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Searching for my children

Fathers in distress if you ever need to talk, or just vent, please message us Contact: Fathers Rights Canada
Deadly Epidemic Against Dads


To my children & To those that may be concerned ...

The Ontario Break-Up Part I

Available chapters of the Ontario Break up, you are reading the Ontario Break up
A sponsored and facilitated misconduct, driven by a narcissistic vexatious child and parental alienator, child abuser and facilitators.

Part II Asking for his child Voice

Children talking, the voice of a child close to our heart, I missed your voice so much, your first words, I was deprived of listing to your first sentence your first song, and so many more things.

Part III Investigators interrogation video footage

Swearing the oath Police interrogation video of a vindictive ex creating false abuse charges

*two years into the alienation and injustice caused by this family as this happenend to many other thousands of parents in the same time frame 800.000 in Canada 2009 - 2010. I learned about the investigation / interrogation footage in 2011, these files what recorded the malicious attempts to falsify claims of abuse or as a matter a fact anything to justify the "no need of the other parent". ...

Part IV The Observation notes of an alienated parent 2009 - 2012

This was a moment where I thought someone, (obviously not your mother), someone would please stop this, this abuse towards you, towards us, your brother.

The anxiety in us not knowing of your whereabouts. There is no pain of someone not knowing, but I knew exactly of what is in gear, parental alienation was in full progress, right the same path, the only way your mother knew to walk in hand with her mother.”

Adam Ashley Warren comments to Christina Olsen crime szene witness comes forward Feb 2013 I told police that I did not remember anything.. so they may not believe me by Adam A. Warren

You are reading:

The Ontario Break-Up Part I

This is, in essentials, a true-life story. Location Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada Timeframe 2009 - current
To protect the rights of those whose paths have crossed the author's, the names and birth dates and addresses have been censored and no name other then the authors is printed.

Justification & responsible communication on matters of public interest

This book is not directed to the person who abuses or you who abuses my children.

And this book is not directed to the real victims of domestic violence
Real victims stories of abuse, facts, I was involved in as third party, are not screaming horrendous stories of abuse as portrait by lairs who are master manipulators and egoistic narcissistic personalities playing the victim. I encountered victims who were scared and ashamed and hurt, victims who are oppressed as I was when this abuse towards my children and my family started to occur. If you in a position to stop the ongoing abuse towards my children or towards any child or parent please do so, the rewards are fulfilling.

These chapters are written for some who only hear one side of the story, you have been told malicious lies. The folks here attempting to protect their own skin and I am here to say your skin is thin.

I was present at all documented occasions

An ER - Hospital drama not yet published or on your television. Starring the unwanted son who delivers the injured and the sick in his paramedic cover. He brings the injured to the Emergency room where the mother is heading the department. Accepting her friends and family much warmer, faster and carefully than any other human needing the health care out in the waiting room. And lets please Don’t forget the aunt with a position-recruiting doctors for the City, at times the lines of this book started to take shape.

A woman facing the end of her relationship who has a young 13 month daughter makes a critical decision, to ignite a fight with her boyfriend. She was the aggressor and abuser, after he walked away from her broken wine glass with cuts and abrasions on his body to fall asleep. She calls the police staging a crime scene, lying claiming to have been abused by him.

This is the beginning of Parental Alienation Syndrome in the relationship between our child the father, brother 10 years of age at the time and any family member or friend of Vincent Schiele.

There were not many friends left 24 hrs after the above events, she spread her side of the story across her facebook friend list before the day was over. Before the interview she emptied my private bank account.

Within 10 hours of this criminal investigation The Police found holes in Christina Olsens's story --- after a 2.20 hours of Police interview they learnt the truth. She Christina Olsen from Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada started a violant fight, she assaulted him. After the Police learned of the real events immediately release him. Christina Olsen should have been charged, but sadly she, the mother of, has friends in high places. It was too late by then.......She had what she needed a story to build a platform of abuse upon. Dad and his daughter would face years of separation, time Mom wanted and needed to poison a young innocent mind against her Papa.

This might read to you like a riddle and if not you will find yourself in the middle.
Just in case you are reading this to satisfy you dirty nose: as I have your attention.
You’re past actions of abuse towards my children and me I will tell to the world.
Driving your husband the father of your children to suicide, his story I will tell.
Your son Steven Olsen scavenging through the pockets of the dead to find some medications that he used to inject himself and his sister with, this story I will tell.

For the reader:

This falsified claims of abuse is recorded on Police Investigation Interrogation tapes, the mother Christina Jane Olsen from Sault Ste Marie attempted to have me removed from "her child".

Ugly family business the Olsen Family from Sault Ste Marie Ontario

If you can read this, I tell everyone what you are about. And about your mother Suzanne Olsen unwillingly assting Joel into his suicide, your children's father Joel Olsen as she drove this poor alienated father more and more into shame and towards suicide. You are a cold hearted bitch Suzanne Olsen who drove Joel Olsen to suicide. A few former friends of Joel Olsen who I meet here in Sault Ste Marie have something to say about this all, this story did not begin in March 2009. The ugly acts of Suzanne Olsen done against the father Joel Olsen the father of "your children", the only nice and beautiful that's surround you is Michaela, this why you are so obsessed to hold on to my child so much because it must be hard to live with these ugly acts you have done Suzanne Olsen.

Analyzing this all today look back what has become out Christina Jane Olsen, your daughter, she did the only thing she knew to-do, you taught her how to alienate now me of "her child" like it has been done to her by you. You alienated your kids from Joel out of revenge, The same act what has been done to her, you now guide her with your advice and support to alienate Michaela from my blood.

Concocting Parental Alienation: it is one thing that you hate me, or hate men in general, but abusing an innocent child to inflict your pain towards me is child abuse.

Did you encourage Steven, your son, to become a gender disordered individual, because you knew Joel would be devastated having a homosexual son. Serves Joel good you felt at the time. Now look back after all the abuse in this circle was it worth it? Police Investigation Video

After the crime scene was staged with strategically placed clothing items , a 911 call was placed by Christina Jane Olsen from Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada with absolute contempt and purposely misdirect local authorities.

As I was escorted up the four stairs of the apartment she said "You are dead". The Cop did not pick it up or he knew the family very well. She called 911 and now smiled at me like a cat who had just caught the largest mouse." ...

Sault Ste Marie City police video evidence Christina Jane Olsen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QyORjTdHCs


Chapter I

Starting March 30 2009 and the preliminary events of April 01 2009

Preliminary recordings: On the 30th of March 2009 at approximately 0115 hours, the accused, Vincent Schiele, assaulted the victim, by hitting her with an open hand. He also threatened to further hurt her physically. Schiele then choked the victim using her bra, t-shirt, and sweater around her neck. The accused also sexually assaulted her by inserting a large plastic bottle up her rectum. This incident took place a .. Placid Avenue, Sault Ste. Marie Ontario, Schiele was arrested at gun point at 0150 hours, placed in handcuffs and transported to the station where he was booked in by S/Sgt. ... Schiele was placed in M-6. He declined counsel at 0201 hours stating, too late now, maybe in the morning.

Commissioner of oath is present to take the oath with the right hand on the bible

The following Minutes of settlement were never signed by me just arranged between the lawyers on a family wendsday at the local court house. I was present

I wish I could announce that this is it, I am sorry that I have to say some more chapters are to follow to this sad story...

some conversation history between the applicant and myself via MSN Chat

Please authenticate to continue reading this Ontario Break-up story

Chapter II - The Ontario Break-up

- Asking for his childs voice