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Abusive Mom will be handed children dad may end up in jail

Sunday, November 12, 2017 - Fathers - Ramsey - Fathers Rights Alberta Canada

We’ve paid $20K since February, with an outstanding bill of $18K. Not sure how that could be as the lawyer has had his student doing most of the work. Every time it goes before the case management judge, we hear that the judge hasn’t even read any of the paperwork.

There’s a file from Child and family services that’s 500 pages long! My husband has sole interim custody of the children since January 2014 when they were placed in our care because mom had checked into a psych unit. In August 2015 we stopped allowing her visitation as we were hearing some alarming things that were going on at the farm she lives at which is very remote in Alberta. She didn’t even try to fight for the kids until July 2016, we asked her to go get clean and to get some help as we know that two parents are important to children.

I don’t need to be a mother as I have my own two grown daughters and grandchildren. ALTHOUGH love these children a great deal! Now that the children have been with us without seeing their mom since 2015 the horrors they have shared would make your head spin. They have talked to 10 professionals who all agree that the children should not be placed with their mother.

In November of last year my husband started to lose his job as the economy in Alberta is hurting as we all know. by December we were almost destitute, he was headhunted by a company in Vancouver and accepted the position gladly in January of this year. Since 2014 the mother hasn’t helped contribute financially to the children at all, not even birthday gifts, Christmas gifts from her! So of course my husband was happy to have a good job that promises to be a great career.

We gave notice to be out of our home for the end of March of this year and didn’t see why there would be a problem that the children move with us. It’s a huge problem! No one will do a mobility order in the interim because of the different changes continually with our case management judge mom got supervised access to the children, but the children will not go with her. During this time we’ve been paying our lawyer monthly as agreed-upon in the beginning, but he hits us up every once in a while for lump sum‘s. The end of August before our court date he said he needed five grand to keep acting, so we begged borrowed everything we could and gave him his money.

He continued to act although half heartedly and he was on vacation and then he told us he needed 10 grand by October 6 or would be ceasing to act, at this point we had to let him go as we are now officially broke and behind in other bills. The judge decided that he did have to continue to act because of some problem with his paperwork. The children’s lawyer had told them that by the end of the school year in June of this year they would be living in BC with their dad it was a no-brainer, yet the case management judge ordered reunification therapy and to see a counselor that has been a gong show.

The children have had to tell the horrors that happened to them to more than 10 professionals now. They were even accepted at the Sheldon Kennedy advocacy center for abused children and we were told they were the worst of the worst. Why we have to even continue to fight, is beyond me. The police laid charges against the mother and the file went to crown, and crown came back and said it would be too costly as it would require a trial by jury.

The poor children feel like they never should’ve said anything and continue the hand they were dealt! None of us can believe this is happening! In the meantime the children contacted my husband as they always do in September with more tears and daddy we want to be with you.

They hadn’t attended school because they were refusing to attend school in Alberta.

They told their dad that he shouldn’t worry but they had a plan and would get a trucker to drive them to BC. Dad unfortunately made the decision to pick the children up and bring them with him. The order states that the children will not be removed from the province of Alberta permanently. He said this wouldn’t be permanent, but just to give them stability until the Judge granted mobility. Our lawyer was denied being able to cease to act and told my husband that he would be going to jail as he was being held in contempt of court the lawyer doesn’t feel my husband was in contempt, and that he definitely needed a lawyer and he would continue to act if we could come up with five grand for him before November 14 which is the court date. He then moved that date up to next Monday and now that date has been moved up to today, if we don’t give him five grand by today we don’t have a lawyer and there will not be an appeal or any such thing, it is completely distressing!

The person who abused them is going to be handed the children!!

And my husband who has done nothing but protect the children and never badmouthed the mother will go to jail! How can this even be? We are living in a state of complete panic at the moment and the children feel like running! We’ve called every advocacy group we can and everyone says we have to wait for the children to be placed with their mom. The children know that mom will run with them....

- Fathers Rights Alberta Canada
last update
Sunday, November 12, 2017
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