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October 24 2021

She was emotionally and mentally abused by a selfish parent
Keith Marsolek audience: Public
I have missed every birthday since she was 13 and every holiday since and not of my cho...
Father Rights Canada / Support order mother quit working and on welfare
Not disclosed audience: Public
Do you guys have any info about support? I have had custody of my 3 kids since 2012 I a...
Father Rights Canada / Just wondering if anyone has dealt with emergency court hearings with covid around.
Not disclosed audience: Public
Just wondering if anyone has dealt with emergency court hearings with covid around. I have...
Re: We are in the process of planning a protest at the Kitchener courthouse
audience: Public
I am interested in attending. Is it specifically about father's rights or will we be prote...
Re: Re: Final Court Order Family Law Ontario Canada - Family Law
Nathansdad71 Francis Dean audience: Public
and another thing, it says you have to go to court first to just up and deny me access,...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Cops are liars and the real criminals
Curtis Kingston
audience: Public

I think this article is very interesting and I am very amazed and happy that the Toront...
Part 2 Audio Thanksgiving only by Court Order Dad time
Alienated Parent
audience: Public

Phone recording to ask for a little bit more time between child and father after 4 year...
Re: Obstruction of Justice forgery professional misconduct malice of the Family Law and FRO in Ontario
Adam Rayner
audience: Public

FRO is no good they make so much money off of father it is not fun
Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experience needed
Mark Simpson
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Had 3 legal aid lawyers and sounds about right with any lawyer and this system! 6 years...
Charlie Mercieca
audience: Authenticated Login and access MISSING CHILDREN'S POSTER

As nobody will give me an address to serve my ex with a contempt motion and as you woul...
Homosexual Child Molestations by gender disorderd Foster Parents
Lorraine Grenier
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Children's Aid Society Seeks Gay Foster Parents transgenders, transsexual, cross dresse...
Re: Courts need to be asking more specific questions before placing a EPO
Lecyn Williams
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re: To understand what this email is all about, please explain EPO. EPO is ...
Re: Become a Real Women/Mother get a job and stop living off of welfare and Child support
Jessie Neil The Man
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or do like mine. my business has the potential to bring in 40 to 50 per hour but I can'...
I miss my step daughter and I'll miss Philip forever
Alison Ingertsa
audience: Public

Sorry for your loss The abuse you explained goes both ways. My ex the father of my...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I paid MEP but someone is lying
Jasmine Taylor Berg
audience: Public

My fiancé is overpaying every payment too. And he makes sure to send the payment at least ...

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A Mommy Fighting the System

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - AbusesToMothers - Andrea Melissa Combs

Nalani you were stolen from mommy by a cop without a warrant, at the threat of his weapon. I relive this moment every single day.
A year ago after mommy proved social workers lied in court, you were ordered returned to me.
CPS Supervisor Kristy Adams (ultimate very vain bitch of the west), back in court lying preventing you from coming home.
Now, mommy is all over the place fighting for the future, our children.
Nobody gets it, even the ignorant ones who claim to be family and friends on my Facebook (man how I wish those ppl would delete themselves from my life and go away)...................

Everyday, every second, every night, and even in my dreams.... you're there babygirl.
You know your mommy loves you with all her heart. She will go to the end of the world for you.
You're brother misses you, nana too!
Anybody reading this who has no clue the great pain I feel everyday and really obviously don't give a shit... have fun wrapped up in this evil world please be my guest and enjoy living in hell as we all already do. You're poor kids, I feel for you, when they fuck up and get your grandchildren taken by CPS......DON'T LIE TO YOURSELF CPS WON'T GIVE EM TO YOU. For did you not watch the news? Clearly stated its easier to adopt the children out than to give them back to families. If this does'nt bother you.. Then FUCK YOU delete me.


Source: A Mommy Fighting the System June 13, 2015 at 10:12am 


August 18, 2013 at 11:02pm
Babygirl I love you. Tomorrow u will be 2. I'm sad bc I only get 2 hrs with you. I'm heartbroke without you.I'm fighting and coming for you. You're daddy is very confused mom is the one that has made this even harder. I pray you stay clean and sober when you get older. I hope as you grow forgiveness grows with you. I love you Nalani and mommy is so sorry.I will not give up nor never give in Imin for all with every intention to win xoxo

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015
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