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January 25 2021

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York Region Childrens Aid Society Pam using her placement at work to isolate and hold parents hostage

Saturday, July 11, 2015 - CAS - Elizabeth Sauve - CAS Ontario~My Experience

I wish to write this to clairify some things for the york Regon Scyicity. Please forgive my cander in adressing this topic.

My addresses from when the abuse of Pam and Matt Stive started
____ highway __ beeton on ___
__ John Drive Cookstown, On_____
__ McGinty Crt Beetoon, On

Who would of been, at this time the right people to speak to?

In my life i was always told that no matter were or what you could always look for help; from the people in our scysity that care enough to go though the training to lern how to protect the people who can not protect them selfs.
If me speaking with the people at hand at the time of instents, i will ask frankly that were there on the "seen" were not protecting me.
Quite ovesly i was demenstrating, in my eyes the chang in demeaner and also the exstent of fear,ixiady, and torro i was outwordly deminstrating no one (from the exstensive training everyone had that infact near the end i was seen by police once a week) could see i was a highly abused woman that was in desprite need of help.
Everyone is telling me it is not there departments or instations problem then in the end i like to know were i may go to make sure that this action i veiw as a person as a crime agented my self and my freedoms as a canadian are brought to light and properly delt with?
Is it truly wrong for me to look at a woman becuse of her job, see her using it to chang the outcomes of of crimes her son comits, falls at the hands of the people her placed her in the spot of trust in Canada? Knowing that Canadains will grant her that blind faith becuse of her position and standing in scysiaty?

It has been brought to my attiontion that the worker that was "helping" in my main case may not have been as helpful as "good faith" would fortell. I now understand that the other party in this matter may of infact been in the dark as i was.

In my mind though this dose not dissmiss the party from responsibilitys in the abuse that my family has undergone (mental and physical) From Pam and Matt Stiver, please alow me to exsplain.

- When notifcatin was given to the school Pam Stiver ariving at my home told police that she worked in adoptions for york regoin police, she used her placment of work to gain levage.

-She knowenly "white washed" her husband Danny Stiver removing a wepand from my home at CooksTown From her son Matt

-She used her training given to her to work in C.A.S. and her placment in her job to push and cover her sons abuse with officers. she used her placment at work to instill fear in my family and keep my self captive also "couching me" to help me say the right things using me as a "smoke screan" using her knowlage, intrusted by her from her place of work and all of scysity..

-Damaging my veiw point of any offical of the law, teaching me trust in one only leads to giving them over power to use on you.

if you hired her: and she works for you dose there for the blame placed on the people that intrusted her with the job? who droped the ball to alow me after speaking number of times of the high vilonts and the things that have been done to me, me keeping no secrites on it, dose it fall to? I lost my home, were at one point mister stiver changed the locks on the home wall he tricked me into living. all my funds and money i had saved to help me bild a life for me and my girls was quicky and quite effectivly taken from me and Pam used the savings bonds she had to help her son hide the money. This woman I lived every day exsplaining quite clearly how if i was not doing what i was told every bit of my life would be ripped from me, and it was. I was told that it did not matter who i spoke to no one would take anything that came out of my mouth as true becuse i was crazy coo-coo out of my tree, as i begged Pam stiver used her work again on me to "keep me in line" and informed me were she worked, what she does, and how quickly my kids would soon become crown words. Her Husband would sit there until Pam started talking about her work, then get up and go outside till he though she was done speaking, if she was not he go back out side.

How is a woman begging for help to ANY of your workers on or off the job for her family growns for a worker, working for you, to use it to inslave a woman in Canada? To instill such fear, the fear lingers even after the indavigales are gone? The emotional scaring due to one of your workers in this is unforgivible, it has spand over many people and has even cosed me to move. I wish this to be resoled, i wish this to be made sure NEVER to happen to another person who needs and begs for help so despertly needed for herself and her children. i want reanbersment for the consealing my children will need as a side afect years to come from the fall out they were forced to deal with from a worker of the CAS, many times her son or her would bost that my children could call or tell some one about what was happing but no one would beleave them. i would like the wrongs that were done to my world (my children are my world) at the hands of a CAS Adoptions worker under the pertance of were she worked to be righted.

To have my children stay home with me with out fear of some one if i "miss behave" or speak my mind will devastate my family again. I Can not go to see help even here in the town I live in now because of the treatment i received from CAS! I was wronged (strongly feel that) by the people in our world we trust to hold our valus. (forgive my poor spelling. this is another one of many letters sent to CAS office only to be ignored. i Have even tryed to get that board involed to help. I am told we will investagate and they dont even bother after 4 months to call back and then i am told my worker that was on this case 2 weeks after got fired, from her job.............i am finding this very hard not to brake down and just feel there is nothing else i can do, )

- CAS Ontario~My Experience
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York Region Children's Aid Society Pam using her placement at work to isolate and hold parents hostage

Audience: Public
by Elizabeth Sauve Ruth D. Shultz
X Dear Mr. Bill Joynt, Supervisor of Adoption, York Children's Aid Society. I need to find out why one of workers has not been investigated. I saw first hand what happened in Elizabeth Sauve's home in Beeton. I am so angry how well you people in the... More >>
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Saturday, July 11, 2015
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