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September 28 2020

Re: Lying swearing under oath Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charges
Emily Williams Tilley audience: Public
This is absolutely atrocious for so many reasons..... Mainly that this father was strip...
Father Rights Canada / Maintenance enforcement causing hardship please help
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Hello,  I'm looking for help in regards to contacting Maintenance enforcement. I n...
Apparently Jody Wilson Raybould only represents the government interests
John Love audience: Public
The Government or State Must Act in the Public Interest that must mean the Government o...
Re: Bargening for five extra minutes with their loved ones denied 2 be with Mama CAS tried everything
Jeremy Bjornaa audience: Public
An army of affected people are out there isn't time we come together and held them acco...
Re: VIORICA LUNGU - You have been slandered publicly by your monster ex husband
Ian audience: Public
This is a reply for everybody to understand how Viorica's ex is using the Internet to s...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: La liberté Newspaper here in winnipeg likes to know about parental alienation
Justin Gagnon
audience: Public

Yeah, I would be willing to talk with you. My story is pretty crazy and deals with many...
Re: She was 8 years old and we were forced to say goodbye
Shazelle L. Santana
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Yes. I am not who they wanted me to be either. Nowhere to turn anything around bc it wa...
How beaten into submission you can become
The Fathers Rights Movement
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I was telling A friend this morning, when I do exchanges with my wife for the children ...
Re: LSUC not reporting lawyers who bilk clients because of solicitor-client privilege
Charlie Deguara
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Law society equates to legalized corruption. They should not be policing their own memb...
Re: Father Rights Canada / saddens me to see so many men wanting to be fathers
Vanessalynne Mollard
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I would not respond to this as it is likely to either be a fishing activity, or more li...
Your class mates screams every time now Michaela your Dad is here

audience: Public

6 month ago your mother called 911 as she noticed me on your first school day, the day ...
Equality Day Will Proceed This Sunday June 1st Toronto at SW Corner of Yonge-Dundas
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Canadian Association for Equality Responds to Misinformation with Education TORONTO, ON...
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I know that some of you are aware that I have often helped children & families &nbs...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Phone Contact Request

audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Father Rights Canada / Phone Contact Request

My x tells me I have no rights an that she’ll take me back to court for full custody. She ...
Re: Do I give the Judge and Registrar a binder of documents like I provide to opposing counsel
Mackenzie Phillips
audience: Public

I have seen both done in court ..but for a trial from my experience u need to have docu...

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Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 - Information - Sad

I won't call you by any name at all, and as evidenced by your random assumption regarding my identity and the number of children/'baby daddies' I have, you don't have the slightest idea of who I am. My life is nothing you could possibly guess at. 
I've never used my name or real email address (which contains my name) on this thread. 

As for my personal, real world knowledge of the humans involved, I would never claim to know any of them. The father was completely unknown to me, as is his ex girlfriend. The mother of the child, I've had brief interactions on FB with on literary 4 occasions: reaching out for the first time when she fell ill last year, after I was moved by reading something she had written. Now and then, upon hearing news, I wrote to offer sympathies and an ear and words of encouragement. I certainly do not know any of these people personally. I've only met the mother, in person, on three occasions. First at a restaurant when a mutual friend introduced her in passing. Sexond, years later, at her fundraiser, for about 5 seconds when she thanked me for coming. And finally one time at a park, where she didn't even recognize me. 

Now, back to the point, my story is not important (if it becomes newsworthy, I'll be sure to make a post on this site and notify you post haste).
You are all so clearly hurting. That's okay, it is normal and awful. I'm sad for you. I hope that in time, you find a way to overcome this pain without causing damage to an innocent child. You cannot fix the past and blog it into not happening. This whole dramatic thing is not helping anyone, especially the most important person in this story. The child. 

I hope you find yourselves a great grief counselling group or perhaps a good book. The blame stage is normal with tragedies. May you overcome it quickly. Be well. 

I'm leaving to travel and won't be able to see a reply until the new year. Save your time and your energy, spend it chatting with an experienced member of your community about healing, we all have much healing to do, there's no shame in it. 

Take good care and remember, he'd want his child protected.

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Re: Re: I miss my step daughter and Ill miss Philip forever

Audience: Public
by Nightmare other
X Autumn? Correct? First off I'm Not CAROLYN. but if you feel the need to name me call me nightmare This is all disturbing?  You have 3 baby daddies? How many do you allow to talk to your kids? I find that disturbing... More >>
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017
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