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October 21 2021

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I was put in an orphanage turned institution and saw a lot of shitty and sick things there

Sunday, May 13, 2018 - Crownward - Lisa C Shears Kendall - CAS Ontario~My Experience

As a former quebec crown ward, I was shuffled from abusive institution to others 26 times/ back and forth.. I told every cop that picked me up that they were sexually, physically and emotionally abusing the "geeks" the ones who had families who gave birth to them and then proceeded to use them as punching bags, kids that ate their own feces, kids that had tried some succeeded in killing family members/one case I know of was completely justified.

The cops didn't give a shit, they returned us the same, without any investigation, then the protective measures of the DYP came in, a government body, which is why in quebec, social workers must be actual grads of a university in dealing with families, and not moving to the last step, which is removing the child, they play the balancing act, keeping a close eye and meeting with the families on a weekly or bi weekly time frame. This was in the seventies, so nothing as far as parents rights have changed. They again, have to PROVE you are a bad parent and may try to mislead but on the stand I've yet to see one social worker, in forty plus years of dealing with them/QUEBEC, lie... ever.

Anyways, we only got protection from these maggots in the 80's but they were, still abusive and sat on their asses while the other kids got beaten, some staff beat, or ignored completely what was going on, they never changed me places so I decided to change my own situation. Anyways, on these trips of padding the pavement, I spent weeks sometimes months away, they knew I wasn't that important as long as they were looking for me, NOT, I used to try to see if they were, often approaching cops and speaking to them calmly, asking directions, or the time, and walking away.

I was in Montreal and often went home, to aunts homes, thanks Elaine, my grandma, my other grandma, who fed, clothed me and kept me safe, however we often had to leave as the cops would call and they'd lie through their teeth that I wasn't there and they'd not heard from me, I had plenty of freinds whose parents had empathy and kept me there as long as I wanted to stay, feeding me, and letting me sleep there..

buuut when I was left with no where, they were closing in, I would take to the downtown core, the red light district , which believe it or not, I found many prostitutes and drug users, and other people who were grounded and helped me in the way of feeding me, telling me how to watch my back, how to survive in a perilous world. Tricks about staying in public, which is why kids who are roped into falling for pimps and gangs, don't or should NEVER stay in a bus station/train station.

This is one of the main places predators sit on a daily basis looking for kids with zero destination... Crowds in the middle of the night are your best friend. I thank all those ladies of the night as they provided me with a sixth sense that is only come by through difficult circumstances, I never had to do wha tthey did, but they did it and used the money supposedly meant for the pimps who'd beat them if they didn't meet their quota, on food and money for me instead. I met a couple of them who'd been really good to me, they never had pimps and watched each others backs, they did a year or two on the street/a conscious decision which in turn they wound up making enough to open their own hair salon. Imagine i they'd have got caught up in the dope etc, they'd still have been on their arses a lot of girls think that a pimp watches out for them, they only do that when they've not yet fully brainwashed the girls and only watched that they did what they were told and then they were left to fend for themselves.

Anyways another short tale from the life of Lisa, I've got many more, which I'd like to share ith you and will be writing a book on it. In the meantime, |

I'm telling you about "SLAVE TO THE FARM" BY Erika Tafel, AN excellent person, and a long time friend, who can better explain what these places did and do to children. they mix criminals/murderers, mentally ill and abused kids all together, my juvie crime was running away from the abuse, after having my father mentally sexually emotionally and physically abuse me for eight years/ almost daily, and a mother he'd broken and couldn't defend herself, let alone us, I'd have rather been home, a military rcaf man, we were treated like little soldiers, and he was the warrant officer, he would beat us, then hide a wireless mike in our room then come in and beat us again for criticizing the beating, we faced him aiming for poles on icy highways while he sped the car upwards of 130+ KMS PER HOUR. And he'd often load chamber and put the rifle in our faces, last time I asked him to please pull the trigger...

that is a bit of my story, just what's on my mind today. and why I'm fighting to see families restored thorugh therapy, and with oversight, but not shredded, more damage was done to us, than at home, I guarantee that,
I was instantly put not in foster care, I was put in an orphanage, turned institution and saw a lot of shitty and sick things there. I want my apology from the government of Canada, I was treated almost as badly as the non whites, the natives. How about my fellow friends who were crown wards.....

My foster home/yeah I became one for almost nine years, was a paradise/I made a lot of mistakes, but wasn't raised by real parents, but it was paradise for one of my foster kids compared to what I'd received, I'm not certain if he feels that way, but in that day and age, the early nineties, care was real careless.... I guess it's up to him to say if I did a good job or not.... I'm sure proud of him. ENOUGH. HAVE A GO

- CAS Ontario~My Experience
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Sunday, May 13, 2018
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