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August 10 2022

Father Rights Canada / This woman Will ruin my job, get me evicted, spout lies
Not disclosed audience: Public
Ok, I dont know how to start to ask for advice, I'm usually a sole driven person, and d...
Let that judge know that you might be willing to settle for an even 50/50 split
Joseph L Kenick III audience: Public
They can take our children, homes, life savings, future earnings, drivers licenses, pro...
Re: Wife has taken our children and demands a court order before I see them again
Shondee Nye audience: Public
I can highly recommend Dereck Jones and Krysta Ostwald. Used both. Both are Calgary bas...
How many people had their complaint to the law societies about unethical lawyers thrown in the trash
audience: Public
Ive got two complaints in but nothing changes. Cas has had my daughter for four months ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / bills and stress piling up need guidence
Matthew Graham audience: Public
I listened to my lawyer as well. Everyone told me i got bad advice. Ive been in your sh...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: Question
Danette Kluth
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Question

I could relate to Sooo many but didn't get through all, is one of the child attempting to ...
Re She is threatening him that if he doesnt spend time with her that he cant see the baby
Benjamin Duffy
audience: Public

Truth of the matter is she will get what she wants, and he's basically got no power he'...
Re: 60.000 fathers who committed suicide in the last 40 years because of family court
Jon Butler
audience: Public

In common-law jurisdictions "family courts" are statutory creations primarily dealing w...
Trying to set the record straight. It is like climbing up a large razor blade
One Dedicated Teacher
audience: Public

Her Side (My Side -Silenced) and Now The Truth! In the past, I have been shamed of...
If the mother is not agreeable is to return to Court to get your court order changed
Rob Kruyt
audience: Authenticated Login and access If the mother is not agreeable is to return to Court to get your court order changed

I have a question: Since age 3.5-4 my son has asked consistently and in many ways to sp...
Re Father Rights Canada / Direction needed on support and 5050 issues
Jennifer Spackman
audience: Public

If you have the agreed-upon no support payments in writing then she doesn’t have ...
Re: Father Rights Canada - Canadian laws are rigged to screw over the person who doesnt have the kids
Karen Dublin
audience: Public

Set up an account strictly in your kids names , you can buy them what they need. For the s...
Re: Family Law in Alberta (All Canada) is a mess - Fatherless Day A silent walk
Beatrice Susin
audience: Public

There appears to be nobody in charge of Family Court System right across Canada with any o...
Re Father Rights Canada / Father looking for answers on child support
Judy Gauvin
audience: Public

From my understanding you would have to continue paying while your youngest is in unive...
Father Rights Canada / My kid is special needs, last time I saw him was on March 12th.
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Short story, My kid is special needs, last time I saw him was on March 12th. Th...

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Re: Are you able to recommend lawyers who can help?

Sunday, April 23, 2017 - DisLog - Amber Dawn West

Trying to change or "fix" someone doesn't work, it makes the person you're trying to change resent you, and then they drink more just to piss you off. If he wants custody, lawyer up and go to court asap! If she leaves the home with the children it will be harder to get them back. If he just wants her out, talk to a lawyer or a cop, I think I heard he can just change the locks while she's out. (If memory serves, a married acquaintance had that happen to her, but I don't know the full story there)
In reply of

Are you able to recommend lawyers who can help?

Audience: Public
by Teresa
X My 30 year old son has two children (1 & 2 yrs old) with woman he is living with. He is the main care giver, has he was layed off work. he wants to leave relationship due to too many issues to mention but she refuses to leave his house. He too... More >>
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Sunday, April 23, 2017
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