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April 16 2021

Re: Father Rights Canada - my rights as a father in Manitoba
Laura McCulloch audience: Public
There's next to no help for men in Manitoba. As a woman who raised a good man I have been ...
Children's Aid Society of the City of Sarnia and the County of Lambton
Canada Court Watch audience: Public
Judicial Inquiry Into the Care of Kim Anne Popen by the Children's Aid Society&nbs...
Re: Father Rights Canada / I paid MEP but someone is lying
Mii Car audience: Public
if you at all can, get MEP out of your life...your kids will thank you...your ex will than...
Re: Got this letter of my son today guess its time to give up!
audience: Public
Scott! I have extensive knowledge about Parental Alienation. This is a clear example of...
Justice Youngworth told me to let it go, and refused any make up time
Scott J Wass Debra A. Yungwirth audience: Authenticated Login and access Justice Youngworth told me to let it go, and refused any make up time
I was single dad to a 4 year old when i met this crybully. We dated for about a year, g...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Is there a lawyer that can help - Appeal Case CAS Ontario
audience: Public

I am self-represented in my appeal against the children aid. they have changed lawyers ...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

audience: Authenticated Login and access Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

Reply to my post earlier re 3 and 4 yr old sons and access In response to the question ab...
For people interested in obtaining copies of lawsuits against the Children's Aid Societies filed at the courthouses
Chris Carter
audience: Authenticated Login and access For people interested in obtaining copies of lawsuits against the Children's Aid Societies filed at the courthouses

don't allow the staff to turn you away and prevent your attempt to obtain those importa...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada / If Im not the father of a child that the mother had in previous relationship
Anthony Oswald
audience: Public

Jasmin Riley this is ridiculous and I would warn men in advance not to marry and have a pa...
How BAD it is Not only are Paedophiles in CAS they are as well behind Ontario Sex Education
James Mcbride
audience: Public

Screened...after 14 years of dealing with CAS during the o...
MEP FRO confirmed Friday June 17 2016
Lecyn William
audience: Public

This is Man & Woman neutral! Debtors, Supports, Family, Friends, Even creditors who...
Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever
audience: Public

I hear your concern but remember… if you did not see it with your own eyes or he...
Police Investigation Request 30 April 2014 Audio recording VI
audience: Authenticated Login and access Police Investigation Request 30 April 2014 Audio recording VI

Appointment set for 630pm with SSM City Police to review the 2009 case and Adam's new r...
Re: Sault Ste Marie Ontario narcissistic ex manipulating the criminal justice system to gain advantage in Family Court
audience: Public

this is not right, what happened further is the been brought to Justice?
Re: Fabricates a fake rape story - no consequences for misleading police in Canada
Cory Spicer
audience: Public

This is similar to what I've dealt with since my son was born in 2003. I havent seen him r...

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Family Law Court Abused and Ridiculed

Friday, April 8, 2016 - Information - Heather Korzinski

I was entertained listening to an audio recording earlier today. I do hope that you gain documentation to prove the allegations Mr. ANDRECYK has made. All of them. I happen to have documentation to prove it otherwise. My children were apprehended in large part due to accusations he made. I didn't walk away from my kids. Yet he did.

The crown laid charges of assault against him. There was clearly a reason for that. Doctors suspected sexual abuse. Not the mother. The children suffer from ptsd due to early childhood trauma. A good part of that trauma occured when he threatened my life in front of them. Mr Andrecyk has had many criminal charges. Unfortunately no convictions. Trafficking for Example. He is an addict and alcoholic.

I have read his psychological reports from wsib Doctors. He has many issues. He accuses me of what he attempted to do. He has kept matters in court for years. As a matter of fact when we separated he said he would keep it in court until the kids and I were in low income housing. Nice, isn't it? He has won. I lost everything. I have emails I sent encouraging him to do things with his kids.

His responses were not favorable. You can't believe every father who uses alienation as an excuse to walk away from their kids. It's unfortunatly looks bad for the good fathers who actually experience that. I would have preferred a different outcome. I raised a child myself. I didn't want to do that alone again.ain.

In reply of

Canada Family Law Court where Citizens are Abused and Ridiculed

Audience: Public
by Frank Andrecyk Stead Law Group
X I know a father that was vilified by his ex. The police, Children's Aid and the Family Courts, treated her *lies* as truth and did everything in their power to prosecute this father for crimes he never committed. Now, the lies an... More >>
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Friday, April 8, 2016
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Family Law Court Abused and Ridiculed

Information | outdoors Voice Page created 4/10/2016 5:15:54 PM Audience: Public

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