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December 08 2021

Re: You are hurting our son, not just me asshat
Dominique Hardy audience: Public
I know the feeling. As i send my step kids off to 4th and kindergarten tomorrow, i will be...
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That would be a great solution but when u are completely maxed out because of said child s...
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As you know I filed the class action on July 10/14. I was waiting to pay the fee a...
Our kid's Vice Principal refusing to accept our cease and desist order
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The historic new expansion of the Ombudsman’s mandate was granted with the passag...
Judge Cheryl Robertson to satisfy her feminist doctrine
Peter Pontbriand audience: Public
This so-called "judge" is the one who blamed my ex's abuses of my children on me for ha...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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Dustin Hammett
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I think you know the answers already. You sound like you know the process already. Why ...
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Ken Hiller
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Don&rsquo;t cheap out on a lawyer Get the one with the most experience you can find <br...
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Ifty Abdool
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Look at this shit .men have to come on social media to seek help here in Canada concerning...
Father Rights Canada / No tests done but the child looks identical to my 3 other daughters
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Ok a few years back . My baby mother had another child and said it was not mine . No te...
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Google ontario child and family services act. Their policies do not over ride these laws a...
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been there myself she can do anything she wants with no accountability and the feminist...
Re: Re I will make sure I point a gun to my self and she wont receive a penny
Dwayne Ford
audience: Public

When will men take action? In two months all this nonsense can be stopped, writing about i...

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Father Rights Canada / I pay paternity to an ex in the US (Georgia).

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 - Fathers - - Fathers Rights Canada

I pay paternity to an ex in the US (Georgia). Paternity was never established when court order for payment was made and I’m trying to establish paternity now.

FRO says contact Georgia, Georgia says contact FRO. Also LegalAid Ontario says contact Georgia. Georgia’s site however says legally any new case after July, 2015 can request DNA testing (but my case was January, 2015). Lawyers are quoting me $5000 to get a court order but Georgia’s site says they can complete the test for $66?

Any advice on this situation?

Contact Location: Ontario Canada
- Fathers Rights Canada
last update
Wednesday, May 13, 2020
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