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July 03 2022

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Shannons councilor called CAS because my mother told Shannon that I killed my grandfather

Monday, October 6, 2014 - Pages - Thomas John Wallace

Through the bravery of others posting their autrocious stories about the people that are suppose to protect us and our children. So here goes I am going to tell my story. I was 18 when I found out my girlfriend at the time was pregnant. She had the my daughter and about 3 months later decided she didn't want to be a Mom and moved out. That was pretty much the last contact she had with my daughter. I was young and well I trusted my Mother, I had to work to provide for my child so I decided rather then putting an innocent baby in Day care when she was too young to communicate with me what was happening I left her with my Mom while I went to work. I was living their with my Mother and my daughter. Lets fast forward a little bit to August (6 months after my daughter was born) I decided it was time to move out. But I had never lived on my own, my mother said to me "you know what why don't you go on your own for a bit first, learn what it is like to live on your own. Forget to buy toilet paper and go through all that before taking the baby" I agreed but sadly before I even had the chance to take my daugther I was laid off because of the recession of 2008. I asked to move back home and my Mother said no. So I moved in with my grandparents who were supporting my Mother fully in her quest to steal my baby. They wouldn't let me bring my daughter to live with us. My Mom then fabricated this ellaborate story about how CAS was telling her that I was not to have unsupervised access. She is my mom I didn't think she would lie to me about such a thing so with a broken heart I belived her probably because for months I was told I was I was a bad parent, I had such a low self esteem about the whole thing, I never really had a Dad growing up, my Mom was my everything.

Fast forward a little bit further to 2010, I started dating my childhood friend. In October of 2010 I introduced her to my little girl. They immediatly hit it off, my now common law wife is a very understanding person and never really asked why I didn't have Shannon living with me because she could see it was a touchy subject. About a year after dating she finally possed the question and well I kept putting it off. Till finally,we were up at my Mom's house visiting and playing with my daughter when she said "I love you" to my gf. My mom flipped said it wasn't appropriate, kicked us out of the house and told my little girl to say goodbye that she was NEVER going to see Daddy again. Then I finally told my girlfriend that I had a CAS order stating I wasn't allowed unsupervised access. She was confused and said "but I thought you had full custody?" I said I did and she informed me that it was too the best of her knowledge that you can't have full custody and supervised access for 3 years because what does that mean, that CAS moves in with you? I thought about it went and asked CAS finally after gaining confidence. Found out I could have taken my little girl at any time, and that my OWN mother betrayed me.

We with police assistence to keep the peace removed Shannon from her house, she moved in with us. My Mother tried to get custody and lost. But was granted access, every second weekend and alternatiing Thursdays. Since then she has been clawing at anything she can to prove abuse. She has told my child she is going to kill my gf. Took my child to the hospital 10+ times for UTI's and she was NOT once diagnosed. But most concerningly she started to inspect my little girls private parts. When Shannon would go up there for visits. My Mother would have her strip down, remove all her clothes and lay on the bed with her legs spread so she could "check her". Shannon told her councilor this and they called CAS to say they don't think Shannon should go there anymore. CAS did nothing and would not even investigate. She put that little girl through this till she was about 5 so two years. Then randomly stoped.

Concurrently and still to this day she takes pictures of every bruise, cut, mark anything on Shannon's body. Most recently my GF who is now like a Mother to Shannon as it has been 4 years of her 6 year long life, was upstairs with my little girl applying a prescription cream. Shannon told her that while she was in the Bath, her grandma took a picture of this bruise. The bruise was located just above her vagina. Was very small (smaller then a dime) and super faded. Jessie (my gf) said she wouldn't of even noticed it, if it were not for Shannon telling her, and the fact that she was looking for discolored skin to apply the cream. Jessie asked Shannon to show her what she meant after she got dressed. Shannon said she was in the tub standing up washing her legs, kinda bent over and her grandma stuck her phone camera in between her legs (Shannons) by the knees pointed upward and took a picture. This picture would be of just my little girls private part.

I went to the police Station and reported it and they did nothing, Jessie said to the police at what age is this crossing a line? If she was 12 you would have a problem, they said nope no problem. They then said they would call CAS and tell them. CAS interviewed my child found got the same story. They then went to talk to my Mother, she lied and told them she didn't do it and that she only took one picture. She then voluntarily showed them a picture of my little girl sitting in the bathtub. The picture was of her back. I scheduled an appointment with CAS as I was disgusted that was all they did, they said that if they brought anything through it would be a protection order against me. Because I cannot protect my child from my mother, however our court order is police enforcable.

I have denied my mother access one time in the past as she told my daughter she was going to kill my gf. She has come at my gf in the past and I have had to step inbetween them. She owns a gun, and by the way Shannon relayed the threat we were actually nervous about it. So to prevent my Mother banging on my door access day and us all hiding or something even more emotionally damaging to my daughter we went to my gfs parents house in Elliot Lake. Immediatly told the OPP why we were there, and even went to talk to CAS. Well the long and the short of it is I was arrested for breaching a court order. I was told if it happened again I would be arrested on the spot, Jess has no legal rights therefor if I was put in Jail Shannon goes to my Mom ANYWAYS. Now what happened with the death threats well CAS confirmed that they were uttered, went to my Moms house found her registered guns. Then CAS deamed that wasn't emotional abuse to the child. And the police deamed that even though, they were uttered and she had the means, it wasn't a "true" threat. So again nothing happened.

Last year Shannon told 3 Sr. Kindergarten classmates her grandma was going to "shoot them dead" Shannon not even realizing the severity, got in huge trouble. We were left to deal with the parents who gave us HORRIBLE looks, the kids were nothing short of traumatized. The teacher called CAS and they said that they were not even going to talk to my mother about it.

Shannnon told CAS that her grandma locks her in her room, CAS went up found locks on the outside of the door, confirming Shannon's story and told my Mother to take them off but did nothing else.

Shannon with the most recent incident BEGGED CAS not to talk to her grandma because she gets in trouble for telling the truth. She also told them that in the MORNING when she told her grandma she is excited we are moving to Elliot Lake, she was forced to go sit on her bed till bed time. She also used the phrase "grandma was SCREAMING at me": CAS again.... Did nothing.

Shannons councilor called CAS because my mother told Shannon that I killed my grandfather. My Mothers Dad, she took Shannon to the grave site was crying, and yelling he killed him Shannon he killed him. CAS again.... did nothing, would not even consider this mental abuse at all.

As a result of all this my child is being tested through telepsych for PTSD  I feel like the system has failed my sweet little princess and it breaks my heart.

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Monday, October 6, 2014
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