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January 23 2022

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Malicious lies from a Pathological Liar concocting Parental Alienation guilty of Child Abuse

Monday, August 31, 2015 - OfficeOfChildrenLawyer - Suzanne Olsen - Christina Olsen

I had no understanding that it was possible to take away a man's child because the woman tells malicious lies
Parental Alienation in the first degree

Please notice the Intake form of the OCL is not under any privacy protection by the Ontario Childrens Lawyers 

Much of this document does not read as a book! 

Office of the Children Lawyer Intake Ontario Canada 
Addendum I With respect to Section VIII 2.7 August 01 2012  Ontario Office of the Children's Lawyer Clinical Investigators office intake 

My access to my young daughter ______ ______ has been severely restricted since the separation between her mother and I in March/2009 when ______ was 13 months old. Prior to the separation I was an active daily father in ______ 's life included in every aspect of her growth. The Applicant maliciously lied to authorities on March 30/2009 surrounding an argument where she attacked me. Christina Olsen staged a crime scene on March 30/2009,  cleaning a broken crystal wine glass, washing the walls and placing her clothes on the kitchen floor prior to the police arriving, as I slept. Christina Olsen desperately tried to make me look guilty of assault, sexual assault, removal of a dead body with the hope of alienating me from ______ 's young life. After further investigation by Sault Ste Marie Police all charges(except assault) were dismissed within 48 hours.

The assault charges were dismissed at a later date by request of the Crown Attorney's office.

In April 2009 I voluntarily went to Algoma Family Services Supervised Access and agreed to visit ______ there temporarily to disprove the allegations made by Christina Olsen that I was a terrible father.

The Applicant prolonged her intake to the Algoma Family Services Supervised Access until September 2009 where she was court ordered to bring ______ . During this period of April - September 2009 Christina Olsen over the phone, accepting cash regularly for child support and any help with ______ 's needs. During this period without my knowledge she was insisting to authorities that I was harassing her, and there were no contact between us. In October 2009, ______ was brought to the Algoma Family Services supervised access centere.

In December 2009 ______ _____ gained sole custody of ______ as I was unaware and had no representation at the proceeding. I never had a chance to argue the falsified facts of the applicant in her original affidavit where she claims that I do not care or participate with my children's life and also that I abuse drugs/alcohol. I am a permanent resident of Canada arriving from Germany in 1997 with no understanding of the language or the family laws domestic/VAWA. The applicant of the custody application studied it in college and university.

As well important to mention in this documents the mother of the applicant successful alienated her children from her father to the point of assistance/driven to sucied what could have been prevented if she made any effort or shown any emphesiss towards the father of "her children".

I had no understanding that it was possible to take away a man's child because the woman tells malicious lies. I continued To visit ______ Bi-monthly for 2 hours at Algoma Family services until March 3/2012. The staff asked ______ _____ on multiple occasions to increase my visitation and she always stated for me to go to court. I learned how to motion the courts and was granted unsupervised visitations on March 3/2012. My family members _______ and _____ _______(sister & brother-in law), _____ ______ (sister), my friends , ___ _____, ____ ______, ____ __________, my mother Renate Steiger tried to act as mediators and pleaded with ______ _____ to have ______ be part of our family, all attempts were denied. ______ _____ denied my family visitation with ______ for all holidays and birthdays.

My family has currently been reacquainted to ______ due to granted Court access orders /release. My son _____ _______(12) knocked on the door several times to play with ______ and was always sent away by ______ _____ not even allowing him to physically see ______ . _______ ____ would have to visit ______ with me through the supervised access facility for 2.5 years missing all holidays and birthdays with his sister. May 2012 my mother Renate Steiger flew from Germany to meet ______ . I had to motion to the courts to allow me to have extra visitation with ______ so that my mom and ______ had time to bond. I was given 2 extra visits.

I continue to have scheduled visitation with ______ every second weekend on Saturday & Sunday 9am - 4pm with the exchange of ______ at Algoma Family services. _____ ______ is a vulnerable child that has been used as a tool by her mother to inflict pain and hardship towards my family and myself. The best interest of the child is not been represented. _____ ______ is being taught by her mother and maternal family to hate and defy me.

The Applicant _____ ______ continuously tries to keep _____ ______ out of my life and continues to brainwash _____ ______ by teaching her that I am the "bad parent" and she is the "good parent". Since the onset of unsupervised visitation _____ ______ has criticized every action I take with _____ ______. _____ ______ accused me of smoking around _____ ______ even though I am a non-smoker which I had to address with her council by email.

She has attacked the food that I eat with _____ ______ stating in court documents they I provide un-healthy food choices for our daughter, however _____ ______ knows these foods because she eats them with her mother regularly. _____ ______ continually states that _____ ______ comes back from visitation sun burnt and that I do not apply sun screen, which is not true because I apply sunscreen regularly to _____ ______ and if any doubt please just ask _____ ______. Within the hour after one particular visitation in which _____ ______ claimed I had sun burnet our daughter, I was driving with my son and partner in the downtown area where _________ and _____ ______ live, we noticed _____ ______ playing outside in the front driveway on a blanket with her purple toy bin. We saw _____ ______ sitting on the stairs in the shade while _____ ______ played in the full sun without a hat. The next visitation I was accused of burning _____ ______ that previous visit and again not putting sun screen on her.

After a recent visit with _____ ______ to the beach _____ ______ made it look like I had purposely burnt _____ ______ to the point that _____ ______ herself screamed at me and my partner that we burnt her deliberately. _____ ______ was upset for hours during our visit saying her mom was mad at us and we do not take good care of her. _____ ______ was sad and cried because her mom says I can't take care of her properly. _____ ______ continues to try to control and manipulate my relationship with _____ ______ and oppose me as _____ ______'s father.

On one of my visits with _____ ______ I purchased a princess toddler bed on clearance for her to have with the hope that she would one day get to use it at my house. _____ ______ has asked during every visitation to have a sleepover at my home, telling me and my partner _____ ______ that she would trick her mom so she could sleep over. _____ ______ accused me of emotionally hurting _____ ______ by letting _____ ______ believe she will sleep at my home with her brother _____ ______. _________ always told _____ ______ that she would never sleep at my home. I sent _____ ______ home several times since March/2012 with toys and presents, which _____ ______ has informed me that some got thrown away.

_____ ______ has stated in court papers/documents that she does not want me to send _____ ______ home with toys, and that instead I should pay child support. _____ ______ has asked me on different occasions why I do not give her mom any money. _____ ______ states that I am spoiling our daughter by purchasing presents for her and that _____ ______ is only allowed to have presents on her birthday and Christmas. During the 2.5 years of supervised access that my children and I endured, I was not allowed to buy _____ ______ presents for birthdays or holidays or to celebrate these occasions with her.

I had to motion the courts in May 2012 to allow me to talk to _____ ______ on the telephone. _____ ______ had begun asking to talk to me on the phone during our visits at the Supervised Access center in 2011. Once I recited my phone number to _____ ______ as she requested, and was quickly scolded by the observation worker and threatened to have my visits suspended because "I wasn't allowed" to give my daughter my phone number. When unsupervised visitation started I wrote my number on paper for _____ ______ because she wanted to call me. _____ ______ never called me and said that her mom ripped up my phone number, and she wasn't allowed to call me. Through her council at a motion hearing in June _____ ______ again wasted the time of the courts offering me phone access once a week on Thursday evening at 6:50 pm. It is a well known fact that I play indoor/outdoor soccer year round with my soccer club every Thursday evening from 6-8 pm, and have had that same schedule for over 10 years.

I recently obtained an order allowing me phone conversations with _____ ______ Mon, Wed, and Fri at 7 pm. The emotional and psychological stress that _____ ______ has experienced and continues to experience due to the lies and false allegations by her mother is disturbing. _____ ______ has wild fits of anger in which she tantrums for long periods of time while in my care. _____ ______ screams at me that I am a bad man, that I am stupid, that she will put me in jail. _____ ______ says mommy hates me, that everyone hates me. _____ ______ thinks I will hurt her and kill her. _____ ______ stares at me nastily, she clenches her fists and teeth, she hits me and kicks me when I try to parent her. _____ ______ will not hold my hand, hug or kiss me during the first hours of visitation. _____ ______ continually tells me that her mom says she doesn't have to listen to me because I am a " bad man". _____ ______ refuses to eat with me during the first few hours of visitation until after she tantrums. _____ ______ who always comes without breakfast refuses any food or beverage in front of her, and sits with her knees curled up in silence watching my partner and I eat. _____ ______ has peed her pants on two separate occasions when she was with me because she had been instructed to wait for her mom. _____ ______ has told my family, my son, my partner and myself regularly since unsupervised visits began that her mom and everyone hates me. _____ ______ states that mom tells everyone she hates me, everyone laughs at me and no one likes me. _____ ______ has stated that her maternal grandmother ________ _____ is scared of me and she can't love me because she has to protect her grandma.

Prior to the un-planned pregnancy of _____ ______, _____ ______ abused drugs and alcohol daily. _____ ______ was a well known "party girl" when our relationship began in 2005 and continued that life style until we found out of the pregnancy.

_____ ______ was a server/bartender who was openly promiscuous with multiple male/female partners before me and throughout our relationship. _________ worked in the sex trade business during the late 90's when she lived in Montreal. She regularly indulged in cocaine, smoked crack, smoked marijuana, took injections of heroin and consumed large amounts of alcohol. Shortly after the birth of _____ ______, _____ began to regain her old habits.

Mother attending BBQ Party with our child father was informed a day later

After our separation I was informed that _________ had brought one year old _____ ______ with her to a BBQ party at her friend's home. The following day that home was raided by the police where they found large quantities of cocaine and products to traffic the substance. I went to the Children's Aid Society immediately with my concerns however due to my lack of proper English words and her family homosexual connections here in town Sault Ste Marie Ontario, they did not understand the severity of the situation.

Police report:
Drug bust on Princeton Drive: cocaine, morphine, marijuana etc. seized
Friday, May 8, 2009 9:17:42 EDT AM

On the May 7, 2009 at approx. 4:55 pm members of the Sault Ste Marie Police Service Street Team executed a search warrant at a residence located at 50 Princeton Drive. During the course of the search officers located 13.3 grams of cocaine, 19 morphine tablets of various strengths, 0.8 grams of marijuana and 17 tablets of Baclofen. Also seized were digital scales, packaging material, cutting agents as well as cash. Estimated street value of the drugs is approx. $1890.00. The accused of 50 Princeton Drive will appear in court on the 15 June 2009 charged with 2 counts of possession and 3 counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

It is brought to my attention that _____ ______ is regularly seen at common parties her mother attends or hosts at her downtown apartment. _____ ______ is constantly shuffled around between her maternal grandmother and family to accompany _____ ______'s hectic Lifestyle. _____ ______ has frequent sleep over's at her grandmothers home, or other family's houses. She is handed openly to anyone other than me or any member of my family. _____ ______'s physical and psychological health is being affected by her mother's malicious hatred towards me. _____ ______ wants to be with me and her brother in our home and feel the love we all have for her. To deny that to _____ ______ is abuse, it will permanently damage our child's emotional and psychological development. . _____ ______ is being taught to detest me and be disobedient in hopes that I will fail in my role as her father. I was attacked numerous times privately and publically by ______ _____. ______ _____ threw beverage glasses and house hold items at me frequently in anger, leaving multiple welts on my face and head during our relationship. She has violently attacked me in front of my friends and members of my family. She had punched and kicked me during her drunken "blackouts" before and after the birth of ______ _____. ______ _____ bit my wrist drawing blood and tearing my flesh open when I tried to pry a broken wine glass from her hand on March 30/2009 that she was attempting to cut me with. During a trip to a public beach in 2008 with an infant ______ _____, ___ _______ & his girlfriend, ______ _____ whipped me on the back with a chain leaving a swollen welt because I didn't agree with her commands.


Addendum III and Addendum IV violence against or in the present of children

A night after a public soccer event where ______ _____ was belligerent I brought her to a friend's house where she slept on the couch, when I tried to wake her she violently kicked me several times in the ribs and abdomen because she didn't want to be disturbed. My friends ______ _______ and _______ ______ witnessed that attack. ______ _____ by her own admission suffers from black outs when fueled with anger, alcohol and drugs.

At the beginning of our relationship in 2005 ______ _____ smashed multiple mirrors with her hands in the bathroom of her residence of ___ Pim Street here in Sault Ste. Marie, because I wanted to sleep at my residence. ________ cut her hands when smashing the mirrors and out of my concern for her I walked to her brother ____ _____'s home asking him to go check on his sister. I continued to walk home to my residence on Blue Jay court and upon arrival found ______ _____ (who had taken a cab there) still hysterical. _____ _____ went to _________ apartment unaware that she left, discovered blood and broken glass and instantly called the police. The police called ________ at my residence where she told them it was her doing not mine and she was fine.

______ _______ has a violent history as bar tender at local establishments such as _____ bar and _____ notions here in town. _________ would always brag of how "tough" of a girl she was and tell stories of punching men out of their seats at her bar. ______ _______ would never apologize for these acts of violence against me, stating that I would not be believed due to my stature, and heavy accent. Her family is favored here in Sault Ste. Marie, her mother _______ _____ has recently retired from her position as head nurse at the emergency department, her brother _____ ____ is a paramedic and has many friends on the Police force, her aunt ___ ___ ____ recently retired from her position at the hospital as a recruiter for doctors. ________ always made it known to me that she had the power in our relationship.

I didn't understand until after our separation in 2009 that she was manipulating me. _________ claims I was abusive to her and plays the victim, however through the relationship she was the aggressive one. I have multiple failure to comply charges that were brought on by her.

Every time when we were ordered not to communicate with each other we were living together and as usual the mother would drink and start an altercation I would try to leave and she would call the police.

My friends and family knew that we were openly living together, while her family was made to believe that I was abusive to her.

Her family was never allowed in our house by the direction of ______ _____. ________ was playing myself and my family and her family against each other. My family and myself asked ______ _____ during the years to be honest and admit the truth to her family and friends.

She always convinced us she would be honest and at different times wrote statements clarifying events that she admits her violence, but continuing to lie and play the victim. At the beginning of our relationship when _______ resided with her mother _____ ______.

When ______ was working at the Sault Area Hospital from 7-7 I would walk from my house on when she left and then leave before _____ arrived home. If other family members came by unexpected ________ would ask me to stay in another room while she distracted them. It made ________ "excited" that we were sneaking around. Witnesses witnessing these abuse and assaults: ____ _______ ______ _______ , _________ _____, ____ ______ ___________, _____ ________,_______ _________, _____ _________.

In Jan/Feb. 2009 ______ _____ and I left the care of ______ _____(who was 12 months at the time) my son ______( age 9 at time) to ______. ______ _____ brought her two young daughters to sleep at our apartment on _____ Avenue. ______ _____ and I headed to a downtown bar for drinks. When the evening was done while waiting for the cab ______ _____ who was also intoxicated believed that we were not going directly home and ran back into the bar. We were not arguing that evening and were in good spirits, and I circled the bare twice with the cab looking for her. I assumed that she was staying there and I proceeded with our original plan to get burgers and go home.

I arrived home at 2:00 am all the children were sleeping and ______ _____ was relaxed playing cards with a friend. We all ate burgers and waited for ______ _____. ______ _____ arrived later from a downtown location driven by the bartender completely inebriated and screaming profanities. She flew down our basement apartment stairs pushed me into a large shelf and accused me of purposely leaving her.

All the children except ______ _____ woke up startled and witnessed ______ _____ pushing me around the apartment and screaming at me. ______ _____ tried to calm ______ _____ and the children down, but ultimately had to take her daughters and leave because they were scared and wouldn't settle down. My 9 year old son witnessed ______ _____ pushing his father around while screaming profanities and his cousins having to leave the sleepover. This occurrence was reported to children's aid society of Algoma by myself, and separately by ______ _____.

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The Ontario Break up

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Monday, August 31, 2015
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