony and Gina, friends of Julie’s.  I said ok, but be careful.  I figured they were both adults, and needed to figure things out. A week later, in January of 2013,  a  couple of days before the next court date, I get a call from Stephanie saying that she and J.J. were  going to be thrown out that night, and could I come get them, and Bryce.  Due to the weather, and Kira’s health problems, decided to temporarily leave her with her paternal grandmother. We had called J.J.s dad and asked for him to meet us in Minnesota, a halfway point, so that J.J. wouldn’t be dragged into the court proceedings, We had forgotten the time for the court-date the next day, so Bryce called his mother, and she told him 2:30, when, as it turns out, it was at 1:00pm. So they missed that court date due to his mother’s lies, and again lost custody of Kira.  We got J.J. to his dad, and at my suggestion, J.J. started seeing a therapist, and was diagnosed with adhd.  He then told that therapist in May of 2013, 4 months later,that Stephanie had tried to choke him, which she had never done, but was still filed anyways, with no proof, Apparently from what his dad said, and what J.J. told us on our visit to see him this summer, Ashley had done some threatening things to scare him into saying these things. J.J. is now seeing a different therapist, as he didn’t like the other one.  J.J. wants to come and live with his mama now, but because of the false report filed by Angela Johnston,  being on her record, he can’t, until that gets cleared.


Having missed the court date, Stephanie and Bryce decided they wanted to get married.  At the next court hearing, human services told them that they can’t be together or they will both lose Kira. The kids asked them what they needed to do in order to get her back, and they go everything that is asked, evaluations, in which I had to point out to Deb Blankenship, that I knew there were travel funds available, as I had done some research on it, and she very grudgingly said that she would see what she could do. I had asked several times for a chance to sit down and talk one on one with these people, and they always aid they were too busy, or they would pretend not to hear, and walk away. I have even tried contacting them through e-mails.


February through March, the kids and I made the 80 mile, one way trip to Brit,Iowa so they could see their daughter, who was still with the paternal grandmother, Julie at the time. They didn’t miss any of them. Finally, they were allowed to go to the doctor’s appointments for Kira, after they had directly asked about it, and we made sure they went to those as well. In March, Kira was scheduled for surgery in Iowa City to get the flap removed from her throat. They arrived at the hospital with time to spare, but Julie was 2 hours late for the surgery.  She was supposed to be there at 6:30 am, but didn’t get there until 8:30.


A couple of weeks later, the kids had their evaluations in Independence, Iowa.  The reports came back, and it was determined that with some in home help, there was no reason that Stephanie couldn’t raise Kira, and as long as she was there, there wasn’t any reason Bryce couldn’t help. During this time,  I discovered that Bryce had a detachment disorder; he is afraid to get close to people because he is afraid of them  either leaving, or being taken from them. The people at the evaluation decided that all Bryce needed to be on was some Abilify, and anxiety medication, and dropped his other meds except for omeprazole, a stomach medicine.  Due to all that had gone on with Julie, I thought it best if she had a complete drug test, including the hair follicle test. I thought it would be easier for the kids to see their daughter if she was in foster care, closer to home. Kira was removed from Julie’s custody, and taken in by the Holst family in Lake City, Iowa. They were allowed visits twice and week, and took parenting classes, and graduated them. Stephanie had requested overnight visits for her daughter, and was turned down with no explanations. My mother and I attended all of the court dates, and I saw the pain in each of the kids’ faces as lies were told on the stand, and I wasn’t allowed on the stand

April came around, and they were still having court, and due to all the stress, Stephanie had a miscarriage. They took her by ambulance to Sioux City, and Bryce and I followed her there. They had told Stephanie, that if she and Bryce had another child, that they would take that one as well, so after the miscarriage, she decided not to tell them.

Kira’s first birthday was on a Saturday, but they wouldn’t even let her have Kira for an overnight visit for her birthday. They got a couple extra hours the day before, but that was it. Christmas came, and again, they were denied an overnight visit, and again, no reason was given. At this time, not having heard from the courts, we thought that they would get Kira home, they had met the specifications that the human services requested, Bryce had gotten on disability, Stephanie had gotten a part-time job Stephanie was even attending a mother’s group once a week, on her own initiative, but no little girl.


January 2014 comes and goes, and still, no little girl, a couple of visits had to be rescheduled due to the foster family having to go out of state,   and one  was totally cancelled because Kelly, the family first worker, went to where they lived to pick Kira up, and no one answered the door.  They gave Stephanie and Bryce all kinds of homework to do, but it was the wrong things, they later found out, and then human services said they had never received any of it.


During one of the last court sessions, they had called Dr.Hornback on the phone, who proceeded to lie to the judge, and claimed she had delivered Kira, when she hadn’t, I was there, through all of it, she didn’t show up until a few days later.  They tried saying they abandoned her, they didn’t. They left her in the temporary care of Julie so we could take J.J. to be with his daddy.  They tried saying they were concerned about Bryce’s temper, I have never seen him hurt anyone, but he does walk away from situations.  He didn’t spend as much time playing with Kira as they think he should have, he’s a first time daddy, and didn’t know what to do. . Now both of them are heart-broken, having just had their last parental visits a few months ago, her health has deteriorated to the point where I worry about her. They spend most of their time over here so she doesn’t have to look at the crib, and the toys, or the lock of hair in the little charm she has, or the pictures they have. The kids even requested a change of venue for court, but were denied. I have begged and pleaded with Mason City Human services to listen to me, to set up a date for me to come and talk with them, at their convenience, but they have turned me down. I have even asked to adopt Kira, so we could keep her in the family, parenting classes, but still was turned down. I have pictures both on my computer, and in my home of all of them, and seeing them hurting this way, and all the lies that were told so the government can OWN their daughter, tears me up. There must be some justice left in this world. I can’t sleep at night, knowing how unfair these people were to a young couple that are in love and just want to raise a family, and be happy. But no, unless one has money, the human services can get away with anything.  They even tried appealing, but were turned down. Even Kelly Murray, the Families First worker didn’t think they deserved to have their daughter taken away. She was crying too, when she took Kira away for the last time, and so was baby Kira, she wanted to go back to her mommy, and was holding her arms out and crying no….no…. while big tears were running down her cheeks, and her big blue eyes  kept filling up again.

- Canada
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by Deborah Maddison
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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