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June 28 2022

Re: Anyone here remember Stephanie Jobin killed by group home staff
Margaret DaSilva audience: Public
I remember Stephanie. Her mother was a very close friend of mine before we were married...
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Searching for my children

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Anyone here remember Stephanie Jobin killed by group home staff

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - ChildProtection - Canada Court Watch

I only met her a few times but think of her often. When you are in a group home with the same agency and they kill a kid by restraining them in similar ways done to you and your friends I guess it's hard to forget. I know some staff restrained kids like that because they are lazy so they grab pillows or whatever is handy and of course comfy and sit on them or lie on them and laugh. sick bunch of SOB's.

When I lived in the Boeselel Learning for Living Center in Prince George I was often restrained for stupid stuff, it was ridiculous,complained to my social worker all the time and they did nothing to stop it

I remember that distinctly.

Oh my goodness! Seriously??? How awful. I work for the school board and formerly Community Living and do restrain. However it is an absolute last resort and only employed when the individual presents imminent risk to themselves or others. We are well trained, practice regularly and are subject to debriefing and paper work send to the Ministry and the board for review.

Nope. I personally don't remember ever being restrained but clearly remember a boy named John and others being restrained for verbal behavior.

Awful. I work in an educational setting, so perhaps there is a higher degree if professional accountability. We remove entire classes of students when another is having an outburst, and allow them to completely trash a room before ever laying a finger on them. It is only once all other options are completely exhausted and the child will be severely injured or will severely injur another that restraint is ever even an option!!!!!

Myself and many others were restrained for stupid things, like swearing at staff or refusing to do something.

Even when I worked in the group homes restraint was uncommon. The most frequent time I ever used it was to put the helmet back on the head of a severely disabled man who banded his head so violently it when through walls requiring medical intervention and stitches frequently. It was completely for his safety and endorsed by his mother and doctor. 

When I was in "care" they didn't give a rats behind when kids would smash their heads off walls for hours on end they just put you in isolation to do it but swear at them and you'll pay.

That is horrible to hear, i do know that SSW's are now taught in school that's an improper way to restrain someone...Not that it isnt common sense already. Luckily they are taught non violent crisis intervention and told that those types of restraints can kill someone, however that's not to say there isn't horrible workers out there! Hopefully there isn't anymore cases similar.

In the group home I was in they restrained you if you tried to run away, or if you didn't clean your bedroom, if you refused to come for dinner etc.

My board no longer uses non-violent crisis intervention. We use Behaviour Management Systems and Safe Management. If I ever thought I was hurting a child during a restraint I would instantly let go. Some of these stories are horrific!

Mine too Dianna! I tried to run away so they locked me in a room when i went to break the window they came in to restrain me one staff got kicked in the process and i was charged with assault. Refuse to go to bed and they will drag you upstairs and you end up covered in rug burn. In youthdale and syl apps they make kids strip naked in front of 2 staff(not always female either) if you refuse they hold you down and cut your clothes off which is absolutely traumatizing! 

Emily when I was at Maples I had over 30 assault charges from defending myself from restraints

maybe about two years ago now i spent some time contacting ON's chief coroner's office and was able to obtain these records which Rob MCQuaid posted to fixcas.com. the inquest re: Stepanie Jobin's murder is included:


When an Ontario coroner's inquest involves children's aid, the inquests are ritualized by giving the jury only the view of the professional bureaucracy. Views from outside the bureaucracy never reach the jury. The recommendations are always for more money and power for children's aid. Here are several of the reports from past inquests, in pdf images:

* Kasandra Hislop aka Shepherd April 11, 1991. Girl in custody dispute and under CAS supervision killed by stepmother.

* Trish Carpenter September 25, 1992. CAS runaway died on the streets.

* Shanay Jami Johnson October 26, 1993. Child returned by CAS to abusive mother.

* Mitchell and Kenneth Free-Parkin January 12, 1995. Unexplained deaths in family under CAS supervision.

* Margret and Wilson Kasonde May 25, 1995. Killed by father during custodody dispute.

* James Preston Lonnee September 7, 1996. Young offender killed by cellmate.

* Jennifer Anne Kateryna Koval's'kyj-England April 2, 1996. Girl killed by father on withdrawal from psychotropic drugs.

* Angela Dombroskie, David Dombroskie, Jamie Lee Burns, Devin Burns June 11, 1996. Four children died in a house fire.

* Jordan Desmond Heikamp June 23, 1997. CAS ward starved to death.

* Selena Wendy Sakanee November 23, 1997. Former CAS ward committed suicide by hanging.

* Stephanie Jobin June 20, 1998. Institutionalized crown ward died of restraint.

* William Edgar March 31, 1999. CAS ward asphyxiated by restraint.

* Joshua Douglas Durnford February 15, 2000. CAS ward poisoned by multiple psychotropic drugs.

* Daniel, David, Peter and Nicole Luft July 6, 2000. Familicide by father treated with psychotropic drugs.

* Paola Rosales July 3, 2001. CAS ward who committed suicide by hanging.

* Matthew David Reid December 15, 2005. Foster boy smothered by foster girl.

Reading those kids names is just heartbreaking!

So the recommendations that came from Stephanie's death are pretty much access to counselling,education, teaching staff not to smother kids by sitting on them and creating a procedure for CAS to judge if CAS made a error, is that right?

Many staff while restraining kids thought it was funny. They would be sitting on you holding a pillow over your face and laughing while you fight like hell to breathe and get them off. They called us animals and if a staff got concerned the one sitting on the kid would say things like well if she stops breathing at least she will be quiet. They know what is supposed to be done and they know when they do things that are harmful, dangerous even deadly they just don't care! CAS needs to go and an entire new system needs to be put in place! Please no more dead kids and ruined lives CAS needs to pay for what they have done!


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Re: Anyone here remember Stephanie Jobin killed by group home staff

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Re: Anyone here remember Stephanie Jobin killed by group home staff

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R.I.P Stephanie Jobin

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