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June 19 2021

Re My 30 year old CAS file - 100 years of child abuse the Society has knowingly hidden
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i am not associated f with the lawyer.  but i put the inquiry to the class action ...
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You are hurting our son, not just me asshat
Tanis Brandon audience: Authenticated Login and access You are hurting our son, not just me asshat
Another milestone stolen from Jaydon and I. You are hurting our son, not just me asshat...
Chris J. Slater
Chris J. Slater audience: Public
In my bitter experience, DON'T you ever call these people "civil servants" because you wil...
Re: Childrens Aid worker and Police unlawfully detained terrified and interrogated Mother and 12 year-old child
Jennifer Joy audience: Public
I read the whole thing, it's really disgusting, after they realized they got the wrong ...

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My son complained kids at school would ask him about the CAS

Sunday, March 27, 2016 - AntiFamily - Not disclosed - Ontario

Unfortunately, many CAS, CPS, FACS etc. agencies have worked their way onto the policy committees of many school boards and have improperly influenced school boards to implement policies relating to child abuse and maltreatment which in many cases violate the law and significantly infringe on the fundamental rights and freedoms of children and parents. It has been reported by some children that CAS workers are going into schools and threatening and intimidating children right in their own schools. Some school boards have been so misled by CAS officials that CAS workers are working inside of schools alongside of the teachers themselves. 

- - -

Applicant: Not disclosed, Application created: Friday, March 25, 2016 City: Kingston Applicant type: Parent

School board: Limestone District
School : Frontenac Public School

Current Court: False

Lawyer Firm: considering legal action: True

If asked for your testimony would you agree to give this testimony in Court: True

Limitation Act: Within 1 to 5 years ago

The children were embarrassed and confused by their questions. They felt as though they were bullied and were quite intimidated. It was because of the CAS, my son kept secret for years that he had been abused by one of my former employers as he believed, that just like the "bad man" told him if he told anyone he would hurt his Mom, that these CAS people were bad just like that man. My oldest son complained that the older kids at school would ask him about the CAS and at times would even tease him that the CAS only comes when your mom is a "whore" or a "crack head". He also stated that the CAS workers asked him several times, if he had been touched by any of his "Moms" boyfriends and when my son stated that I don't have any boyfriends, the worker told my son that I lied to him and in fact, "your mommy has lots and lots of boyfriends".

My sons and I were humiliated, bullied and intimidated by this agency for 2 years.

When I did find myself years later being stalked and harassed by someone, (no, not a boyfirend either!) I was terrified to ask anyone for help in case CAS was notified and my children were taken. Thanks to this agency, I was terrorized and harassed for years by this man. (no, NEVER when my kids were there)

My sons went to live with their father after I had a massive heart attack, and the CAS advised my children that the heart attack was due to long term drug use; and that I was suicidal and tried to kill myself.

To make matters worse, my father, a very well known political figure in my home town, was charged with 35 counts of production of child porn, invitation to sexual touching, etc. The CAS advised my boyfriend at the time that they more than enough reason to believe that I had "sexual relations with my father in the past, and may even continue to do so". God only knows what they told my children's father! My ex husband was convinced by these malicious monsters that the children would be in "danger" if he even allowed me to see them supervised, and even phone contact could seriously harm them. For almost 2 years I did not see or speak to my children. I raised my boys on my own, put myself through college, coached softball and soccer, took the boys to church group weekly, became an Educational Assistant and Personal Support Worker part time so I could be with the boys as much as possible and still support them. From the time they were 3,4 and 5 until they were 11, 12 and 13 they were with me.

I received a pittance in child support and he saw the once a month, at his parents house. My oldest son is now 18 and still won't speak to me.

This caused me to lose respect for the school board and school: True

Protection workers should be allowed to go into schools to interview children without the informed consent: False

Do you support the idea of full time child protection workers being allowed to be stationed inside schools? False

This has caused me to no longer trust child protection workers: True

Has caused considerable stress on our family: True

Has caused financial losses due to time off work and legal expenses, etc.: True

It would be the most appropriate place for a child protection worker to interview a student: I don't feel a child should ever be interviewed by "just a child protection worker" and that ALL interviews should be recorded. Ontario needs to establish another agency of some sort that's sole mandate is to protect the rights of the FAMILY UNIT.

- - - - - Parent sepecific questions - - - - -

Has caused my child to lose respect for the school board and school: False

My child no longer trusts some of his/her teachers: False

My child is afraid to go to school sometimes: True

My child feels ashamed or has been bullied because of it: True

My child has had nightmares: True

My child no longer trusts child protection worker: True

I consent to include this content in a letter campaign: True

participate here:

- Ontario
last update
Sunday, March 27, 2016
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