Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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August 04 2020

I would be with you every moment but unlike your mom I am a second rate citizen
Tracy audience: Public
I'm a mother who has been in the same position. My son signed a statement I wrote to of...
Re: Father Rights Canada / My daughter has been withheld for 3 weeks
Janice Carleton audience: Public
Sadly yours is not unique. I am hearing this over and over. As far as I'm concerned unl...
Arrogant pigs and sows Thought they could use our children and families as cannon fodder
Chris Carter audience: Authenticated Login and access Arrogant pigs and sows Thought they could use our children and families as cannon fodder
Another of the points personally bullhorned away on them last year was: "the courts and...
Re: Financial gag unless my son comes up with over $100,000 to bring a motion to the courts
Carla Hansen audience: Public
We should compare notes, same for my son over three years now and both of us have spent...
Praying they let me speak to him they have cut him off from his grandma too
Tula N. audience: Authenticated Login and access Praying they let me speak to him they have cut him off from his grandma too
awe, here come those emotions again, feel em, let em out, my son's b-day in 2 days, pra...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Domestic Violence Ontario the failing of the families in Court a inside view on DV industries malices 2014
Vernon Beck Attila Vinczer
audience: Public

Video footage from the Toronto Ontario Canada Domestic Violence Symposium 2014 Guest sp...
A very special kind of evil to be so sick and twisted to say these things to their own children
audience: Public

I can not sympathize with you enough!!! My husbands ex wife is the complete definition ...
Take Action - Be Powerful Against PAS Against Child Parental Alienation Abuse
audience: Public

The perpetrating parent's strategy will be to totally isolate you from the children by ...
Good lawyers in Hamilton Ont. Canada ???
Wesley Robillard
audience: Public

The last time we saught a lawyer, they laughed out loud when CAS was mentioned, then wi...
You lie in any court and you lay in a jail cell
50 50 Rights 5050Rights.org
audience: Public

People should fight this, make this a point! My Step Daughter's mother has kept my step...
Re Anyone know if it matters for having a male or female lawyer
Alysen Cameron
audience: Public

It's more than just male vs female. It's how judges and lawyers are personally connecte...
Re: Manipulating the Justice system to gain advantage in Family Court alienating the child from a loving father
Stephanie D. Aikin Ugh
audience: Public

Women who are abused don't get heard because of this crap! I fight every day from my ab...
CFS kid-jacking system
Marty Max Wendy Bowcott
audience: Public

In Wendy Bowcott request to free the children from Manitoba's CFS kidjacking system. . ...
Father Rights Canada / Not getting equal time
audience: Public

I was hoping you could help me deal with a spiteful ex. I have had the same visitation for...
10th September 2010 observations

audience: Authenticated Login and access 10th September 2010 observations

With you * "I am not going, I am going to play all night", multiple diaper changes depr...

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Phill will not go un heard!

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - Information - Friend of Phillip - Beating the Drum for Justice for our Children

things dont work like this, you all have a big mouth and nothing behind it, typical snowflake,  go get a lawyer, i can give you a list of lawyers who tried to bully brainsyntax, nothing will be removed no matter what kind of asshole you get to complain to. 

- Beating the Drum for Justice for our Children
In reply of

Phill will not go un heard!

Audience: Public
by Anonymous
X I think this is all really unnecessary. why punish the ones still in this physical world. He chose what he did for his reason no one but him knows. Placing blame is disgusting. In my opinion you all need to be removing names from this article. I see ... More >>
last update
Thursday, September 14, 2017
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