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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
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It's more about their jobs and their paycheques than it is about the wellbeing of your children

Friday, August 23, 2013 - FACS - Canada Court Watch

Ok i need some advice i have two kids that where taken by facs last august and im doing everything they are asking me , 3 - 4 days ago my counceiler wrought out this letter stating that i finished my anger management (witch i dident need it ) and that i finished my counceiling so i nring it to my facs worker and she reads it and tells me that she wants me to continue with counceiling bc she feels that i have more to take about when i talked about everything facs wanted me to do , it just seems everytime i accomplish a program they want me to do they allways finds a way to push me back to where i started from , what should i do ???


of course they do, they would be out of a job if you were not in the system....... stay strong and keep the fight on GL

You need to stop talking to them and start talking only through a lawyer. When you agree to do what they tell you, they use it in court to say you needed it. They tell a person to go to AA and then in court, they say she was an alcoholic. They know you will do anything for your children, and they're using that against you. My advice is claim section 51 IF there was no immediate danger when they took the child. If there was, get them into court asap. Start recording all of your conversations with them and get everything in writing so they can't lie about anything you say or do. 

They get paid big money for the length of stay your children are with them. They don't want to return them because of this. They turn around and say every course you have taken you needed it, then they say they can't offer you any more services because you have done them all. I would file the section 51 

often they want you to take responsibility for stuff that you havent done or aren't a party to.. if you have drinks once in a while, go to AA.. because you are now an alcoholic.. if you smoke pot once, you now have to go through drug counseling. by keeping your children, they are keeping their jobs.. its more about their jobs and their paycheques than it is about the wellbeing of your children and your parenting..

Had my two taken I did what they asked for a year finally my babies are messing up my living room this minute and when I look back all the stupid stuff cas wanted me to do is no biggie all that matters is they are with mom now.

thats awesome.. but sometimes they want you to do more than they should and deal and accept problems and issues that arent yours to accept..

Stay strong keep doing what they ask. Maybe Speke with a supervisor and ask what is ultimately expected of you for your babies to b returned. I think sometimes they drag it on so they can c u are stable for a certain length of time. Just speaking from experience.

They kill there there time length( mandate) and lie in there affidavits stating negative things- secretly record these visits - legal to do under the criminal code of Canada section 183- do not tell cas

sometimes they dont want to return your children. i was told flat out that i will never have my child returned to my care.. i have done everything they have asked and more.. i have taken full responsibility of my past, realize what led my to make the choices i have made, changed those factors before having a new baby.. and its not good enough and i still apparently lack the insight to change my behavior and situation..

I did everything to even did
8. Courses got now are still
Lost al 8. Of my kids CAS. Are
Ass holes.

I agree I had to do way too much but I did it regardless. I knew it was unnecessary but I just wanted my babies home my son cried every nite for me I would have done anything for them to b home. As ridiculous as some of it was.

Sometimes you do all the right things and they still dont want you to be a parent to your children..

That's actually very common but infact continuing counselling is a good thing to appease both CAS and the courts, It shows you understand your not perfect and you understand you need some support, Generally if you get a diagnosis of some mental health issue, the courts, CAS and even alot of the medical community consider it life long, Treatable but not curable, (yes I agree it's very discriminatory) So when you ended your counselling thinking that would prove your issues were resolved and you were ready to move ahead.....Well to the courts and CAS it looks like your refusing to admit you need help, Yep its stupid. WHY It really sucks, ... if you don't have anything you really need counselling for (to satisy the courts) OR if you don't want to do the counselling IS because your taking a VERY VERY VALUABLE spot away from someone who could be in a severe mental health crisis and really desperately need that counsellors time. Not to mention most people realize when they sign a consent to release information they lose their privacy and confidentiality, Granted I like to believe most counsellors are good and won't share a persons intimate secrets, just info relevant to the case.........But I got burned on that twice personally........ SO! really how effective is counselling even going to be when you feel you can't discuss the buried issues......what you feel the root of the problem is.......Those issues that if you worked through could possibly be a "cure" to your mental health issues....... You feel you can't because you don't want those private issues made public to CAS or the courts etc? It's really a dumb process to order counselling and then strip away the confidentiality that allows a person to trust and actually benefit from the counselling. It's a total waste of an already WAY under funded resource.

So sad. I feel for all those children crying for and wondering where their parents are.

I would continue the counselling as well. I keep going although there is little left to talk about. We talk about FACS a lot and how frustrating their politics are.. All my issues that brought them into my life have long been resolved

I would get a lawyer but also do everything they ask. I know someone who did two years of what they asked and they finally got their kids back. Good luck!!!! Btw I looked at you Facebook page your kids are so cute and your son has the same name as my son. Keep doing what your doing.

Who is your lawyer? what is he saying?

When you admit to messing up and take responsibility they use it against you. You need to focus on who you are as a parent now, not who you were when they removed the child. Any admission of guilt gives them an "in" to say see, we had a good reason to take the child, here's proof. If they want you to continue it's only because they're being fed information by the counsellor that is helping them keep your child.

you're right....going to counselling is admitting that you need help and support. From CAS. It's a great way to lose your children. Here are the five steps to losing your children when you have done nothing wrong. 1.agreeing to the terms CAS gives you. 2. admitting that your parenting skills need help. 2

signing the CAS plan of care documents instead of saying you do not need cas "support"

attempting to seem sympathetic in court by saying you were completely wrong and finally, but most importantly 5. focusing on your own screwups instead of CAS'.

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Friday, August 23, 2013
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