Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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June 28 2022

My kids will never know the sacrifice, the tears the sheer will it took to get through this
Patrick Harnden Jeff Stapleford audience: Authenticated Login and access My kids will never know the sacrifice, the tears the sheer will it took to get through this
Do any other men feel it's a little unfair that our...
Re: Re: Father Rights Canada - He honestly can not afford to live anymore
Dainis W. Michel audience: Public
Monica _____ i hear you, it's just that there is no ...
Re: Re: Re: Intruding Social workers - What steps should I take to get them to go away
Don Carter audience: Public
Charter of rights and freedoms...i th8nk section 5...but check yourself....you as a canadi...
I listened to some calls
IgnorantLawyer audience: Public
Your preface stating that these are likely to be the only memories your can hold on to ...
Father Rights Canada / Dad needs some urgent assistance
Not disclosed audience: Public
My daughter was abducted in contravention of Ontario orders. She was taken to Nova Scotia...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: Justice Review Committee
Alan Charles
audience: Public

What's the criteria for having your committee look at an OCL?
Re: Fabricates a fake rape story - no consequences for misleading police in Canada
Allan Ryan
audience: Public

LEGAL THEFT OF a father's LIFE with their children. Not to mention THE THEFT of a CHILD's ...
Re: C A S that took her and put her with foster people in Napanee Ontario of Canada
Chantal Robinson
audience: Public

Also your lawyer works for.you, if he/she isn't doing what you tell him to do or isn't fig...
Re: I hate everyone that is involved in the alienation of my children from me
Terry Thorne
audience: Public

Denning a father access to his children is one thing , denning a child access to their ...
Albert Fraser calls hair testing developing science warns against it in child protection cases
Karissa Donkin Bob Murphy
audience: Public

A retired forensic toxicologist is calling on Nova Scotia to stop using hair-based drug...
Children guide to writing an effective affidavit
Vernon Beck
audience: Public

Powerful tips and information those in the family court system don’t want you to ...
Police hassling me on Dean Miller misleading words
Dean Miller
audience: Public

Please if u have all these Acusations of abuse and attempted hit and run go to the poli...
My children's father is a convicted domestic abuser Alienator post
Leigh Ann Turner
audience: Public

Post left on Mom and Dad's for Shared Parenting Facebook page ...
They had us go through all these classes for 2 years
Sherri AN Nick
audience: Public

I don't have a case they closed mine but before they did they took my babies for good. ...
Re: Miserable moment in an Alienated Childs life when she forced to speak with her father
audience: Public

I will convert the audio tonight to a .m4a if required

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Father Rights Canada / Im definitely in dire needs

Thursday, February 13, 2020 - Help - family - Fathers Rights Canada

We are not Lawyers, we try to offer as much advice as we can--and steer you to the right direction

If you like you can message us on  Messenger and we will do our best to lead you to the right direction

Fathers Rights Team  [FR Team] 

Contact us   FR Network Links:

Fathers Rights Saskatchewan Canada

Fathers Rights New Brunswick Canada 

Fathers Rights British Columbia Canada

Fathers Rights Ontario Canada

Fathers Rights Nova Scotia Canada 

Fathers Rights Prince Edward Island Canada

Fathers Rights Canada

Canada's fathers rights because we have none

Fathers Rights Manitoba

Fathers Rights Alberta Canada

further direct contact locations, Saskatchewan Canada, Ontario Toronto, Northern Ontario, BC, Red Deer Alberta, Manitoba, Montreal QC, and other locations. Send your contact request, questions, opinion, we contact you if you wish and publish for you anonymous or if preferred all credits to you.

We are Gender Neutral, Judgement Free Father Support Group

Feel free to share your story and struggles with many other parents and families out there who are also struggling with an unjust and corrupt family court system. We reach out to others who are facing similar issues for help and support.

FR Online support contact Form

- Fathers Rights Canada
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Father Rights Canada / I'm definitely in dire needs

Audience: Public
by Not disclosed
X Do you help dads going through court? I'm definitely in dire needs Contact Location: Nanaimo bc More >>
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Thursday, February 13, 2020
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