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September 29 2022

Re FRO really needs to get their act together - Mom thinking of withdrawing from FRO
Jay M Cormier audience: Public
There you go again this lady is just using a child for money see everyone woman use bab...
PAS Parental Alienation Syndrome - Child Parent Alienation in Canada
audience: Public
GET TO KNOW THE FACTS! Every year in Canada thousands of family members lose ...
Alienating parents are abusive and evil
Hilary audience: Public
Hilary's daily tip, True Story: Court papers, Final orders, if you are parenting with y...
Children's Aid Disclosure to the Court record
audience: Authenticated Login and access Children's Aid Disclosure to the Court record
Children's Aid Disclosure to the court record you can get disclosure through tw...
Re: Horror stories about abuse of children given to me by Childrens Aid Society kids
audience: Public
Hi, I hope you are aware of the Class-action suit launched on behalf of Crown wards her...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Fraud Advocates - debunk Punished for Protecting - New Video - P4P FAIL 100%
Ali Weiss
audience: Public

WOW looks like Francesca Amato-Banfield is being exposed for the fraud she is in all di...
Father Rights Canada / False accusations and payments too high
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hi there, I have been going through a nasty divorce the last couple...
Legal aid lawyers in London Ontario?
a helping hand
audience: Public

Anyone know of good legal aid lawyers in London Ontario? don't use Paul lepi...
Re: She desperately regrets ever giving the kid away
Kat Leland
audience: Public

Have you tried to reach out to the adoptive parents to see if they would help bring the mo...
Re: Father Rights Canada / mom not getting help with addiction what are my options
Todd Wright
audience: Public

Not likely Canadian courts are so one sided it’s amazing dads are allowed to even...
Re: Dorian Baxter announcing mass protest spring 2015 against the malice of the Childrens Aid Societies
Patricia Pelley
audience: Public

please let us know in BC so we can join in, organize as well. We need time so we can ta...
False Allegations of Domestic Violence the Truth
Ally B
audience: Public

I call BULLSHIT! My Ex said I had panic attacks and stole our daughter, which he s...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Father being denied access in Manitoba
Todd Wright
audience: Public

I would go get her. Bring a lawyer a police officer and take her. Right of first refusa...
Words from an Alienated Mother / Parent
4 Ever Their Mom
audience: Public

The alienating parent will put on a good show for the world to see. They will tell othe...
Father Rights Canada /Share my story
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I would love to share my story between the love and devotion of father and daughter and...

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Father Rights Canada / I have hope again that I will get to see my daughter again.

Friday, May 10, 2019 - Fathers - Not disclosed - Fathers Rights Canada

I would like to thank the creators of this group. I have hope again,that i will get to see my daughter again. It has been 8 years of fighting the alienation before i finally lost her. It is a long emotional fight that my heart still breaks everyday wondering how bad of a person she thinks i am that she has been blocked out of my life the last 18 months completely. Other then one email back on her birthday last year from her mother writing again for my daughter and saying if i contact again,I will be arrested for harassment. I have 2 days a week court ordered and now have nothing :( Thank you for hope.

Contact Location: Nova Scotia Canada

- Fathers Rights Canada
last update
Friday, May 10, 2019
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