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Family Court - retaliation and intimidation by spiteful Ex

Monday, January 29, 2018 - Mothers - Not disclosed - Fathers Rights Alberta Canada

ex vandalising my vehicles, while we were going to Family Court, as I was seeking visitation with my son? Here's the video of my ex coming to my garage port with a machete and ripping the recording camera out of the wall, while we were in trial for my visitation of my son

my ex tried to intimidate me , while we were in family court proceedings and it took 10 days for her to get charged. And how I wasn't allowed to bring it up in family court. She kept putting off the charges until family court was over and she owes me over 7000 dollars and one of the vehicles was written off


Video 2: My neighbours security cam caught my friends crazy, alcoholic ex girlfriend vandalizing both of his cars by his home. As you can see she was wearing her hoodie on her coat, as she vandalized both vehicles. 
Suurce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjuWIpWmBac&feature=youtu.be

I would like to share a horrific experience with an Alcoholic, abusive Ex Gf and the Courts here in Alberta. I was in a volatile and abusive relationship for approx 7 years. I did everything possible to be a good provider and a great father. I worked a lot of years in isolated areas in the Oil and Gas industry, mostly in Northern Alberta. In my relationship with my Ex common law, my ex's alcoholism and life style choices made our life together extremely difficult. From the beginning of our relationship, when I was at work my Ex would sit at home and drink. I would come home from work to find everything broken in our home and holes in the walls.

I spoke to my Ex many times about getting help with her alcohol addiction and anger issues, as I am not an alcoholic or Drug abuser. She would promise me to deal with her issues, and I tried to help her by giving her support as well as arranging counselling with my union plan. She would attend once and come up with an excuse to why she couldn't get help and make the appt time. After several months I found out she was pregnant and our son was born. I still remember that day;

I was very excited and rushed from my job to the hospital. It was the greatest day of my life. I felt so blessed to hold him in my arms, I promised myself that I was going to be the best father that a man could be. As time went by I found out that my son had a rare chromosome issues and as a result would have special needs. I did everything I could to be a good father. I'd change his diapers, prepare his formula and take him to his appointments. My Ex on the other hand started drinking more. I tried to leave with my son many times and would get threatened with the Police.

I tried calling child services and never got any type of support. I would go to my parents home in the middle of the night with my Son. By the time the morning would come, police would be knocking on my parents door. At this point of time I felt helpless and was unaware how to apply for custody of my Son.

False Allegations were made against me; never once did I hurt or abuse my Ex. However, the Police would charge me based on her report. I was never given the chance to speak to the authorities about this. They would just call me and tell me I was charged and that they wanted to know my whereabouts. I would immediately turn myself in and get out on bail. In my conditions of release, I want not allowed to contact my Ex and my Son. Several days would pass and I would get phone calls from Blocked phones and their was never a voice mail left. Curiously I would pick up the phone, and I could here my son saying he had no food and was very hungry.

 I did not understand why this was, as I always paid child support. Because of this call, I went to the grocery store and bought a lot of food. I knew this was wrong, but I loved my son. I would drop off the food on her front lawn and leave. I know that I broke court orders but felt it was worth it as it was very important for him to eat. I did contact the authorities and child services with no regards to my concerns. I felt very frustrated. Again the Authorities called me and I was charged with several breaches, no questioning just charged. At this point in time I was living with family and working out of Edmonton. I needed as much money as I could make and I missed a court date, it was not intentional.

 I got scared I'd lose my job. Several weeks went by and the authorities started looking for me. They went to my families home and previous employers businesses. I just worked as saved as much money as I could knowing that I would have to turn myself in. I was eventually put into the Local Newspaper as a " Most Wanted" Criminal. And I got tired of this lifestyle and turned myself in. I spent a lot of time in custody, waiting for the day I would have in court. I missed my son everyday and kept wondering if he was ok. The Trial eventually came and all charges were dismissed. I got released immediately and filled for visitation of my son in the Family Courts. A lot transpired in that time period. Someone immediately started harassing me online. Posts were put up on many different websites calling me an Abuser, Cheater, and many more horrible things. It took awhile for me to react, but I did respond. I just wanted to defend myself and tell the truth. It was a big mistake on my part as these posts are still on the internet today. My name is slandered and reputation is beyond repair.

The Family court proceedings began to start and it was a long process. I got humiliated, called down, the previous charges that were dismissed were now being used against me. One day during a week end, I awoke to find my room mates and my vehicle vandalized. One of the vehicles was written off and the other one was vandalized a lot. I had a video security installed previously. It was to my amazement that the camera did record the whole incident. I called the authorities and made a report. It was very visible in my opinion, who did this to my vehicles. It took over 10 days for the police to lay charges and many calls to the police chiefs office. I had additional concerns as to wear my son was during this incident? I never did get a response. You could also see my ex had a machete in her hands in the video. I did take the video and report to the Family court hearing and the Judge would not here of it.

The judge said she was not guilty of any offence and it had to go through the Criminal Courts. I thought that this was unfair and unjust. I was very upset. My did eventually get charged and released immediately. She than hired a Lawyer and got all her criminal charges put off until Family court was done. I did eventually get my Visitation with my Son, it took over 2 years and costed me most of my life savings. My Ex tried and tried again to deny me access and a Judge did eventually make it Police Enforceable.

Today as I sit her writing this post , I feel many people have judge me for this whole ordeal. I am unable to keep a job or have a decent relationship with a woman. It's hard to get an understanding as so many people have given up and walked away. The most heart wrenching thing that I have ever experienced through this was waiting for the Family Court to give me visitation as I lost a lot of time with my Son that I will never get back. I'd like to tell every Father , Mother, Grand Parent not to ever give up on seeing your children. Stand your Ground. I hope this experience I've had reached out to the many that need hope this time of year. *

Please excuse any typos
Thanks Dad

- Fathers Rights Alberta Canada
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Monday, January 29, 2018
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