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September 29 2022

Re: Examples of Parental Alienation
audience: Public
This Excel sheet is it available anywhere?  interested to have such for my present...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I chose to leave she called police said I assaulted her
Rick Seys audience: Public
sounds completely familiar next stop the court room all based on she said so it must be fa...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Support order mother quit working and on welfare
Bill Cawlishaw audience: Public
It is within their power to be able to seize property and accounts. But Hey, your a guy
Youre not my father and I never love you
The Fathers Rights Movement audience: Public
It is inappropriate to program minor children against an absent parent, and it will com...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: Wife has taken our children and demands a court order before I see them again
Shondee Nye
audience: Public

I'm glad you had a good experience and that you got more time. That is great.&nbsp;<br ...
Police Thugs Frank Boyes Sean James Daniel Spicer beat up the wrong guy
B. R. E.
audience: Public

They just beat him up. They do it all the time.. the only reason they got caught is bec...
Re: Re: Email to lawyer that Legal aid let me have for one case conference out of 3 years of court and case conferences
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Re: Email to lawyer that Legal aid let me have for one case conference out of 3 years of court and case conferences

that is ok I will clean it up .. why don't you sign up as member and you will have opti...
Re: Father driven to suicide w/messages from a spiteful ex I WILL DELETE YOUR WHOLE FAMILY
audience: Public

Wow Caroline you use this to say this was his suicide? A message from over 3 years ago....
It only takes one lie to start the harassment and if they can steal your babies they make bank
Constance Isthename
audience: Public

I wake up fighting, I go to bed fighting, I breath so I can fight, I live in fear but I...

Over the last few months we've noticed an alarming rate of false advocates people claim...
Father Rights Canada / dad needs help in Windsor mom ran off with child
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I honestly don't know where to even start with this?? See its been almost 2 months sinc...
Lawyer consoltation Lindsay D. Marshall
audience: Authenticated Login and access Lawyer consoltation Lindsay D. Marshall

Consultation requested, Sault Ste Marie Ontario &nbsp;$225.00 an hr. &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;...
Re: Re: Radio interview with Sandra Giesbrecht - Rational vs Irrational Things dont Add up!
audience: Public

So I guess Sandra Giesbrecht is feeling the pressure. Her response to the truth about h...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Father given letter he owes more support
James Britz
audience: Public

Was extra 10 grand enforced by a judge? .....was it on a court order stating he is require...

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The family court is also trying to prevent the evidence being used

Monday, January 12, 2015 - FamilyCourt - Edmond Dantes - Friends of Protection For Men

I was in prison on remand for most of 2014 - on remand charged with harassment, because I reported the abuses and abusers of my children to the police in public. Trial in criminal crown court in March 2015. I am straining at the leash to get to court and present the evidence to the jury.

Ss covered up the rape of my daughter, because they had been negligent. So, this is the only way to expose ss in criminal court.

While in prison, I requested to be sectioned, and was sectioned to a high security facility. They diagnosed me as not mentally ill, not delusional and suffering anxiety and distress at combat fatigue level CAUSED by the authorities maltreatment of my children.

I want want want to get to that court and get in front of the jury.

The local authority are doing everything to stop the trial, stop my daughter giving evidence, stop the evidence being produced. The family court is also trying to prevent the evidence being used.

This is at thr heart of all the covering up of child sex abuse......covered up by people with power over others ....
....social workers....
...family court judges......

You can soon read it in the newspapers...

- - - 

Where? If Canada, if I were you I would first consider a lawyer, then consider reports to the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the Organization of American States. Here is a report I sent regarding the appearance of discrimination at one Ontario Agency. (And also the Commonwealth, see comments at link for one of those) MensRights/comments/

- - -

William Gerula CBC is the misandry propaganda machine.

Arthur Cook Prayers be with you and you and your children.

Scott A. Carnegie You don't spend a year in prison on remand because of a harassment charge, there's more to your story Edmond and if you just want to vent that's fine but if you want support or advice from people that have been through the stuff you need to be more transparent.

John Watson Scott why don't you try asking questions; rather than coming to conclusions based off personal knowledge? If you feel there is more ask, don't accuse

 - - - 
Phayebijan Luvv Oh boy I hope you get your day in court and I hope you get an honourable judge who will do the right thing and not side with the power like most of them seem to do now. These things should be public so they can't cover it up and portray parents as the monsters. They are the monsters and they need to pay for their crimes against children and their families. I'd love to share this on my timeline. Do you mind if I do?

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Monday, January 12, 2015
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