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May 14 2021

Re: Wasting valuable time in the court room just because the woman wants to be vindictive
Albert Robinson audience: Public
when i raised this as an issue in the Australian Federal Courts I was told by the magistra...
No phone call February 04 2013
Vincent audience: Authenticated Login and access No phone call February 04 2013
I suggested maybe Michaela is sleeping as she was sick from a cold the last four days, ...
I asked the cas worker not to dress in minis skirts and lace top n stilettos n sit on my porch
Talina Beau audience: Public
Same thig happened to my daughter. She had lice a dozen times in 3 months and lost all ...
Police Services assisting the Children s Aid Society apprehensions incident documentation
Richard Petersen audience: Public
Even if they had a reason to take the children, they do not have a safe place to put th...
Father Rights Canada Contact - Affidavits How to?
Henry Minute audience: Public
Although a BC website this link is a good start. Try and stick to the point and try not...

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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...
Re: Father Rights Canada / Father not healthy needs support
Walt Brewer
audience: Public

Yep, all she cares about is getting money... you aren’t alone, bro... please be strong, li...
I will spend my life stopping pieces of shit like you
Kenneth Reid
audience: Public

I am one happy father again ......one more boy to go ...I need to shut down this foster...
Please help My country needs judicial reform and the ending of judicial corruption
Karen T
audience: Public

I am also living in Canada and have been financially, emotionally and health wise, comp...
Not till they pay for every thing they have done to me and every one who has lost there kids to CAS
Christian Belliveau
audience: Public

stopping Cas is the biggest thing in my life to do. They say 3 weeks in court every day...
Take Action - Be Powerful Against PAS Against Child Parental Alienation Abuse
audience: Public

The perpetrating parent's strategy will be to totally isolate you from the children by ...
Just your son's mother....
Tricia Brown
audience: Public

I live in a state where, if your not a spouse but just a child's mother it doesn't matt...
Malicious false propaganda by Trevor Doering and his splinter group entourage
Rose Dearborn
audience: Public

I kind a figure something was up when he said Vernon Beck stole Canada Court Watch from...
Family Court How can any person be ok destroying a family in this way?
Nicole Johnson
audience: Public

I have not slept a wink all night. The department disclosed their evidence to me yester...
investigate Judge Robertson of Kingston Ontario
Steve Schauland
audience: Public

While you are at it, you should investigate Judge Robertson of Kingston Ontario....&nbs...
Bonny McLean from Sault Ste Marie Ontario her harassment needs to stop

audience: Authenticated Login and access Bonny McLean from Sault Ste Marie Ontario her harassment needs to stop

Bonny McLean from Sault Ste Marie Ontario her harassment needs to stop Audio Phone reor...

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Father Rights Canada / My partner is going through a divorce right now

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 - Fathers - Not disclosed - Fathers Rights Canada


My partner is going through a divorce right now and his wife is coming at him from every angle. The perception is that she is attempting to break him down with contrived accusations, her angry meltdowns, attempted parental alienation, squeezing him financially with legal costs and bullying and intimidation. They make about the same salary yet over the years she has consistently financially abused him and is in debt up to her ears with creditors as a result of her own 'private' spending. He had bailed her out on three occasions. She is also refusing to provide her financial statements for legal proceedings.

I know there are two sides to every story and I have no doubt they do not get along as partners. That said, I have seen him as a parent. He is excellent. He has invested in raising a responsible human being and is more than willing to co parent with his soon to be ex wife. He/we need support. This situation is out of hand and there is a good possibility that she will destroy him financially and destroy his relationship with their child. She has degraded him as a parent and a human being. Please help. We would like to talk to anyone who has gone through this and has advice or can share their experience.

Contact Location: Vancouver BC

- Fathers Rights Canada
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
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