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October 26 2020

Thomas Wood's injustices - Christine Rupert rips from the pain and suffering of a wrongful conviction
Christine Rupert Tom Wood audience: Public
Christine Rupert can huff and puff, but no amount of hot air will ever blow over our de...
Father Rights Canada / Why is it even though you get shared custody
Jeff Kerby audience: Public
Government in Canada is for women and children. You just have to adjust to this reality...
Sudbury Family Law Lawyer Helen Florentis acting in malice and loses right to practise law
Darren MacDonald audience: Public
A Sudbury lawyer has failed in her bid to convince a tribunal to suspend her licence ra...
CAS fraud, Corruption Central Notes
audience: Authenticated Login and access CAS fraud,  Corruption Central Notes
by Corruption Central (Notes) on Friday, January 21, 2011 **Sent Via Fax to : Janu...
FACS SCAS CAS etc in Ontario Canada harassing thousands of other residents
Anonymous audience: Public
Subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation by the Children's Aid Societies of Ontar...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
CAS adopted out my kids on me
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Back in the 90's I think 94 so how CAS adopted out my kids on me at there an age of 5 a...
October 30 2010
audience: Authenticated Login and access October 30 2010

5 page pdf file     Links to attachments: http://www....
Re: Please help CAS wants crown wardship for purpose of adoption
Sherry Banasch
audience: Public

cas did this to me they took my boys due to my epilepsy and then i did all these groups...
CAS saying that if continued to post things about her child (who are in care) that they will be taking legal action
Wanda Buffalo
audience: Public

I'm a grandmother with boys in care been fighting for 11 going on 12 have 4 hr visits o...
CAS PROTECTING Paedophiles - convicted of assaulting foster child spared jail

audience: Authenticated Login and access CAS PROTECTING Paedophiles - convicted of assaulting foster child spared jail

CAS for one thing denying a teen the right to grow up like a teen and not have some wea...
OCL Ontario Children Lawyer and Evidence Ontario Family Court
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Could you please post anon. Today my son had his disclosure meeting with the his and he...
List of Family Court Officials who take children away from loving, protective parents
Papa Inbc
audience: Public

Damon's List is a List of Family Court Judges, Lawyers, Psychologists, and Other Offici...
I don't necessarily trust Viaguard as I suspect Ben Salsberg has been hired by Motherisk
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Viaguard/Accumetrics looking for Motherisk victims. Just wanted to let you know that is...
Father Rights Canada Grande Prairie Alberta Is there any support groups in my area?
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I'm from grande Prairie. Alberta. Is there any support groups in my area.
May 07 2010

audience: Authenticated Login and access May 07 2010

Observation notes four page pdf file http://www.brainsyntax.com/Portal/Material/3/Folde...

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How to file a proper complaint against the solicitors and Court

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - Information - Jes Correia - Canada Court Watch

The Conduct of Judges: CANADIAN JUDICIAL COUNCIL The Canadian Judicial Council is made up of 39 members and is chaired by the Chief Justice of Canada. Membership consists of the chief justices, associate chief justices and some senior judges from provincial and federal superior courts across the country. The Council collectively has authority over a body of more than a thousand federally appointed judges.The Council meets twice a year. In the meantime, it is through committees that the Council does much of its work. Some of these are permanent, standing committees; others are formed to deal with specific issues or projects ... 

Full pdf source:

- Canada Court Watch
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How to file a proper complaint against the solicitors and Court

Audience: Public
by Not disclosed
X I, as well as many other fathers, am having extreme difficult with my change in Consent Order. I have been dealing with the Court of Qeens Bench Saint John for over 11 years now and have yet to see light at the end of this dark tunnel.<... More >>
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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