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January 22 2021

Alec Baldwin - family law is a racket The Horror of Family Law and Divorce Court
Stacy D. Phillips Divorce magazine audience: Public
With great interest I read Alec Baldwin's book, A Promise to Ourselves, which ...
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I’m almost in the same situation. Being charged out the ass. I got 50/50 custody....
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For the first 12 month, our five year old child was total rejecting any question about ...
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TAMARA GERSTEMEIER SWEENEY audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Last Testament of a loving father abused by the family court system and alienated from his children
This story relates to mine and Chris really touched my heart. I wish I knew him before ...
Cassandra audience: Public
I went to CAS for help to look after my five children for one week while I attended can...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Who could argue with what's best for the children is maximum access to both parents?

audience: Authenticated Login and access Who could argue with what's best for the children is maximum access to both parents?

Article from the USA of Most judges are breaking the law as they please on child suppor...
Re First thing that needs to be done is abolish family court lawyers
Jim Williams
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When the system changes to tribunals the tribunals will be selected by the same buracra...
Plenty of Court decisions showing a double standard where abuse and lying by the CAS is given light treatment
Carolyn Mry Leblan
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The issue is that many women use false claims of abuse to hurt and abuse their ex's. In...
Lazaro Ecenarro Alaska SILENT NO MORE Family Court Injustice
Jesus Lazaro Ecenarro
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Roxanne Grinage 11 years Prototype Demonstrated Standard Access Practice Model Schemati...
Father Rights Canada / Recently one of Trudeau’s comments kind of caught my attention.
Not disclosed
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Hey - Recently one of Trudeau’s comments kind of caught my attention. His intentions were...
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Cassandra Gibb
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You have no idea what the truth is regarding this situation. Do you know the people inv...
Father Rights Canada / title to be edited

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Help. On July 5th 2015 at my instruction my son age 12 telephoned the OPP during a vicious...
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Eric Schnarr Regional Municipality of Waterloo - Police Position: Constable Employer: R...
Re: Family Court support worker: If it is so corrupt why isnt anyone helping you?
Trena Thompson
audience: Authenticated Login and access Re: Family Court support worker: If it is so corrupt why isnt anyone helping you?

I value transparency... We value transparency Tags: Amanda daw Gaw Family Law Onta...

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Re: Longer this gong show goes on worse it gets.

Friday, February 26, 2016 - Accountability - Anthony Dewar

Sorry the Link doesn't work I not sure how to get it to work on this site so here is the content. Skip to News Feed Facebook Tony Home 4 Friend Requests Messages 12Notifications Account Settings Sponsored Create Ad Sponsored . Double Eye Patches Magnifier www.gearbest.com $7.33 only, free shipping, get it now! $14 Long Sleeve Pocket Denim Shirt www.rosewholesale.com 2016 Men's New Arrivals Shirts $4-$15 , Up to 80% Off, Time is Limited, Shop Now ! English (US) · Privacy · Terms · Cookies · Advertising · Ad Choices · More Facebook © 2016 News Feed Tony Dewar February 24 at 6:55am · Westbank · .. ?#?PARENTALALIENATION? ?#?FAMILYCOURT? ?#?VISITSUPERVISER? ?#?CHILDREN? ?#?ACCESS? So for three years I been fighting for access to my daughter. My problem is this. I have put forth a dozen different people to supervise all of whom she has refused out of hand. At first she said she didn't want any friend of mine doing it. Even though she has know all of my friends as long as I have. So I think OK I got this. So next time in court I put forth two of her friends who after all this crap started pretty much hated me but I'm OK with that. She turns them down flat saying now she doesn't want anyone that knows either us to supervise. Well fuck now what. About 6 months into this shit I figure out way to see my daughter. I check into a John Howard treatment house. Even though I been clean for awhile. So they agree to supervise visits in the spring of 2013. Now other than a 6 month trip out east I have pretty much had to stay in that house under 24 hour video surveillance and having my room randomly searched just so I could see my children a couple hours a week. Now in may our teenage son had enough of her bullshit and left. Two months later I manage to get permanent residency for him. Now we talked and decided he would continue to stay at a friends so that his little sister could continue to spend time with us. In about November I could tell that me son was starting to be depressed about this so I decide I need to get us a place even if it means letting his sister down for a time. I had a court date set for December so I got us a place then went to court to see if I can actually start getting my daughter every second weekend well seeing as saying she is scared of my daughter being alone with me cause I might use is no longer a viable excuse, all of a sudden now I'm abusive. Anyway judge doesn't completely fold he made an order that our son would pick his sister every Sunday and bring her to spend time with us then return her in a couple hours. Not really Ideal but I figure I will make it work till trial. Long story I know but just bout done. Anyway next Sunday comes and we go get Shae and go skating downtown and hide a nice visit just like the other 30 or so supervised visits. About 3 days later my son gets into a disagreement with his mother who I guess told him he was brainwashed by me. Being sixteen and smarter than your average hormonal factory. Her way of dealing with the disagreement was to Tell my son she doesn't trust him or me and then promptly punished our 10 year old daughter by canceling our court ordered visits after only one and ten days before Christmas. I pleaded with her lawyer to at least provide a place for me to dropoff Shae Christmas presents from her brother and I but. But no dice. Only response I got from her lawyer bout a week before Christmas to blame the loss of visits on me for putting Nate forth as an idea after his mother once again had refused everyone else I put forward to pick Shae up and drop her off. While not bothering to put forth a single person herself. So back to court yesterday. She Lied and said our son refused to be a Part of the visits when he dropped Shae off that Sunday after the first visit. My son has kept the time stamped phone log but they courts won't listen until we have the trial. Judge asked me if Nate would be willing to do his part this Sunday. I said for sure he would. Then his mom started to lose her shit. Bawling and saying she didn't want me or our son around her because she is sure we will spend our time with Shae calling her down to Shae. Would never happen for many reasons not the least of which is that would very cruel thing to do to any child. Just about to the point I'll be back after a a smoke to get to the point of this huge wall of text. To..... Be continued Ok after she refused her own son to see his sister the judge asked me if I could put forth someone willing be the middle person so Shae can see her brother and I. I said I could and put for a couple who are very family oriented. Devout people who don't drink smoke or do drugs because the religion teaches them our bodies are a temple and it is a sin to abuse it. They just both in the last year or two have gotten their Registered Nursing degree. And when they were not busy working or studying they spent every minute with their kids. So I am thinking no way Christine can say no because there is just no plausible reason to. But I should very well know better by now. She of course refused and when pressed by the judge as to why. She sunk to a new low. Which is saying something cause she been pretty much telling one long lie for last 2 years. She told the judge she didn't want them involved at all because they were "On His side" and that they helped me break into her house and defended me for doing so. I can only assume she was referring to an incident almost three years ago when I had had enough and tried to go see my kids. I did go into what until recently had been our place through the wide open patio door to see if I could talk to my children. She had them locked in the bathroom. This goof who used to work for me and whom i fired years ago decided he was going to stand between me and my children and even said he was there to protect them. I took offence at that. I have never abused the kids or their mother. Shit until that moment in 16 years she had never seen me hit anyone. But i did sorta snap and I hit him a few times. Not a smart idea I know. Anway point is it was all me no one else played a part and why in the hell would they. OK sorry whoever actually read all this but I think that it is important to frame the context for what I am going to ask. Almost 3 years I have been at this 3 years I was denied access to my daugher and not even allowed to get gifts or a phonr call to her. Woulda been the same with my boy but he had enough and took things into his own hands. Yesterday was I think the 5th or 6th case conference were absolutly nothing has changecd we have not moved forward one inch in 3 years. I spent most of that time in treatment so they would supervise my visits. I have taken anger management, Violence prevention, Stress management, Managing Triggers and Relapses courses. I Have been forward and honest about my shortcomings from the very beggining and have done everything suggested of me in working to turn my life around. It is very apparent that if if I should grow wings and a halo tomorrow the kids mother is still going to do everything in her power to keep my daughter from me. Even to the degree that she didnt even call her son to wish him a Merry Christmas or On the 1st of Feb to wish him a Happy Bday. My 10 year old daughter was expelled from her school a few weeks ago but even though Christine has been ordered by the courts on 4 different occasions over the past year to provide me the names, numbers, of any professionals who have Shae under her care. She has refused. She has refused every single person I put forward over the last three years to be a superviser while puting forth no one herself. This mess is having very real and very negative effect on my children and especially Shae being only 10 and before this happened to be very much Daddy's girl. What my idea is, what I'm just putting out there is this. She has refused and stated in court she does not want anyone who knows ether of us to supervise visits. It has tied my hands for the better part of 3 years but even if I wanted too I can not go back and stay at the treatment house and put my son on the streets to get the visits going. So Maybe I need a to put forth some neither of us know seeing as that's what she apparently wants. I would very much like to have a name or two to give to the judge in two weeks when I go to the access hearing. She will have some reason to try and refuse anyway but that the last thing she has to cling to. If anyone has a couple spare hour's on Sundays or even every Second Sunday. I would be very grateful for a call and an opportunity to work out a deal for a couple hours here and there so my Son and I can spend time with my daughter. I am on disability so I cant afford 25 bucks an hour for the only person in the valley that does it outside child protective services. Not if I want to feed my son anyway. I will trade the time back in yard work, painting, household repairs, basically anything. One way or another this court crap will be over mid June which was the soonest I could get a trial date. Thank you whoever read all this. Feel free to share this post whoever and wherever. I got nothing to hide.
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