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January 22 2021

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Searching for my children

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The Truth about Philip Parisi

Sunday, August 20, 2017 - AbusesToMen - Not disclosed - Philip Parisi - Canada

It’s been about a month since the I will miss my step daughter story  was posted. I have not said a word I just watched hoping PP would be honored but instead there are accusation of alcohol abuse and drug abuse. It saddens me to see where its at . So I hope to shed some light on things.

I don’t believe PP was an alienated parent, I do however believe that gaining access to the child was more often than not, very difficult. So Alienated no high conflict yes. But if we ask questions to the people willing to talk (not many were as they finally had peace in their lives and didn’t want to revisit the past with GP) I did learn that GP had a boyfriend Nick whom she invited down to Costa Rica where she proceeded to look like she was being stalked and had him beat up knocking out his front teeth and putting him in the hospital. Both GP and TR were arrested for assault . Next there was a 6 yr relationship I do not know why or how it ended but it resulted in years of harassment to the point where it has divided families. They will not talk to me as it was so stressful they will not have anything to do with this situation, There are other things told but are not to do with PP.

 PP and GP went to Mexico they were with friends of PP and went out for the night. When PP got home he was attacked by GP. There are witness to this event. 

Does anyone realize that PP hadn’t drank in a year and was working out going to the Gym,  What would drive him to do this? Well he was the only can tell us. But there is a paper trail starting the end of June with lawyer letters then on June 30th another badgering letter of accusations against CG from GP.  It’s true they had broken up but things were not done they still loved each other, the strain of the constant harassment for GP was too much for CG and PP.

PP was shunned in the town he lived due to the constant airing of their business between himself and GP to the town, Judgement  was passed. But as long as PP had his child things were ok. 

Through all these posts I see I read GP loved him they were so much in love but when I read things from PP side it paints a different picture if they were so in love why did he describe his relationship as THE WORST 3 YEARS OF HIS LIFE. Those don’t sound like we were so in love statement. Even though they are a few years old it is still a strong statement of their relationship and how 1 side wanted no part but the other side wouldn't listen and still won’t .  They want to drain every last thing they can from PP. Now they are looking for next of kin status well IMO S is a minor so it should go to the next adult WHOM IS NEXT OF KIN. Perhaps PP mother. GP is wasn’t with PP long in fact CG and PP were together much longer, and just because you had a child with PP doesn’t qualify you as next of kin.  

My gosh there is so much to cover,  I’m seeing the words home wrecker thrown out,  REALLY!  Lets talk about that so this is the start of PP and CG. GP had kicked PP out due to his drinking, he needed a place to stay and asked CG to stay there GP was not happy about that but SHE KICKED HIM OUT!  There was no home wrecking in fact sources say PP drinking became worse while with GP. Anyway, CG quickly bonded discussing the antics of GP and their relationship flourished and survived a constant attack from the GP camp. So in fact it was GP who pushed them together , I believe that GP envied the relationship PP and CG had and used PP’s only weakness to keep control of him his child.

During the relationship GP had gotten cancer and PP being the kind soul was empathetic to his child’s mom PP helped out even at the cost of his relationship with CG being strained. PP would do anything to help out his child even if it meant hanging out with GP.  While in Vancouver for treatment PP was down there and PP and GP hooked up. GP knew PP and CG were together yet CG gets called the home wrecker. Ironic isn’t it? It seems that everything GP and her minions accuse CG of doing they do themselves.  We didn’t go looking to defame PP hurt his family. But the truth needs to be told.

PP and CG did break up at the end of may but things weren’t  over PP had gotten his own place June 1st and was being productive in moving forward. I’m not sure where this 8 months came to be but the end of may they had split due to PP telling CG about the winter in Van. Finally GP got what she wanted. But PP didn’t want her.

It’s been said that the night leading up to July 1st PP was out drinking again, Well it’s also been stated that he was talking about how GP destroyed his life and the relationship with CG. It’s also noted that PP got lawyers papers from GP on June 28th once again attacking CG. The June 30th and email attacking CG. On that fateful night JULY 1,2017 he reached out to CG for help and told her he loved and we could work things out she stated we will talk tomorrow not realizing what would happen. Now to all you critics out there let me ask a few questions. If GP and PP were rekindling their relationship why was GP not called the fateful night? Next why if they were rekindling their relationship would he be upset saying GP destroyed his life and everything in it? Or perhaps lets talk to past relationships of GP to she how the shed light in this situation?


- Canada
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I miss my step daughter and I'll miss Philip forever

Audience: Public
by Carolyn Garrett Philip Parisi
X 4 years ago I met my partner wounded and broken by his ex-girlfriend who he had a young baby with at the time. She falsely accused him of assault and got a restraining order against him. She abused all of her ex-boyfriends prior, mentally and phys... More >>
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The Truth about Philip Parisi

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