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October 30 2020

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CA$ common practices used to target and take away kids from their families

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 - CAS - Marcia Hamilton

I was going over some documents that are related to the CAS proceedings against families and I'm beginning to see a repetitive pattern in there arguments used against families in the court. I want to share this with families so they can become aware of their tactics and begin to arm themselves against these monsters who take newborns from their families,remove kids on potential risks not actual risks.

Here are the lists of arguments that I found to be common practice used to target and take away kids from their families:

1. Poor judgment

2. Parents with multiple children are reported that they cannot manage their behaviours, unable to provide the children with equal attention, and that the parent cannot multi-task.

3. Parent Capacity Assessment and or psychological assessment used against you by linking history to show potential risks and potential neglect . They don't need actual risks to remove your kids from your care temporary or permanently.Therefore, it's essential to get an independent evaluation for yourself to counteract their plans.

4. Attendance to visits and plan of care meetings .Therefore, it's essential to attend them and to cooperate with the worker and to be positive to their suggestions related to your parenting needs and to show interest in your child's care while they are in foster homes.

5. Following up with their resources and referrals to resources for parenting programs or counselling.

6. lastly, always fight for access to your kids. Apply for changes from having supervised visits only by asking your lawyer to bring a motion for unsupervised visits even if your chances are little to no chance of being successful because the judge in the future in the trial phase will rule against you citing all of the above reasons why they cannot approve your plan to return your children to your care.

- - - 
Papa Inbc:

These are indeed some of the major points parents have to defend against.

You will note, NOT on the list is any attachment of relevance to the reasons for the original no-warrant emergency removal.

All of the above items relate to information gathered by social workers AFTER the removal. The removal simply buys the many months of time needed to prepare a case against parents.

Marcia Hamilton Very very true. It is totally unfair and ironic that the applicant becomes your supervisor during the visits and creates lies and lies over the months to use against you in their trial to remove your kids. This particular area must be changed to provide the parents fair assessment to regain their kids custody. It will require lobbying to make the society aware of these kidnappings and tactics being used against parents.

last update
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
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