Truth is in a man's actions, not in someone else's blind accusations.

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January 17 2021

Youtube video Bob Geldof on Fathers Part 2a of 4
Hilary audience: Public
Sir Bob Geldof's Channel 4 Documentary on the English Family Court system and how...
The Narcissistic Community of Woman (NCW)
audience: Public
The narcissist is judgmental (with no merit) is above reproach and is above any...
Violating my Charter rights like that
Fathers Rights Alberta audience: Public
Well its true man Alberta MEP had the power to say my kid has the right to challenge my...
Re Father Rights Canada / Father in despair needs support
Marilyn Nash audience: Public
Stay strong friend, believing that the day will come When you will see your son again. ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Support order mother quit working and on welfare
Carla Dorsey Ramsell audience: Public
Im assuming it was closed based on her filing a hardship paper if they deem the payer i...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
And the dramatic saga continues - Email converstaion
audience: Authenticated Login and access And the dramatic saga continues - Email converstaion

Email conversation all family Re: sault ste Marie News? Subject: news for you too >&...
Re: I deserve the chance to provide a better life for my son
Mike Pool
audience: Public

You do deserve that chance. The way I see it at least in my situation is I have nothing ...
Loosing his daughter for a crime never committed
Diana Little
audience: Public

That time has arrived... The system has failed. when a man is accused, and proves his i...
David Helwig: Sault Former Team Jacobs trainer charged in roids investigation Helwigs routine false accusation
David Helwig
audience: Public

Click-baited yourself to the grave this time Helwig. You're cheap, and a sleeze ball. I...
Let that judge know that you might be willing to settle for an even 50/50 split
Joseph L Kenick III
audience: Public

They can take our children, homes, life savings, future earnings, drivers licenses, pro...
I will not pay one cent towards this Lawyer bill I will request to go to jail instead
Leanne McIvor
audience: Public

Hi Vincent - this is the bill I have been sent by the lawyer that I tried to sue Lammer...
Father Rights Canada / At wits end please help
Not disclosed
audience: Public

Hi, Im fighting For the safety of the kids, my wife is suffering from severe postpartum...
Father Rights Canada -not aware of my rights, and she was threatening
Not disclosed
audience: Public

I'm wanting to buy my wife out of the house, but we have our house listed and a pending...
Re: Father Rights Canada / False accusations used to isolate dad
Silvio Surfur
audience: Public

write everything down n read law family law n get ur avidavits in to court n just keep rea...
Re my ex has made it really hard for me to see my son
Ali Kanji
audience: Public

the judge did not read. you as a father have an option now to start fighting the judge ...

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Re: She is afraid that she won’t be able to keep her brand new truck, camper and boat

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - Information - Chad Daniel Waterfield - Fathers Rights Canada

The courts dont think of the kids I've called then out in iy and With you having them half the time you shouldnt even half to pay her any money but thats a good example how broken and couppt the system is. I just got screwed over real bad and I am just starting down the road your on and I'm scared shitless

- Fathers Rights Canada
In reply of

She is afraid that she won’t be able to keep her brand new truck, camper and boat

Audience: Public
by Not disclosed
X After a year and a half of constantly battling my ex. Thousands of dollars gone, the relationship with my children strained. I have 50/50 right now thankfully but still no resolution insight. It is stressful and straining my current relationship. ... More >>
last update
Saturday, February 23, 2019
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