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Father Rights Canada / Dad and daughter being harrassed and assaulted

Friday, April 26, 2019 - Fathers - Warren - Fathers Rights Canada

Hey guys. My ex was charged with domestic on Mar.27. She has always been physically and emotionally abusive. It has impacted our daughter's (18month old) development and safety in the past. I called the police this time bc it was the first time our daughter was physically impacted (knocked over by her mom on her way to punch me in the back of the head). When I made my statement to the police, I said "if this was the first time she had become violent, I would not have called. Its was not the first time AT ALL, just the first time our daughter was impacted physically". When asked if I would like to speak about past incidents of assault, I said no.

The reason for saying no was bc I wasnt trying to ruin her life. I just want to keep my daughter safe and to have my ex see that her actions are her own (take responsibility for them and stop blaming the victim for her own actions). And so that she would realize her actions are wrong and damaging to a relationship (not normal or acceptable as she seems to think).

Since she was arrested and put on conditions. She has texted me, emailed me, purposely disrupted a mortgage payment causing it to bounce, entered my home or had someone do it for her (to collect 2 bags of clothes), been watching and recording and monitoring/blocking web sites by accessing the wifi remotely gain control of her laptop, found footprints outside my windows and most recently tampered with the propane tanks at the side of the house to try and sabotage a CAS visit. I have reported EVERY SINGLE ONE of these incidents to the police, and they have done NOTHING. They havnt even so much as come out to take a look. They just keep telling me they dont have proof, that's not a breachable offence, the best one "thats not a police matter call 1-800-phonebusters".

Now I'm honestly afraid. The incident with the propane was dangerous. If I had walked outside and lit a smoke at the wrong time in the wrong spot, my daughter and I could both be dead. This is that little girls mother doing these things (with help I'm sure, at the very least with knowledge of it).

CAS has already approved unsupervised access, but with no court order for custody in place, until family court can take place theres nothing saying our daughter has to be brought back home. I dont qualify for legal aid and the earliest I can meet with a lawyer is the day after her first court appearance, which is monday. Now I'm wishing I had reported every assault I can remember. I feel like I've failed my daughter, and I feel like I can't keep her safe. I actually feel like I've put her at more of a risk because I wont be present while shes with her mother. So far i have refused access, but that can only last so long, and will be the first thing her lawyer brings up in his "urgent motion" hes made me aware hes filing.

Can I amend my first statement I made the day she was arrested? Can I reach out to police in a neighboring jurisdiction? What can I do without breaking the law to keep my daughter safe until a court ordered custody access agreement can be made??

Please help!

Contact Location: Ontario Canada
- Fathers Rights Canada
last update
Friday, April 26, 2019
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