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August 18 2022

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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I had to rely on the Judge for ethical administration as I was a self litigant

Thursday, March 3, 2016 - Court - Leanne McIvor - Justice Delay

Has there anywhere, anytime that a self litigant has ever prevailed

This is a formal complaint to be filed against Mr. Justice Delay. The key function of a judge is to consider all the evidence and testimony put forward by both parties and to make decisions about the credibility of that evidence. My ill begotten consent order had to be approved by Mr. Justice Delay but, how could he have approved a consent order when ALL the testimony or oral evidence was not given? If you get the transcripts of the divorce trial it will prove that no evidence was read regarding the misrepresented RRSP's, $40,000 debt that was incurred after separation, as well as Exxon Mobil Shares in the amount of $34,000 - I had to rely on the Judge for ethical administration as I was a self litigant. How could I have fairly signed a consent order when I had not heard all the evidence? I believe Mr. Justice Delay is negligent and bias. By this time I was trapped into an illegal consent order, cohersed by the respondents counsel Rachel Lammers and not only was it misrepresented but filled in after the fact. What do you call that?

I recently made application to the court to settle the terms of the RRSP interest portion, that I have been fighting for since Madame Justice Beames and is my legal right and also, child support increase. I repeatedly asked Lammers for the signature needed to resolve the RRSP issue and was denied. I was forced to come back up in court obviously, for financial gain on the part of Lammers. I also asked for my portion of rental income 2013 - 2014 that I was legally entitled. All matters were dismissed except for the signature needed and Mr. Justice Delay approved court costs schedule B in the amount of $2,600 see letter Elizabeth Harris attached for the respondent.

I have continually been prevented and hindered from receiving full, fair and impartial hearings and the administration of justice is to be fair. It was Mr. Justice Delay's responsibility to make sure all of the evidence was read - not just skipped over and then Lammers filling it in after the fact, when they already obtained a consent. I have seen evidence over and over that shows and would lead a reasonable person to believe that justice was hindered and impartial and prevented me from receiving and continue to receive a full, fair and impartial hearings. I have been a victim of judicial misconduct, vulnerable and unrepresented and the system took advantage of that. I believed (hence the filing of notice of application) that somewhere a judge would act faithfully and consistently adhere to their Oath of Office and pursue justice and fairness for all, not just the ones with lawyers. I was mistaken. Anything, less than this is unacceptable and the reason for this complaint that is made in good faith. Judges that dismiss the matters without allowing discovery of any kind is unjust. There is a strong bias against people who represent themselves in court and argue for our rights. The estimate for self litigants in BC courts is 70% of the population. Has there anywhere, anytime that a self litigant has ever prevailed Mr. Sabourin? A perfect synchronized choreographed job of "railroading" pro se litigants and helping the BAR "fraternity" brothers and sisters. Judges having open disdain and chastise pro se litigants in court for not hiring an attorney, all the way back to Madame Justice Beames. I believe attorneys dealing with self litigants must be a nightmare because they cannot "cook the deal" long before hand and it must take that much longer.

So, you go back up into court to have your abuse mitigated and you lose and because of you lose you have to pay for your abusers legal fees. Exposure of "rotten judicial apples" offends and embarrasses the entire judiciary. This is the reason I have to pay my abusers legal fees. I am making this complaint to stand up and to challenge this cancer within family court. Bad judges and lawyers need to be weeded out. It is only fair to the fair, competent judges whom this must be dedicated. Although in my finding I haven't found one. What about balance and fairness, otherwise you would never have heard of me as the Family Law Act states.

Obviously, as I am now aware....call me slow, but Mr. Justice Delay was bias and the whole trial was staged and planned long before. Nothing more than a horse and pony show which I refuse to entertain ever again. I will never be back up in court it is dangerous and evil and will not be there again. So, Elizabeth Harris threatened me special costs if I did not consent and sign the order. Elizabeth Harris new counsel for the respondent threatened me in court that if I filed a new notice of application to sort out the Exxon Mobil shares that she would counter sue with a "vexatious litigant" and have it dismissed. Nice. Families are in turmoil not just mine affected really negatively by legal abuse, but lots of people struggling in the depths of hell. Do we as Canadians have to accept that justice expected and deserved according to our constitution is never going to happen for a pro se litigant? To accept the unbelievable corruption in the family court? Have you seen Divorce Corp? The system has never let me win but I can still fight for the rights of other pro se litigants and families affected unfairly. Why is it so hard to be fair and honest? Anything, less destroys families and is the biggest betrayal of my Country. The CJC does nothing about these complaints, as well as the Attorney General of Canada and the Minister of Justice BC, as I expect the same with this one, but wrongdoers in this system will only stop with public exposure and embarrassment and it is up to the people to control the corruption, obviously. The law societies have an obligation to act in the public interest with a statutory obligation to protect the legal rights and freedoms of all people. Then why are they not doing their job? The statute needs to be removed if it is not going to be held in compliance, as it is useless. Why do the people have to take their own protection into their own hands?

To all those in power, the judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and police we all need and want to live a life with justice, not spending a life pursuing it and trying change it! My family has been close to ruin and my financial future severely compromised and the Family Law Act says otherwise. My attempt to get the corruption and cohersion addressed or even recognized by authorities is met with deaf ears and complete lack of caring. Unfair litigation makes me feel like a person without a country, it makes me want to expat. I wonder if I will ever feel good about my country again - the ultimate betrayal, makes me want to cry. The anger and bitterness towards my government of BC that has never protected me despite my requests and constitutional rights, what a huge disappointment the whole system is and the people are unaware until they are thrown in the gallows. Who is going to stop this? Nobody? Points for your industry to consider:

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

"It takes a short time to learn to exercise power, but a lifetime to learn how to avoid abusing it"

"We are no longer a country of laws, we are a country where laws are "creatively interpreted"

In reply of

Complaint Canadian Judical Council - Mr. Justice Pearlman - McIvor v et al/Lammers

Audience: Public
by Leanne McIvor
X Please file complaint against Mr. Justice Pearlman for breach of trust and treason - the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith, treachery. I was threatened that if I didn't withdrawal the other two defendants that I would be charged w... More >>
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Thursday, March 3, 2016
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