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Court Clerk Dianne MacNeil hands me an endorsement from Justice K Baker dated August 19 2014

Friday, October 24, 2014 - Court - THE LAST STRAW - Protest Rally Against C.A.S. The Failing Family Court System

September 01 2014 To Whom it may Concern, I have been a party to Ontario Court of Justice Family court since July 18 2013.

I have been before the Hon Justice G Edwards and Justice Madame K Baker.

My matters have been “conflicted” since December 06 2013 when Hon Judge Edwards ordered me to do a drug test[Superior Court Appeal with Ontario Court of Justice December 27 2013].

While I was in court on our last date on August 19 2014 I attended court at 44 Queen St at or around 951am to set a Trial Sitting Date. 

When I arrive I discover that Trial Management Conference had again been scheduled and I again had not been served. I was in court August 18 2014 and there was no mention of August 19 2014. I showed up anyway August 19 2014 and was refused to file my Trial Management Brief.

I see Case Event List **attached. I enter Court Services office , I am followed by a lawyer named Richie (?) and unknown CAS lawyer. 

Court Clerk Dianne MacNeil hands me an endorsement from Justice K Baker dated August 19 2014. Endorsement indicates not only was I in court but I also had counsel. 

[This would be the fifth instance I have had a lawyer without my knowledge.

May 15 2014, July 04 2014,July 16 2014,July 29 2014,August 18 2014,and August 19 2014] 
When I originally entered courtoom August 19 2014 at 949am everyone was silent. 

Ontario Childrens Laywer D Partridge and the lawyer named Richie and Laywer on Record for CAS V Kalieste are seated, however no other party is seated opposite – Laywer Richie tells me “Court is Closed” I must leave ;

I do. I sign up for Duty Counsel ; 

I am told she cannot help me because of drug charges ; I ask her to clarify – she leaves goes back into Courtroom 3 says “talk to clerk”.
I sense something is wrong , I enter Court Services office again. 

I request Audio Transcript for August 19 2014. I am given a stamped copy of  my request for “a hearing I have never been in”.

I notice a letter from Judge Edwards to me dated today August 19 2014 to come to Courtroom 5 on August 25 2014 **attached. 

This letter has been forwarded to Attorney General Ontario [August 22 2014 file number #MC20144075].

When I arrive at court on August 25 2014 , I immediately take possession of Case Event Public List dated August 25 2014*** attached.

I am also attaching Case Event Public List [1 page] dated August 19 2014. I attended Courtroom 5 for Judge Edwards matter first. Without my consent , he orders that Brantford Police File Disclosure which was ordered disclosed February 20 2014. I ask the Judge “why am I here ? what is this ? he says we are having a talk”.

Judge Edwards was made aware I had to give “confidential” information [which I was told by Brantford Police K Reeder and R Saini would never be made public.] regarding Applicant Trafficking activities by means of electronic mail,sms text messages,etc. 

Judge G Edwards changed the order to have the records released - to the very same convicted drug trafficker [Ronald Pacheco] the Police records are/is about among other known associates of the Applicant. Further to that; I also believe an Order was “back dated” to March 13 2014, to allow Applicant to “change address” again and to now have this man listed as a CAS verified “support” and CAS is helping to facilitate R Pachecos adoption of my son ; 

while matters are CURRENTLY BEFORE court – because the Applicant was institiutionalized after July 23 2014.

All orders after July 04 2014 are without my consent,knowledge or having been served. 

I have never approved to form any orders ; I have sent numerous orders for approval – I have yet to receive a response.Further to that I believe Judge Edwards intiated motions with Family Responsibility Ontario [on dates I was scheduled for court August 18 and 19 and 25 of 2014, but had not been served notice or documents and was never paged] in attempt to have me jailed for back child support I didn’t even know about]. 

I did hear “Anyone with matters in Courtroom 3 please come now” but my name was never called. 

The Attorney General of Ontario was forwarded an email I sent ; regarding Judge Edwards and how he had removed the first, of the many CAS attempts at “Child Protection Hearings” from the Continuing Record and there was “no order for removal”.[FLR 9 [13]or[4]].

I am also unaware of any Family Responsibilty Ontario motions,but any motions put before Judge Edwards with FRO inside the month of August are most certainly centered around 246/13 and I haven’t seen my sons in almost a year ;

I have brought this to Judge Edwards and Judge Bakers attention on more than one occasion when I asked them “Where are my children?” August 18 2014 Mme Justice Baker and “What if they are already dead?” Justice G Edwards on August 25 2014. On September 9 2014 I believe I will be thrown in jail for something I have never been informed of, never had any input and will now most certainly face serious consequences if incarcerated seeing as I will not be offered “protective custody”.

I do not understand why this was necessary.

I am now recieving Death Threats with anonymous people”quoting comments,msgs things I have said to Brantford Police that I was personally told “that no one will ever find out” as result; of this man Judge Edwards actions - the exact opposite is now going to happen.

I fear an Inquiry will be necessary regarding conduct,ethics and governing practices that have been all but ignored; however I fear by the time anything can be done; it will be too late on too many levels. 

I would request something be done so I can see my son before I am killed or harmed for trying to protect my children from this very thing happening. 

I was told I required “leave” to file any further motions; this would explain haste – seeing as I believe there has already been an “uncontested trail” without my knowledge.

I would ask the Judicial Council only investigate after the September 9 2014 as then I will know whether or not ; my assumptions are correct. 

I have prepared a motion which I will attempt filing and an affidavit I am faxing you that after you have received this letter.

They are signed and dated for September 01 2014 I will be attaching as well.

I have always done what I believed” to be in the best interests of my children” it is said “ men that intervene when the law cannot ; are the men who have the highest respect for that said law” I was repaid by the Ontario Court of Justice with my blood.

This is Justice ? or even Logic ? 

I will forward along this letter as well as all attachments to Attorney General again. There is something wrong here ; “badges of fraud” are rampant.

I will attach appendix of attached documents.my greatest fear is that by the time this is addressed it will be too late.

My request to admit was submitted august 13,2014*** due to time constraints I face I will only attach motion and affidavit that was faxed to today September 01 2014 to Ontario Court of Justice fax nu:5197583461 

The Ontario Judicial Council  P.O Box 914  31 Adelaide St. E.  Adelaide Street Postal Station  Toronto, Ontario M5C 2K3  416-327-2339  

- Protest Rally Against C.A.S. The Failing Family Court System
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Friday, October 24, 2014
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Court Clerk Dianne MacNeil hands me an endorsement from Justice K Baker dated August 19 2014

TO CFSRB TORONTO Well then it would appear as i... Anonymous
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