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November 29 2020

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Don't fire him infront of the judge the court will not like that.

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Searching for my children

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We have many battles ahead of us to solve this

Monday, December 2, 2013 - MisConduct - Velvet Martin

My little girl with her hair cut off and wearing size 5 clothing although she was 12 years of age. This is what government "care" looks like:
Barb _____ _____ is ten and gets dressed in size 16 clothes from some friend of the fake mom.....clothes not apropriate for a young child.. 

We have many battles ahead of us to solve this..... damn it is painful at times. 

I feel so sad for you tears

There is two options: One is to lay down and let it go... which means that this will continue to transpire with other children. Or, fight against the hell that it is. Here, I am one stubborn soul and I will battle until my last breath.

So sad..

my heart breaks 

its not fair...i wanna bust somebody's ass!

An untrained monkey could provide better care than those a$$ wipes

Thats brutal. Especially when you think about who Samantha's Foster Parent were, and how much funds they received. Plus all the Foster Parent's little side ventures, that they profited heavily from.

fake parents aren't taking care of these kids because of compassion for them...it is only for the almighty dollar

OMG..that is so sick. That poor little beautiful little girl. 
God be with her

and she was going to school like that I bet

so very sad ;( Thinking of you 

3 schools in different locations - Edmonton, Morinville and St. Albert - all reporting concerns similar to my own and no action was taken by ministry. The core social-worker stated to me when I raised concerns: "You are only one person in Samantha's life. If there were any concerns, we'd act." - Lorna Huff. In turn, I asked, "Would YOU die for her? Because I would." That's the difference. To learn following death that not only were others reporting, the social-worker had gone months - over a year in fact - without even viewing Samantha in person.

That last comment Velvet makes my tears turn to anger. How is this even possible? Oh Canada! Land of the free my a**!

Solid Foster Parents? I think they all quit within a few years.

I know foster parents who have a 'boy' with them who is the same age as my oldest. He has aged out of the system and still lives with them because he is loved, one of the family. They DO exist.

We have been blessed with a son who is neither legally or biologically ours. Now that he's 24yrs old he has 2 families. Even though there was never any formalities our courts accepted me as his adoptive Mom for legal proceedings. Some children need an xtra family and it would be a tradegy to deny that these families exist or that their existance is needed. 

(I didn't know that, good for you, kudos!)

I often think about how differently everything might have been "if only" 1/ Government had not held archaic view towards persons with disability, forcing natural families to basically "institutionalize" their children with medical concerns in order to access life-saving treatments/services 2/ Had Samantha, at least, been placed with someone genuine. 

I am a foster parent to related children and a non-related child who I have raised from birth to 8 yrs and then had these children snatched from their beds when we applied for guardianship of all four. The related children's bio parents want us to adopt these children as they are unable to look after them and they are a part of our family too.

Thank you, here again another example of extraordinary circumstances and why it is important not to paint everyone into the same box. (Incidentally, I am so sorry for your loss.)

velvet, not surprised by this.. i had ill fitting hand me downs denim rags...(including cut offs that were too short for the catholic school i was forced to attend) nothing like spending the day in the principals office for unappriaote attire with what the group home told me to wear... happened more than once... and constantlu ripped jeans.. no winter coats... i spent many a winter wearing my jean jacket mom bought me... and i wont even mention shoes.

I am also so sorry for your loss. >3

What a blessing. So happy that your love made the difference. 

Some who personally know me are aware of what I am about to say; others may not be: I, myself, have fostered (although, frankly, I detest the term because of what was done to my child; prefer the phrase "kinship supporter.") Ironic, no? Here, I was a parent whose child was born with exceptional medical needs and government determined that although no intervention issues existed, ruled that natural families could not receive equal access to required healthcare unless the child was under ministry direction. Yet, the same ministry approached years later lauding, "exceptional parenting" and asked me to provide "temporary care" for 2 children with disability that I worked with! I accepted the role - strictly because I cared very much for these children and realized that the foster placement where my child resided REMAINS OPEN and thus, there was real potential for them to be placed there! Rather than put those children at risk, I assumed responsibility. The "couple of days" I had been told would be needed, turned into 3 months for one child and 6 for the other (until reunification with parent could transpire.) That was about 3 years ago; the family is still intact and living out of Province. The family still remains close to my heart and keeps in touch frequently. Yes, there are those who really do care; I KNOW because I am one of them.

Incidentally, having been privy to both experiences, I am able to relate/relay atrocities from each side: For instance, those foster-parents who genuinely attempt to advocate for the interests of the child/the child's family, are not welcomed by government and this is why many leave. (Personally, I don't believe I would ever do it again unless similar circumstance arose where a child I knew was in imminent danger of being snatched from parent.) This is the type of nonsense that one faces: Imagine the helplessness of having the care of a bright little child who is deaf and learning that she has an extraordinarily high percentage of recovering hearing if she has surgery - AND the natural parent supports the procedure - BUT ministry says, "no" because they don't want to pay for the medical costs! And, here's another head's up: Where government declares there are secure placements with strict scrutiny of homes, DON'T BELIEVE IT! In my case, the children were dropped off and the caseworker couldn't be bothered to wait - literally seconds - for me to walk into an adjoining room to retrieve family criminal record-check clearances (because, as she pointed to her wrist-watch, it was "Friday afternoon" and she wanted to be done with the day!) "Best interests of the child", my a**

Let's see any politician or bureaucrat put up with this kind of "care" without making a fuss. But then again it's always easier to take advantage (and that's putting it mildly) of those who can't fight back... that goes for Lougheed, Getty, Klein, Stelmach and Redford. Is there another building, park, library, school we could put Klein's name on at this point?

Of course there are a couple good ones. Nicole Johnson. But as far as Im concerned the good ones are supporting organized crime. Children's Aid is organized crime. Long gone is the day of when communities would come together and help out these families. It all done for profit now. Of course your gonna have some people who do it out of the kindness of their hearts. If you didn't, the ratio of the jail populations, mental institute, homeless shelters would be higher than the 50-60% average of ex Foster Children.

Foster Parents are basically stashing stolen Children for organized criminals. Its like hiding drugs in your house for big drug dealers. Your not making the drugs, or selling the drugs, You are just hiding the drugs. Does that make you any less of a

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