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October 23 2020

SSMP investigation against ADAM A. WARREN October 30 2015
Adam Warren audience: Authenticated Login and access SSMP investigation against ADAM A. WARREN  October 30 2015
Phone call recording, from SSMP 815pm October 30 2015 according to the constable on the...
Family & Children Services release their annual report 2013
Chris Carter audience: Authenticated Login and access Family & Children Services release their annual report 2013
wow, it must be a slow media day in Pembroke ON when the local media there waste time c...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Veteran needs help his ex abused him mentally
William O Neill audience: Public
Do not act rash in front of any judges. Fire him privately.  Do you hav...
Court Order December 18 2012
audience: Authenticated Login and access Court Order December 18 2012
approved copy: <img src="../../Portal/Material/1/OntarioBreakUp_236.jpg" alt="" wi...
My dad became depressed and eventually in 2003 ended up committing suicide
Patricia Pelley audience: Public
The Child protection agency has killed more family than anyone else. They kill kids by ...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Advocacy Canada
Re: Father Rights Canada / do I get verification my son is in college?
Oldrich Schmuttermeier Jr.
audience: Public

If you're paying yes, But will they supply them that is a $64,000 question.
All too often judges falsify their reasons and decisions, but who can tell?
Vernon Beck
audience: Public

Canada Court Watch has for years received complaints from citizens about being bullied ...
Re I will make sure she wont receive a penny - system is designed for women
Merle Talavera
audience: Public

Honestly something has to be done. If everyone were to unify and protest I believe you ...
7600 Crown wards in Ontario Childrens Aid Societies 3,000 children found legal homes last year
audience: Public

if only the people an the government honestly knew what goes on in the children's aid s...
The Thoughts of Targeted Parents of Parental Alienation
Suzanne Parle Hutchinson
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Happy Endings...my daughters father and stepmother..found out my daughter was in contac...
Talk of change towards our oppressions
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A Politician promising change and relieve towards our&nbsp;cause to become less severe ...
Re: Fathers Right will enable Grandparents Rights
Brian Koldingus
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Exfuckingactly how they do it.!!!!! I almost wanted to smash my phone reading this. A h...
Brainwashing Children - Top actions of an alienating parent
audience: Public

Doesn&rsquo;t inform you of upcoming school activities (especially unexpected on...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Legal aid experiance needed
Dustin Hammett
audience: Public

I think you know the answers already. You sound like you know the process already. Why ...
Re: Re: The death of a family of a bond between father and children everywhere
Les Spidey Lynch
audience: Public

In Your chronicled time line, in 30 years I will be gone and buried. I&rsquo;m an older...

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She desperately regrets ever giving the kid away

Sunday, February 23, 2020 - Other - family - Anonymous

*anonymous* I know this is a father's rights group first and foremost.. My gf was forced to sign her kid away to her ex's cousin (or be homeless, etc) she was 17-18 at the time. Her ex had been allowed to have the kid for visits.. has zero fathers rights he signed then away as well ( he was 12-23 when he signed off on it) Long story short.. he's being allowed visits to the child.. but she's being left out... She desperately regrets ever giving the kid away.. it's not about getting him back.. but Just being allowed to see the child like the adopted parents are giving to the ( biological father ) ( who technically is their cousin)

Is there anything at all that can be done? It's really chewing her up inside.. especially when her ex posts pics of him with the kid. On Instagram at his home. He ignores the messages of the biological mother. And the adopted parents are allowing the bio daddy..

- Anonymous
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Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Re: She desperately regrets ever giving the kid away

Parents | Kat Leland Voice Page created 2/24/2020 1:01:41 PM Audience: Public

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