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October 26 2020

Re: Parental Alienation is Emotional Child Abuse. Another innocent victim.
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And this is why Parental Alienation should be punishable by Law!!!
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False rape allegation if proven false the accuser should be made to pay a penalty not o...

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Phone number for Motherisk turns out it's a Service Ontario number

Friday, March 11, 2016 - Information - Bill Korbak

Oh oh! MOTHERISK: Today I called the government's number for Motherisk, turns out it's a Service Ontario number (1-855-235-8932). I was asking about how to make a submission to Justice Beaman. Turns out the Service Ontario workers answering the phones don't know about Justice Beaman!! I said "hey, it's been in the papers more then a week now, how can you not know??"

Service Ontario's answer is that they're taking names, phone numbers and emails and parents will be contacted in few months from now! To be fair the process will take a few months, but not having any guidelines on how to make a submission, etc, shows poor "Wynne-tario" planning. Who knows Monique Taylor at the NDP? she'd know how to get things rolling!

- - - 
Toronto Star: Feb 4 2016: Star editorial says MOTHERISK causes fresh harm to kids now in limbo in the adoption process. But it’s more then that as well all know. The Star almost paints Ontario CASs and OACAS as diligent stewards of these kids by pausing adoptions, when they are knowing partners in the Motherisk scam from day-one. Ontario CASs are very adept at enabling dishonest conduct in thousands of CAS workers encouraged to lie.

They easily use Doctors of all kinds to help them mislead courts that hide behind presumption to the point of wilful blindness to rubberstamp thousands of Crown Ward orders by civil fraud. A visit to Sick Kids puts kids and parents in the clutches of many staff Doctors eager to make claims for their CAS pals while ignoring all other medical evidence they don’t ‘like’.

CAS is instrumental in turning McMasters’ CAAP Team into another ‘fraud factory’ helping CASs rob families Then there’s the butcher Doctor Psychologists used to manufacture ‘Parenting Capacity Assessments’ in the thousands since the mid 1960’s. We’re talking + 30,000 assessments overall! Toronto Drs Henderson and Perlman are responsible for 5,000 alone! Dr Joyce proudly claims 200 assessments a year, that’s 1 report every 1.2 days! Callous Family Courts gobble it up, lacking any form of critical thinking Judges paid + $250,000 should apply to cases!! Yeah, there’s fresh harm to kids alright.

Look further Toronto Star and you’ll find a fraud far bigger then E Health or the ORGNE helicopter scam ever could be! 



- - -
There's an interesting point here - if a CAS apprehends a child improperly, the courts have said that's not a reason to return a child (hard to believe I know!) on that issue alone. My comment in the post is about how it it likely many Crown Ward orders are by misleading the courts, civil Fraud, FLR Rule 25(19). I'd say about 50%, since it is so easy for the CAS to lie in court knowing the courts won't slam then hard enough for lying. CASs have a "Statutory Duty to investigate thoroughly" meaning they also have unavoidable knowledge when they lie and thus cannot hide behind Qualified Privilege, yet they do....family courts don't care if they're lied to since they likely look down their noses at 35 million Canadians who they fully expect will never figure out in legal terms how they were robbed !!


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