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September 24 2020

I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me
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Haven't seen or talked to my kids in 8 days. I won't see or talk to them for another 9 ...
Memorial Statue Unveiling on October 18 2014 In Remembrance of Little Jeffrey Baldwin
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Father Rights Canada / I raised my kids.
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I raised my kids . Moved 20 times in 20 years cause the mother could not hold a job. <b...
Court Clerk Dianne MacNeil hands me an endorsement from Justice K Baker dated August 19 2014
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September 01 2014 To Whom it may Concern, I have been a party to Ontario Court of Justi...
Tell an Olsen
Hilary Q audience: Authenticated Login and access Tell an Olsen
Someone tell this to Christina and Suzanne Olen, the Alienating mother and Grandmother ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
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Questions for OP.. Have you tried to get some kind of custody? If so, why are you denied a...
Office of the Childrens lawyer did not appear in court to represent me at the scheduled court hearing
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Holy goodness and gracious God. How do we protect our children from Monsters. Please ha...
Court Order December 18 2012

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Reply Consent draft Order May 07 2012

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Re ex's legal aid lawyer motions Court for my son to pay her legal bills
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perhaps a good old fashioned civil uprising...a sit in, peaceful but not leaving until ...
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Thousands of Ontario children needlessly taken out of their homes during the past 20 years
Chris Carter
audience: Authenticated Login and access Thousands of Ontario children needlessly taken out of their homes during the past 20 years

I've contacted a few law firms to do a class action on behalf of the families, not just...

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I judge people based on how they treat ME, not on other peoples issues

Saturday, October 3, 2015 - Accused - Lisa C Shears Kendall - Cathie Gallegos Chansamone Costanzo - All

those were sent to me, in private mail. This was and is my primary concern, she is being hypocritical and telling things behind your back, and is likely saying them to others, you have NO opportunity to defend yourself against these bogus allegations . At bare minimum, if she has something to say, and cant say it to your face, she shouldnt be saying or spreading things in places where you cannot defend yourself. It is cowardly, and infuriates me. That was a private conversation, I didnt send it to you for brownie points, I sent it because I find it so unfair, and she is most definitely doing it to others, and that is trying to ruin your stellar reputation. If it was a link to a public wall, I would have posted it already to my wall, and all the others I am a member in.

Conversation between Lisa C Shears Kendall 9/30, 8:47am to Catherine you gone from CCW? (Canada Court Watch) Cathie Chansamone Costanzo 9/30, 9:36am 

not yet. not fond of ppl who ask for help then bash me. americans who help do not bash each other. there seems to be a problem with that in ONt no my style not my cup of tea.

9/30, 10:04am
Lisa C Shears Kendall

Out of all the people I met when I lived in that province, a lot of the people were like that. s admin, should have kicked that person out of the group. If you are talking about ______ _____, fuck him, sorry for the language, he is one of the absolute worst people I've had the displeasure of encountering. I don't trust him as far as I can spit at him, and he keeps me blocked because I've spoken about certain things he's attempted with members of the female persuasion in the groups. He was banned from the other group/stop CAS, for being like that toward admin. Anyways, I am disappointed you left, we need people from the US, as there are members from the us who are living there currently, and / or are having problems with CPS as well. I believe this group will grow, and for that to happen, we need to spread awareness. I've been fighting this agency myself for fifteen years, publicly for at least three. Daily. Vernon Beck is the one or one of the ones who began the group/along with a few other sites. Tell me who did this to you, please, so I can be on the watch out for them. Usually if it would have been one of the two/vincent or vernon, you'd have heard from them via phone.

Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
9/30, 10:46am

i see vivicne took me out of the grpoup i just spoke with vernon.
i work full time in the US some work at a court. but i care about winning cases some there want to be popular. i win cases. that is what matters.

9/30, 1:55pm
Lisa C Shears Kendall
Are you back in, was it vincent you are speaking of? Usually he doesnt remove anyone....

9/30, 3:21pm
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
he hates me i am an admin her remove d me over vernon. he is a jerk. i would not agree to somehting and he went on the attack about 2 yrs back

Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
9/30, 3:24pm
since then he attacks me on the net he thinks no one can see it. he has serious issues. no worries. i have helepd 3 dads become sole parents. gotten over two dozens kids out of foster car and back home. i m doing a book on wha ti have lerarened and will publish on amazon. not going to water time on ppl who want to fight. if they want to learn they can or cannot and how to do it and walk away with damages. two parents i helped had not seen their kids in eyars. they now get them every other weekend with the other parent and one got a nice damage amt from a lawy firm 25k. and we i just called Ont. hand on a cross border casue it opens the way for a nice suit against cas who was not going by the US order. The fed govt said the US order applies and we got in writing.

Lisa C Shears Kendall
9/30, 3:47pm
Vincent Schiele? Wow, I've never ever heard him talk badly to anyone? Weird. Sorry for your experience. He shouldn't take what you say to heart, it's supposed to be an online advocacy group, not a tit for tat group. Really, I am so tremendously surprised. He takes the CAS issues and parental alienation very seriously and works daily as an advocate, and runs a web page online newspaper that is designed specifically for this fight, in all the ccw rallys, he is present, and even uses his one money to assist others. I am truly surprised to hear this.

9/30, 3:47pm
Lisa C Shears Kendall
So sorry again. But I hope we can remain allied.
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo

9/30, 4:08pm
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
i am friends with many. but not into the pesonal attacks for no reason. im in the US and we learn tolerance. we have a saying. we can agree to disagree and action speak louder than words. i also have a 3 strikes rule for ppl. what VS did is beyond comprehension. thank you. he attacked me on here and on his brainy site after he asked permssion to writee and article with my name. then he attacked. heard he has done this others. saysi am a liary psycho. posted a screen shot of it and other told me then i saw it. pretty low. i told him how to do case law research. some know ccw is a big deal. i did not since i no longer lived there. i came for help then began to post help when i had success. i focus on using cas law to win cases. when the system there is against some parents. so earlier this year when the lawyers fomrlaly write and then publioshed they had been in favor of only moms and then they had been told not to fight so much with cas and i had posted that long ago. realized it the cases i read. the lawyers til this year were not fighting that hard for many. cas also had not been funding in home support or pushing kinship care so i posted how to ch allenge things. we began to see successes. i studied science and work in the corp world helping them fight of lawsuits. my ex was pre law and my ex father in law was a judge i see things others do not. rallies wont change much getting the lawmakers and the ministry to open their eyes with data may.
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo

9/30, 4:10pm
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
the system has to change. asi said before the qcc system few gripe about because it is vastly different. Ont. can learn much from qc.

10/1, 4:56pm
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
another admin left.
Lisa C Shears Kendall
10/2, 4:36am
Lisa C Shears Kendall
which one
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
10/2, 8:10am

Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
I'm done with this so rather not talk about it. Thank you.
Lisa C Shears Kendall
10/2, 8:10am
Lisa C Shears Kendall
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
10/2, 10:29am
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
you are a vicent hack. the law will not change there. to many glory hounds not enough people doing the actual work.
those who win their kids back listen and stop the anger. those who do not never win.

10/2, 1:16pm
Lisa C Shears Kendall
What do you mean, I am a vincent hack....I dont get you. I only said what my experiences were with the man, I dont know what you are talking about, you were the one who said you didnt wish to discuss this further, I said ok. Ive been an advocate in this particular instance for fifteen years, active in the fight for nine years, almost daily. Dont tell me what I am, and am not. I judge people based on how they treat ME, not on other peoples issues, but of course it peaked my interest when you had mentioned that you had issues with people on the ccw wall. I am not there daily, but do like to know what is going on. Anyhow, I dont appreciate being judged based on the fact that I did NOT bear witness to all your claims. I also found it interesting that they made you admin, because they dont just reach into a hat and pull out anyone, why have you not addressed this with vernon. I really get furious when people who dont know me from Job, judge me. Yes, Vincent is a friend , but he is a advocate first. So obviously if a fellow advocate acts in a fashion that is against our policies, I would myself put in a verbal commentary. However, in this instance, I did not see it. Send a screen shot, Id like to see this myself, if you dont have one, well, I just want to move on.

10/2, 1:18pm
Cathie Chansamone Costanzo
You are like most there who are civil til yo u get what you need then be rude and lie. Ont. is nothing but a land of liars. THE US My home is a super power and good kind nation. Not like Ont. you are being blocked. you are liar and a fraud like vinccent. and you all wondwer why cas breathes down everyone neck there> i help parents who are not on drugs etc and are honest. they get theri kids back.

 - - - -

as you can see I did not slam you, I asked her for proof which she could not provide, and then she blocked me from sending final comments before I blocked her. I guess she got the message when I unfriended her. Wow, what a hypocrite. Now ses running around defaming your name. so sorry, really.
Lisa C Shears Kendall

At first I thought it was another member who had attacked her, I was clueless. What a real piece of work

hence my comments about the province of Ontario, and my comfort level there, however I still believe in human rights and will continue to see that I fight to get cas oversight and accountability
whoops my son.

I re read the entire conversation, at first I thought it was my wonderful nemesis, ____ _, then once she saw I wouldnt take her side on it, she began attacking me. LOL. She has issues.....bad ones.

I wrote the entire convo, at the bottom as the first one begins with my comments. So read the Last part first so you know what I said to her, and how I was attacked for standing up for you.

I say to peoples faces what I think about them It just proves that I never say something behind someones back, that I am not prepared to say to their face/and I'm an honest person. You have never been anything but respectful, and I wanted to publicly denounce her, on the CCW wall, because she is spreading a LOT of bull crap about you, and CCW, to the members.

she blocked me, as I said, she got nasty then ran away like a coward.


so I could not reply. I am not childish, she is very juvenile. 

Thank you Vincent. I am so sorry this woman has attacked you, telling you to go back to Germany. Wow. I can't believe she would sink to the level of calling you an abusive man. I've seen the personal video you posted in regards to your ex wife and what happened, so I understand this whole issue must be somewhat painful for you, I am sorry, not every woman is like that.I would expect to hear that type of talk from a kid, not a fully grown adult. So for all the good women out there, I apologize. Truly and sincerely. I feel tremendously badly for you to be attacked in such a fashion.

My final comment, to all who have encountered this juvenile woman, read below. She truly is a LIAR. Not worthy of wasting my time on, not a valued member, although she cost us at least one great senior advocate; If she'd have had the guts to say this to mr schiele in a fashion in which he could defend himself, instead, she came to me, and likely many others who she knows is an advocate, and tried to turn me against him, see, that kind of backfired on her. She is gutless, yes, Cathie, you are if you've gotten this, unblock me and we'll discuss this further, you are a coward who attack people behind your back. Miss USA; don't you know there are two specific laws that can take you to court and have you in a lawsuit so big you'd never be able to pay the damages you've created for mr schiele, it's called "defamation of character" and "Character assassination" Learn to spell while your at it. Grow up, and use your mouth to spread truth instead of hatred. We've lost at least one great advocate, a senior one, no less because of your bullshit. I hope you never ever come onto a site where I do see you again. You are from the US, stay there, and stay off our walls, we have other americans who need assistance, but also have advocates from the US, Jeff Stapleford, who know law, better than you, and he doesn't act like the actors on Another world. I am in a fury at her behaviour, if you were new to the group, and had only had contact with her, don't take her word for anything. she is a liar. Period.   

- All
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I judge people based on how they treat ME, not on other peoples issues

Information | Lisa C Shears Kendall Voice Page created 10/3/2015 1:37:27 PM Audience: Public

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